Must Read: SEXTAPE… Part 3

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“What nonsense!” The disgusted Doctor called out.

“This nonsense is for my marriage.” She replied.

She seduced the Doctor with so much desperation. She was too voluptuous to be resisted. The Doctor fell for it and had sex with her, ‘a quickie’. She stood up, put on her dress, tossed the cheque back to the Doctor.

“My marriage is so important to me Doctor. I’ll do anything to keep it. I’m sure this will keep your mouth shut.” She said and made her way to the door. She opened the door and wham! Her husband was standing at the door. She almost died at the spot.

“Simon!” She called out loudly.

“What in the world are you doing here?” Simon asked Benita.

“Oh…oh I came… I mean the Doctor… the Doctor asked to see me.”

She replied glibly but refused to leave the door way.

Astonished, “He did? He called me too. He asked me to see him in 2hours time. Fortunately I was driving by the hospital. So I decided to see him. You’re sweating, unsettled and looking untidy. Are you okay?” Asked Simon.

“Oh…yes… sure, I’m alright. I hurried down to the hospital. I was driven by curiosity.” She said nervously and fought to attend to herself.

They went in and the Doctor fabricated another reason for asking to see them.

They left the hospital and returned home. Benita was surprised at the mood her husband returned with. He made love to her over and over again.


Benita was in labour in the hospital. She gave birth to a twin. Two bouncing baby boys. Simon almost jumped into the sky. He was extremely joyful. His excitement twisted into a confused state when he discovered his babies were almost black in complexion. His wife Benita, and him were completely fair. The Doctor looked at the babies and instantly discovered the babies were his. Simon looked at the Doctor, turned to the baby and finally looked at his wife. He couldn’t say a word. That moment a friend called him and insisted to see him immediately. His friend told him it was very urgent as it concerned his wife. Simon left the hospital to meet his friend. His friend showed him a sex video tape he downloaded from the internet. It was his wife and a man (Andrew, someone took it from his phone and uploaded it on the net). The sex video tape was everywhere in the internet. Three peoples were discussing it as they passed by them. Simon almost cried as his anger rose to the apex.

He returned to the hospital with an infuriated mind. He met some nurses also discussing it and his anger boiled and increased. He showed the sex video to Benita and yelled the miserable life out of her. Benita cried like a dead child walking to hell.

Simon abandoned her there. Benita couldn’t bear to manage the shame of her failed marriage and especially her sex video that has flooded the internet.

She killed herself right there in the hospital. She expelled her last breath before the Doctor could save her.

The Doctor confessed the truth to Simon later. He took the babies to his wife to look after. They were childless. So they both welcomed the babies. Simon moved on with his life because life must go on.

One Last Time resulted to Benita’s last breath.


Ladies, the moment your wedding is fixed, buy a new sim card and break the old one if it’ll help you. Your ex should become a complete loser without any form of compensation. Put your mind towards the future and leave the past behind.

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