-Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service

Must Read: Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service… Part 7

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Labake and I dressed up after the hot s*x and sat on the bed. We discussed until 4pm, She gave me additional 5,000naira to the 50k and said she was leaving and promised to give me a call.

She left and shandy came back to the room 10minutes later. She stood at the entrance and said “time to check out”.I left the hotel room with shandy and walked out to the compound.

ME: who are you?

SHANDY: shandy

ME: is labake your sister?

SHANDY: a friend

ME: you are very pretty you know.

SHANDY: because of the bosoms and booty?

ME: I don’t understand.

SHANDY: never mind. I have heard about you that you love fair and fresh oranges.

ME: **smiled***, don’t mind labake

SHANDY: I never mentioned name you know***smilled***. You aren’t looking bad as well,

ME: thanks for the compliment. Can I have your number?

SHANDY: no, you can’t.

I left her in the compound and went home. I began to ponder on what happened earlier today. Why was labake telling me all this?, why did Mr femi called earlier to threaten me if there was no link between him and labake’s team. Why would he warned me not to tell my boss ?, why would labake be after the parcel alone and not as a team?, what is so special about this parcel?, who sent it?. Why wouldn’t they go to Mr femi’s house to attack?. Why me?. I began to ask so many questions I couldn’t provide answers to.

I placed a call to my girlfriend to enquire about her journey. I told her about the robbery and how my phones and laptop were taken. she consoled me about it and asked if I had retrieved my item from her neighbour and I told her I hadn’t.

I tried calling labake’s phone but it was off, Mr femi’s number was also switched off, I wanted to go to my girlfriend’s neighbour to get the item but I was scared of surveillance and I don’t want to put her into trouble. Later at night, something happened.

On friday night, I slept like a baby. I woke up on saturday morning. Prayed, brushed my teeth and did my regular exercise.

At about 9am. Adenike called to inform me that I should go to her compound to confirm what she was just told.

What was that?

“My room was burgled last night”

What?, how?

“No idea”.

Hope no one was injured?

“No, only my room was involved”

I hanged up the phone and sat down confused on my bed wondering who could do this?, how did they get to know Adenike’s house?. It must definitely be the handiwork of labake’s Team “I thought”.

I took my bath and went to Adenike’s house to see what happened. I met her neighbours gathered and discussing about the incident. The door to the room was broken and everywhere was scattered by the robbers as if they searched for something, her neighbour called me and was about to tell me something when I held her by the hand and whispered into her ears. “Please keep the envelope safe, I will come for it tomorrow”.

I dialled labake and Mr femi’s number but both were unreachable. This must be labake’s handiwork “I thought as I was heading to Mr femi’s house”.

I got there and knocked on the gate and the gateman came out.

He told me that Mr femi travelled. I left the place and was heading home. After walking for about 20minutes through a bush path, I thought of it that I should return there to drop a note since I can’t get through him on phone. On my way back, my phone rang.


My phone rang and I checked it. I found out that it was a strange number.

ME: Hello, who is this”?.

CALLER: Its me shandy, labake wants to meet you at 2pm in another venue.

ME: tell her I’m not interested in seeing her and she should go to hell.**hanged up***

I continued walking till I got to the junction where I would turn to Mr femi’s house, I was shocked when I saw police van parking in front of his house. I hid somewhere to catch the glimpse of what was going on. The policemen in black uniform who were about 6 in number entered the house and came out with nobody after 15minutes before they departed in their vehicle. “This man must be a hard criminal for policemen to be after him”. I used to have phobia for police so I had to turn back and returned to my house.

On my way back, my phone was ringing again and I checked, it was the same number that shandy called me with and I refused picking the call. After 5 missed calls, a text came in from same number, ” onihaxy, pls pick the call, there something crucial you need to hear”. After reading the text, another call came in and I picked.

ME: hello

CALLER: pls, its about the safety of your girlfriend.

ME: where is the venue?

CALLER: ilara town. I will text the hotel name and direction to you.

I got a text about the hotel, I went back home to pick some money and changed my cloths and proceed to ilara town. On my way there, I began to reason. what could be going on?, what do these girls want?, are they still in the team?, could adenike be in danger?, who burgled her room last nite?. At 1:23pm, I arrived in ilara and a bike man was sent to pick me from the garage. I began to wonder how these girls managed to know this town.

At 1: 45pm, I arrived at the hotel. On stepping inside the compound, shandy called that I should go to the reception and introduce myself as Mr adeola and I should ask of mrs Adeola.

“Chaii, this girls na criminals”. I did as she directed and I was given the description to her room number. I knocked on the door and she opened.

Shandy was wearing a short strapless gown and her oranges were compressed inside the elastic section of the gown. Her perfume was so good and the smile was seductive. She ushered me in and I entered and sat on the bed.

ME: where is labake?

SHANDY: she would be here in 30mins time, we don’t go out at the same time so that no one would suspect us.

ME: ok. Hope I’m safe?

SHAnDY: sure. ****sat very close to me and placed her hand on my laps***. So what’s up with you?


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