Must Read: Shadows… Part 11

A Story written by Austinblinks…

All his life, Emma had never felt the way he felt when the hand grabbed him, choking him and leaving hanging unto the thread of life.
All he heard were the screams of his classmates as his body fell under the bus. Everyone had scampered away in different directions, the pain around his throat couldn’t hold him down. One thing he has learnt in life was, when there’s danger; Run as fast as you can!
That was what he did. He has never ran faster in his life than the way he did after falling and picking himself up.
Moji: Emma! Are you alright?
Emma: Yes….uhm…..No……. I don’t know.
Moji: It’s Okay dear! We’re going to make it out of here alive.
That’s one thing about Moji, she’s always the most optimistic one, never for once believing things can go worst than it already has.
He had seen her fall to the ground as he was running, he reached unto her, grabbed her hand and urged her to continue running. They both ran a few distance when they saw Temmy, Moji’s bestfriend and the class rep. Together they all made plans and decided which direction would get them out of the forest faster.
The class rep has suggested with certainty that they go the direction they are currently treading.
Emma: Uhmm…. Class rep, you’re very sure where going the right way?
Class rep: Emma! I told you already.
Moji: How are you so sure?
Class rep: I follow my Dad on hunting trips, i know my way around the forest.
Emma sighed and let it go. They had only two lamps, the class rep was holding one and Moji was holding the other.
Temmy has been quiet since the whole incident, the only time she had spoken was when she prayed for Daniel, hoping he was alright.
Everyone knows how much she likes Daniel and would do anything to please him.
Emma decided to say something to cheer her up, probably tell her he knows Daniel to be a tough guy and he sure will be alright wherever he is…… So he looked up towards where he believed Temmy had been walking….. but then, she was not there, as a matter of fact, she was nowhere to be found.
Emma: Wait guys! Where is Temmy?
They all paused, looking around and at one another like the other person should know…..
Moji: Oh my God! She was right here before
Class rep: When was the last time anyone of you saw her?
Emma: I don’t know….uh…few minutes ago….5 minutes maybe!
Class rep: Are you kidding me? We’re just 4 and you guys didn’t know where she went??
Moji: Hey! Don’t try to pin this on us!
Class rep: I’m right here walking in front, leading the way so i can get you nitwits out of here and you couldn’t even look out for eachother?? ……. You just stand holding eachother’s hands like that’s the most important thing to do right now!

To Be Continued…

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