Must Read: Shadows… Part 12

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Emma: Don’t talk to her like that
Class rep: And if i do….what you gonna do about it???
Emma: I’ll shut your mouth! It was your idea we all come here in the first place..
Class rep: …..and did i force you to come?
Emma: You chose this place, this stupid camping was your idea….How are we sure you didn’t just lead us here to slaughter us all
Moji: Emma…..don’t talk like that!
Emma: Think about it Moji! Do we even know this guy?? We all call him “Class rep” Does anyone know his real name for sure?
All the while, the class rep stood still , raging on his feet , Moji was trying to calm Emma down and had her back against him. He reached into the sack he had been carrying, reach his hands into it and felt for the cutlass….. His hands reached the wooden handle and he brought it out. Still neither Moji nor Emma saw him, he moved closer towards them, raising his hands up high as he held the cutlass………
Suddenly, There was a scream, a female voice, crying and shouting for help. They all looked towards the direction the scream came from.
Moji: That’s Temmy for sure! I know her voice!
She dashed towards the bush and Emma followed her. With the lamp in hand, running as fast as they could.
They saw Temmy on the ground crying, beside her was some boy lying in the bush…. he was obviously dead already but not only that, his eyes had been plucked out and left dangling by his temple.
Emma: Temmy are you alright??? What happened?
Moji bent beside her, pulling her close in a warm embrace, trying hard to ignore the corpse beside them.
Temmy: i bent down, i swear to God i bent down for just a few seconds and when i looked up, you were all gone. I started running and then i heard you calling me
Emma: Me? I called you?
Temmy: Yea… you called out! You said “Temmy! We are here” i came towards the direction and i saw him…. on the ground, he took his last breath when i got here and that was when i called for help….
Emma: uhmmm.. .Temmy…. I didn’t call you
Temmy: What? You did! I’m sure you did! It was your voice i heard!
Moji: Okay….okay… it’s fine! Let’s get out of here….. and does anyone know who this is? (Pointing to the corpse)
Emma: Yea…. That’s Habeeb! I recognise his wrist band.
Moji: Okay…The more reason we have to leave this place….. Class rep!… which way are we going now?
Silence….. They all looked around for the class rep……. He was gone.
Lanre, Mary and Halimat were walking alone when they saw lights coming from a direction.
Mary: Are you seeing that??
Lanre: Yea! Looks like the lights coming from lamps…. They must be our colleagues
Halimat: Alhamdulilah!
They hurried towards the place and were welcomed by excited voices.
Moji: Thank God! Lanre, Mary and Halimat!! It’s awesome seeing you guys are okay.
Mary: I’ve never been happier to see you guys too. Temmy, how are you??
Emma: she’s a little shaken up. She just saw someone die.
Lanre: Jesus! Who waa it again?
Emma: It was Habeeb! His eyes were gorged out man!
Halimat: (crying ) What’s going on? Who is doing this to us? What have we done to deserve this?
Lanre: I had a bad feeling about these whole thing
Temmy: We should have listened to you. Please…. has anyone seen Daniel?
Mary: (sighed) No we haven’t! We only saw KC, Tobi and Helen
Moji: So.. where are they now?
Lanre: They left us! We had plans to come looking for the rest of you guys but they wanted to leave.
Emma: Bad idea! The best thing for us right now is to stick together. John, shade, Kamoru and Habeeb were all probably alone when they were attacked and killed.
Mary: That’s true! But someone grabbed you while we were all together…
Lanre: To scare us off and split us into smaller groups
Emma: So they can silently kill us..
Temmy: Looks like it’s working…..
They all went numb at the obvious realization that someone is planning to kill them all.
Lanre: What about you guys, have you seen anyone?
Emma: We were with the class rep but we lost him. He and I argued about something, i think he got pissed off and went away.
Halimat: There’s something i have to tell you guys about the class rep?
They all looked at Halimat in anticipation of what she was about to say. She had her head down, visibly shaken and fidgeting. Trying to find the best words to use amd tell them what she saw the class rep do….
Halimat: Back at the camp before all this, i saw him……..
Timothy: (cuts in) These mad people are alive sha!
Everyone turned around to find Timothy, Uche and Daniel walking towards them. Temmy who couldn’t hide her excitement ran towards Daniel and they held eachother tight in a warm embrace.
Temmy: DannyLove….. I’m so glad you’re okay!
Daniel: I’m good Temmy! Hope you’re not hurt in anyway…
Temmy: No! I’m fine.
The rest of them hugged and shook hands. It felt so good seeing their colleagues. They all stood still for a while, making plans on what to do next. They agreed to stick together, go in search for the others and after that would all make their way back to the bus.
Lanre was excited and looking around, he counted that there were 9 of them, Mary, Moji, Temmy, Halimat, Daniel, Uche, Timothy, Emma and himself.
He silently said a prayer in his mind, hoping none of them would get hurt again.
They bagan walking, making sure the four girls were in the middle. Every single of them were trying to remain focus, there were no rooms for mistakes now. They need to watch eachother’s backs.
In a safe distance, right behind a tree was the shadow, stalking them as they move, it couldn’t get any closer because most of them had a lamp in hand…There was too much lights.

To Be Continued…

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