Must Read: Shadows… Part 28

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Lanre crept over the mattresses, he found a little puncture hole at the tent wall and decided to peep through it.

It was the rest of the class alright, the ones they haven’t seen all night…. but they weren’t actually themselves.

Their eyes were red and with pale faces. They weren’t talking, they were growling like animals.
He looked up and saw Habeeb and then John, Shade was there too with KC, Helen and Tobi, Class rep, Timothy, Uche too….

He gasped and stopped looking, breathing heavily. Emma and Mary looked at him with questions and fear in there eyes.

Lanre: (whispers) I hope you guys believe in Zombies… They’re all out there.
Emma: Zomb.. what? Why I’m I surprised? I think the Shadow is ready to throw all he’s got just to make sure we all die here.
Mary: Lanre: Are you saying all our dead classmates are out there except that they are actually in zombie form?
Lanre: Exactly
Mary: (crying ) I guess this is it then.
Lanre: No…no Mary! We are getting out of here.

Mary: Look around Lanre! We are surrounded!
Lanre: We can still find a way… I’ve seen how zombies are in movies and…

Emma:(cuts in)…. hahaha… movies? Are those ones not foreign zombies? These ones are Nigerian zombies, special breed, hustlers in Naija economy and struggling Nigerian university students… they won’t just eat our flesh, they’ll drink the blood, use teeth to crack the bones then use the fingers as tooth picks…

Lanre: Gosh….!! I can’t believe you’ll still be funny in a situation like this.

Emma: Why won’t I? We are totally [email protected]#ked already. Maybe i should have died earlier sef… at least someone will find my body. Now some classmate zombies will devour me… Wait… is that fat Tope out there too? I’ve always known that girl would eat me one day with the way she always looked at me during lectures

Lanre: Emma shut up! Ok guys. We have to run. Remember the bus is that way, and it’s close. We can make a run for it, zombies usually can’t run.

The 3 stood up on their feet, looking around. The ones outside are getting more in number so they knew they had to run out soon

Emma who was still feeling weak, forced himself up too, a little dizzy but he was determined in his mind to not be the zombie’s early morning breakfast.
They waited silently for the small window of opportunity to run. Lanre held Mary’s hand tight.
He looked at Emma too, saw his friend was staggering a little so he held his hand also.
It was down to moving at the right time now but the longer they waited, the slimmer their chances got.

In an instant, Lanre used his leg to kick a mattress, flinging the tent entrance door opening and pushing off some of the dead, it was a slim chance but the 3 got out of the tent, running as fast as there legs could carry them.

To Be Continued…

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