Must Read: Shadows… Part 25

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Temmy: Why do bad things happen to good people??
Emma: Because the world is [email protected]#ked that’s why.
Daniel: If i knew i was gonna die this young, i would have gone to church more
Emma: Me too… I go to church and sit behind those girls in fitted skirts…
Mary: Really? That was your reason for going to church?
Emma: No… i tried going to church for the right reasons but those girls in skimpy dresses won’t just let someone concentrate
Temmy: You Christians ehn…. you claim to go to church and the worst things happen there. As a muslim, you can’t wear something revealing and enter a mosque, you won’t dare it.
Daniel: You mean the person would be flogged , lynched or killed?
Lanre: Church is not meant for holy people, i don’t even understand why people pretend to be holy in church. The church is like a hospital where sick people go to get better. So if you see a sinner in church and wonder why pastors don’t chase them out, it’s because that isn’t the right thing to do. You can’t see a doctor chase their patients out, even if the case is obviously hopeless.
Emma: Or maybe the pastors don’t chase sinners out because sinners give offerings too you know.
Lanre: Hahaha… well if they keep coming to church, they have a better chance of being saved.
Temmy: Funny religion
Mary: Well… we don’t wash our legs and hands because we need to enter our place of worship. What’s the point of washing your hands when the heart isn’t clean. The church is welcomed to everybody… sinners or saints… If you go into any church today, no one will lynch you
Daniel: Wait… am i the only one seeing this but is that a church??
Emma: Damn!! Who brought the church topic up again?
Mary: Does it matter?
Emma: Yessss! It freaking matters! We were talking about churches and suddenly a church appear…. in the middle of freaking bush!
Lanre: Guys… calm down.
Emma: I swear to calm , i am God.
Temmy: Don’t you mean, you swear to God, you are calm?
Emma: Shut up Temmy!
Daniel: So what do we do?
Emma: Are you even asking? We move the [email protected]#k on and get as far away as possible from here, that’s what we do.
Temmy: But wait… we could go inside and maybe find someone in there.
Emma: Of course, let’s go inside and find Mr. Death
Lanre: It’s a bad idea to go inside we should keep moving
Emma: Finally someone here is using their brain like me.
Daniel: What if there’s actually something in that church that could help us?
Mary: This looks like tha cabin all over again. I think that must teach us not to enter any building in this place… okay.
Emma: Why do you guys really wanna go inside the church sef? Daniel and Temmy… i understand both of you really want to have s*x with each other before you die, but we can turn our backs and let you do it.
Lanre: We don’t have much time to wait.
Emma: Oh.. C’mon Lanre! This is Daniel we’re talking about, how much time do you think we’d wait. The guy would probably go for 22 seconds on her before… you know….So chup chup Danny boy… go ahead on her, your 22seconds starts now
Daniel: Idiot boy! I just think maybe going in would be better.
Mary: It’s 2 of you against 3 of us so i guess the decision is unanimous. We get out of here, no one is going into that church.
When they turned to leave and started walking away, a black bird flew right above them, flying straight towards the church building.
It hit the wall and fell right down…. Dead!
Mary: Oookay… Is that a bat?
Temmy: Bats are supposed to see in the night right? But that one just flew right into the wall.
Lanre: Guys… we have to keep moving now!
But then again, another bird flew above them, towards the church and straight to the wall. It fell and died.
Then the third bird…. and the fourth and then another….
The group started working as fast as they could, farther away from the church. They heard sounds of birds, flying above them, hitting tree branches and falling on the ground dead.
A flock of birds circles around them, resisting their movements, perching on the heads and pulling at their hairs.
They tried to fight them off, spanking and waving their hands into the air. But the more they tried, the more the birds came.
The birds started biting them so they were left with no other choice, they needed to find cover and there was only one place left to go.
Some birds grabbed Temmy with their legs and started flying off, lifting her feet off the ground and sending her back down but still kept dragging her off.
The rest of the group grabs her, pulling her back. Most of their hands are bloody now from the birds bites.
Emma found a long stick off the ground, he picked it up and started whipping it in the air. It caught the birds as most of them dropped down dead.
The rest of the birds dropped Temmy, leaving everyone falling on the ground. The birds flew high up into the sky. It looked like they were finally leaving.

To Be Continued…

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