Must Read: Shadows… Part 19

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Lanre : So tell me Emma, have you talked to her yet?
Emma: No… I’m still strategising. Planning my move so that when i finally talk to her, she wouldn’t be able to say no.
Lanre: Hmmmm… that sounds like a bad excuse for being a coward.
Emma: No jor… You see man! Moji is a special kind of girl, i have to be on my best behavior when i approach her.
Lanre: I must say you’re wasting time. That guy in 400L is already getting pretty close to her, he’s getting her attention already.
Emma: Haaa.. speaking about that 400 level guy….. i didn’t tell you before. When he heard that Moji would be going to the camp, he came to me to register for the camp too.
Lanre: And….what did you do?
Emma: What do you think i did…? I took his money, didn’t register him, but went into a very fine boutique to buy clothes that i will impress Moji with at the Camp.
Lanre: Hahahahaha….. common! You didn’t do that!
Emma: You bet i did!
Lanre: What if he discover you didn’t register him?
Emma: I will tell him it was due to some unforeseen difficulties.
Lanre: Hahaha… and if he got angry nko??
Emma: Get angry ke? I will remind him some of his mates are lying in a fridge in the mortuary and instead of him complaining about his money, he should be grateful to God for the gift of life.
Lanre: Hahahaha… Damn! Guy you’re such a [email protected]#kBoy i swear. By the way, this shirt you’re putting on is very nice, looks good on you.
Emma: Thank you bro. It’s one of the shirts i bought with the guy’s camp registration money.
Lanre: Damn….hahahaha…. you don craze o. Sha let’s go, Mary is waiting for us in the lecture hall jare. .
Emma: Oya: i hope Moji is there too. She needs to see the shirt her toaster bought for me.
Lanre: Don’t you mean, the shirt you bought by stealing her toaster’s money.
Emma: emmm…. Same thing bro…same thing.
Just a few hours left to dawn and it looks more and more like the remaining seven of them might just survive this and make it out of the forest. Though Emma keeps telling them, they’re all going to die, Lanre, on the other, still was optimistic about things.
Daniel: Guys… How did we get here?
Emma: Uhmm… we took a bus na, luxurious bus driven by Kamoru.
Daniel: That’s not what I’m asking you dummy. How did we get ourselves in this situation.?
Lanre: The cat guy… we should just have apologized to him. But no…you all told Uche to kick him out of the bus.
Moji: I didn’t encourage him to do that.
Temmy: Me too.
Daniel: I didn’t say that too o
Emma: Hahaha… see them all…pussies! No one would say they were involved now. Me? I think I’m paying for all the bad I’ve done. That’s why God led me here.
Mary: Funny you. What bad are you talking about?
Emma: That your textbook you lost in class, i kinda took it.
Mary: Jeezzz! Emma!
Temmy: What about my Literature textbook… i lost it in class too?
Emma: literature…. Red cover abi?
Temmy: Yesss!!
Emma: I borrowed that one .
Daniel: So we can just conclude you took all the lost textbooks in class?
Emma: Emmm…. Yes.

To Be Continued…

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