Must Read: Shadows… Part 29

A Story written by Austinblinks…

The zombies followed immediately. Zombie class rep grabbed Emma’s shoulders but he did well to kick him off sending him into a mud.
Emma: (running and breathing hard ) Oloshi… he tried to kill me when he was alive… he wants to kill me when dead too.

The zombies ran faster than they had thought. If not for the growling, they almost ran like they were still alive. Almost catching up to the 3 of them.

Lanre: Run faster guys…. these things can run….
Emma: I told you bro…. Naija zombie edition!

They saw the bus in sight. It was morning already now. The sky was clear and bright.
They ran into the bus real fast, all three of them, quickly closing the door behind them. They laid on the floor breathing hard.

The zombies gathered at the entrance side growling and grabbing at the glass till they started breaking it.
Lanre went to the driver side. Sat down and looked around for the key but it wasn’t there on the floor. They all started looking around for it

The second glass got broken, the zombies were already stretching their hands into the bus trying to grab anything they could find.
Finally, they saw the key at the ignition to their relief. Emma sat in front beside Lanre and Mary crept slowly behind him too.

Lanre turned the key but the bus jerked up, roared a little but it wouldn’t start. He pumped the clutch, adjusted the gear, check for security and he tried again.

Still nothing, the bus wouldn’t start. Back beside the bus, the 3rd window had been broken now. Some zombies were already climbing on one another, peeking their heads into the bus at the 3 broken windows. They grabbed a chair and were pulling themselves in.

To Be Continued…

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