Must Read: Shadows… Part 17

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Friday, 13th. 8:30am
(Phone call)
Class rep: Hello sir!
Man: …..(coughs)…. Hello, how are you?
Class rep: I’m fine sir! I just want to tell you that we are about leaving sir.
Man: (coughs…. ) Oh…. That is…..(coughs)…. that is good! Is everything thing going accor…..(coughs)….;according to plan?
Class rep: yes sir.
Man: (cough) you can see I’m sick….(coughs )… this sacrifice must be made….(coughs)
Class rep: Ah don’t worry sir. I understand what must be done and i won’t disappoint you sir.
Man: I hate it had to be… (coughs)….(coughs) ….to be….(coughs)….this way but…(coughs )….but…
Class rep: You should rest now ok? You won’t die now, i don’t care what has to be lost so i would save your life.
Man:. Thank you my boy.
Class rep: Ok. Goodbye…….. Dad!
They had been searching for a while before Lanre stumbled on Halimat’s lifeless body on the ground. He stood there for a while in shock before calling the others. Mary and Moji busted out in tears as they all stood watching the corpse.
They were tired already, all hope of getting out alive was lost.
Emma: I can’t believe I’ll die when I’m just 21 years. Plus this isn’t how i think I’ll go. I thought I’d be surrounded by my grandchildren and my children on a sick bed while i tell them beautiful stories about how i became the world’s richest man at age 30 (Smile)
Daniel: I thought I’ll be lying on my bed after making love to a s*xy** lady and I’ll just go like that…
Emma: Seriously? That’s how you wanna go? Dying after s*x.
Daniel: Yea….or during s*x for that matter so I’ll go happily.
Moji: …..and go straight to hell…
Daniel: You know i heard this thing about hell fire, that you’ll continue to do in hell the particular sin that brought you there in the first place….. so if you were a liar, you’ll be lying in hell, so i thought maybe if i die making love…. I’ll probably be hooking up with evil spirits in hell.
Emma: Haahaha. Crazy boy! From the look of things, it’s like you’ve been hooking up with evil spirits here on earth already.
Moji: I don’t know where you read that crazy idea from.
Lanre: Guys…. we should be moving.
Emma: Moving where?? All we’ve done all night is try to get out of this place and somehow death kept taking us one after the other. We can as well stay in a spot till daybreak or till whatever is killing us comes for us.
Lanre: But….
Daniel: (cuts in) No buts Lanre! We’re staying here, no one is moving anywhere with you no more.
Lanre sighed. He understood their fears and worries. The closer the morning comes, the more dangerous things become. Maybe Emma was right, maybe they just have to stay in a spot and wait until whatever is going to happen, happens.
There they sat in the bush, surrounded by trees as Halimat’s body laid there.
They heard footsteps from behind them, it was firm, loud and very closeby.
Though they had all agreed to stay and wait till whatever was coming to come, they still found themselves scampering off on there feet, looking around in all direction, holding their breaths and waiting anxiously.
Emma began rolling his trousers and folding his sleeves as if preparing to run…
Lanre: (to Emma) I thought we are to wait and prepare for anything and not run?
Emma: I didn’t mean that… you really believed I’ll wait around? Bro, if anything comes out of that bush, it’s today you’ll find out i can run faster than Usain Bolt.
The footsteps continued and getting closer with each step, the girls stayed behind the guys, except Emma who was hiding behind Moji.
The image finally emerged from the bush, it took a few seconds before they all gave a sigh of relief while breathing hard.
Lanre: It’s you! Where have you been man?
Class rep: I’m sorry i startled you guys.
Emma: Answer the question! Where have you been?
Class rep: Finding my way out of this place of course, like i believe you guys are doing too. .. and i have found the way out
Temmy: Are you serious?
Class rep: Indeed i am. I have found the way out.
Lanre: So if you found the way out, why are you still here?
Class rep: I couldn’t just leave. I brought you all here, i have to get you out. That’s why i came back.
Emma: I know you! You’re not the guy that think about others.
Class rep: Guys! People have died. (Crying ) how do you think i feel about that, knowing it was my idea to come here. You don’t trust me but I’m sure you guys wanna get out of here as much as i want to.
Daniel: I think we should go with him
Temmy: Me too!
Emma: Of course, Temmy, You too. We all know you’ll agree to whatever Daniel agrees to. And you Class rep, how come you are still alive?
Class rep: i have been attacked several times by that thing but i got lucky.
Emma: Got lucky? Timothy, Habeeb, Shade, John and Halimat… how come they weren’t as lucky as you are?
Class rep: Will you guys stop listening to Emma and let’s go.
Emma: Guys, none of you know this guys has much as i do. There is no way he’ll find a way out and then come back for us.
Lanre: I understand your fear Emma. You’re very reasonable but what other choice do we have?
Emma: We can stay here.
Mary: so that when something happens you can run off like Usain Bolt?
Emma: Looks like it’s me against you all. Class rep, if anything happens to my friends, you might get lucky from the shadow but not from me because i will kill you myself. Lead the way…..
Class rep: Good. Glad you made the right choice.
Lanre: You heard him… please lead the way.
Class rep turned and began walking away as they trooped behind him. He looked to his side and saw Halimat’s body the ground, he kept walking, smiling to himself.
************ Flashback**********
Class rep.
He had always wondered why people could believe in so-called saviour , Jesus! How could they worship a man?
And if that wasn’t enough, another group always bow their heads to the ground, praying until it leaves a black spot on their forehead.
The only god he had known all his life was his village god, to which his dad was the high priest that communicates with it . Now that his father is sick, a sacrifice needs to be made so the high priest won’t die.
Kill a number of young people to lengthen his father’s life. Make him live longer by killing other people.
He planned everything well, he is going to organise a camp trip , lie to everyone the school authority knew about it, get them inside the bush and find a way to get out and leave them there all before 12:00am.
He had almost attacked Emma before running off into the bush.
He alone understood what was going on but it wasn’t supposed to happen this way. It happened way too earlier than it should have.
He made plans to sneak away while everybody slept before 12:00am but those stupid idiots John and Shade had wandered off into the bush and causing the deaths to start earlier than planned.
Now like the rest of them he’s been stuck in the bush with them all, facing the same danger.
The wind blew as he saw the shadow above him and getting closer.
Class rep: Please please! Dont’t hurt me! I’m with you! I will help you get them all! I’ll kill them for you if that’s what i have to do so i can get out alive… Please don’t hurt me ….
That worked! The shadow retreated and left him. He was scared to the bones but he had made a promise and he must keep it.
He became busy all night, Leading most members of the class to the spot where he had first encountered the Shadow and finding a way to leave them there.
He never really wait to see what became of them except that he always heard their screams few minutes after leaving them there.
Halimat was too much of a religious person, somehow the Shadow couldn’t get to her and that’s why he had to kill her himself.
He returned to get Her body only to find the others there. Apparently, the only group that were still alive.
This was going to be his last trip. All that is left to do is get the remaining ones to the spot and he would have fulfilled his promise and then be free to leave.
There they were filing behind him like sheeps after the shepherd. Some of them were even excited they found a way out. He smiled…. assuming they knew…. if only they knew he was leading them all to their deaths….. he smiled again.

To Be Continued…

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