Must Read: Shadows… Part 23

A Story written by Austinblinks…

They have all been sitting quietly for a while now, lost in thoughts. It’s getting clearer their deaths are imminent. But it’s just a few hours to daybreak and that’s something to look forward to. If they had survive this long, they could as well get out of it alive.
They had decided to stay in a spot, there was no reason to keep going. The sun would come up soon and they’ll have a better chance of finding their way out.
The death of Moji had made quieted Emma down a great deal. He seemed disinterested in absolutely everything, he didn’t even care about surviving and getting out alive. The all-time trash talker became a mute.
Lanre: I think I’ve finally figured this out….
Mary: I hope so love.
Lanre: Who remembered what led to the first death….
Daniel: That’s John and Shade… they left the camp and went into the bush..
Lanre: Good… the next death was Kamoru….. He left the group to get the bus and didn’t return.
Emma: Halimat died after she left us and went back to the cabin…
Lanre: Tobi, JC and Helen left us and we never saw them again….
Emma: Habeeb was alone when we found him and Temmy was attacked when she left Moji, Class rep and I.
Uche: What about Timothy? He was with us when he died.
Mary: We all ran out of the cabin, Timothy went back to get Halimat…. Going back is the same as leaving the group.
Temmy: The hunter guy died right in front of us remember?
Lanre: The hunter was never part of us, he died for trying to help us. Look guys….What was the point of this camp in the first place.?
Daniel: Uhm… to get closer, know ourselves better and be a team.
Lanre: That’s togetherness…. Everyone who had died, die when they virtually or practically left the group or left the camp… The shadow told me to figure it out….. Moji…. and Moji just died when we got divided.
Emma: That was your idea Daniel… you freaking bastard!
Lanre: Emma… we can’t blame anyone for what has been happening.
Emma: Shut your mouth you too…. you said it was Okay to go back and we did.
Lanre: What?? You’re going to pin this on me? You think i asked for this? That i want to be responsible for the lives of my friends? I said it was okay to go back but must you listen to me? Now… all of a sudden I’m the guy you listen to when all my plead for you idiots to not piss the cat guy off were totally ignored…..
Emma…You’re not the only one who has lost someone here so you better man up for once and get over yourself!
Lanre: I’m tired guys… I’m tired of losing someone…. tired of telling someone it’s gonna be okay and minutes later watch their corpse lay on the ground…. I’m tired
Emma: (Sighs….) Okay…. but uhmm…. you said we all just need to stick together right.
Mary: That’s the general idea
Emma: What’s the Shadows’ freaking business if i don’t wanna be social with my classmates? I mean… yea, the reason for camping was to get closer but then if we decide we don’t wanna be close anymore, must the stupid shadow force us ?
Lanre: Good question Emma! Why don’t you take a walk in that direction maybe you’d meet the shadow and he’ll explain things to you.
Emma: Naaah…. I’m good! I’ll just stick right here.
Temmy: But what if i wanna ease myself or something, do i have to do that if front of you guys?
Lanre: It’s important we stay together Temmy.
Emma: By the way…. there’s nothing to hide, I’ve been seeing your pants for 3 months now…. you sit carelessly in class.
Temmy: Oh ma Gosh…
Emma: It’s not just me na… We all have seen your pants.
Temmy: are you kidding me? Is that true?
Uche: (clears throat ) well…uhg… you know…
Emma: I’ve been meaning to ask, why do you like red pants so much? Don’t look at me like that…. even Lanre has seen it
Mary: Ahh.. Baby…. is that so?
Lanre: emmm… what can i say… her legs were widely opened in class that day
Daniel: You know guys…. I might die any moment from now, i don’t want the last talk i have on earth to be Temmy’s pants please.
Emma: Mehn… that’s true o! Na highway to hell fire be that i swear
Emma: But guys, come to think of it, Shade and John were killed while they were aroused right? They were about to have s*x… hahahaha
Mary: Emma…. don’t do that, respect the dead.
Emma: Yea i know that….but you all know it’s funny right? Uhhn…maybe my guy was even on top of her when the Shadow came for them…. Kai…. Hell fire o! They’ll now get to heaven’s gate Unclad..

To Be Continued…

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