-Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service

Must Read: Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service… Part 6

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Towards our final exams, I stopped complaining about labake’s attitude and behaviours. I showed her so much love more than ever before while enjoying the gifts from her. I made her realized I was so broke and I made sure I obtained money from her in every possible way I could think of.

The rate at which we had s*x increased. I made sure I fuccked her at every possible chances including inside the lecture theatre toilets.

After our final exams, we spent close to 6 months together in the school to tidy up our projects and follow up our results. It was a season of sexcapades since there was no more lectures. We would be in my room from morning to evenings fuccking each other till we are tired from room to bathroom and we would resume again after little strength. Most times, we would remain Unclad from morning till night. We spent most of the days together in my room living as couple, and had always been sleeping, waking, s*x and food.

I gave her the chance and freedom to go anywhere without seeking for my permission telling her that I trusted her. She used her chances very well by hanging out with her several men without second thought.

We continued with this trend till our last day in school when we came to collect our results. Luckily for me, I was mobilized for NYSC while her department was delayed for reasons unknown to me.

Immediately I left for service, I changed my sim cards, my BB phone and deactivated my facebook account. This was the beginning of separation between labake and I…………….


LABAKE: our rival team abi?

ME: yes

LABAKE:***pats me on the laps*** I don’t think its necessary.

ME: why not?, as long as getting a parcel from me is necessary, knowing everything is also necessary.

LABAKE: are u assuring me that I will get the parcel?

ME: just tell me all I need to know. Wait a minute, who is shandy?, I don’t seem to trust her.

LABAKE:**deep breath**. I said it that you are lusting after her oranges and her yansh, you just want to get her address from me abi?

ME: haba! Labake!!, I just wanted to know who she is. That’s all.

LABAKE: anyways she is my best friend and also part of our team.

ME: **raised eye brow**, and you think she can’t betray you?

LABAKE:***smiled*** no she can’t, this is not our first time of playing side games like this and we do got each other’s back.

Infact, she was the one who planned and mapped out every strategies used today after telling her about whom I saw last night and how I loved you.

ME: are you sure u trust her

LabAkE: I can bet my bosoms on her

ME: hmmmm, but I didn’t see her yesterday?

LABAKE: she was with us, but sitting in the car outside while we were playing the match.

ME: playing match or robbing?

LABAKE: na you know. We don’t call it robbery but match playing or transaction.

ME: no problem, so who is the rival team?

LaBAKE: you see, one of our clients in abuja did a partnership business with Mr femi, but Mr femi betrayed our client by taking possession of the money and relocated to akure.

ME: so?

LaBAKE: our client wanted to revenge by hijacking Mr femi’s parcel that worth the money he lost. So he sent us to do the job.

ME: **re-adjusted my sitting position and began to sweat**, this is getting serious. why can’t he use the police instead?

LABAKE: maybe he doesn’t like police intervention?

ME: really?, so who is d rival?

LaBAKE: Mr femi’s boys

ME: waoh, so how do u know the parcel is with me?

LABAKE: our surveillance trailed him to his house yesterday afternoon, he met his absence but he saw you entering the house and filling a form with the gate-man. That was how we knew you are a delivery guy.

ME: “chaiii”. Agreed that I’m a delivery guy, who told your team that I was in possession of what you guys are looking for.

LABAKE: its a professional secret that I cannot tell you.

ME: waooooh!! I don enter am. Tell me more pls.

LaBAKE: that’s all I can say, nothing more, nothing less. I’m not supposed to tell you any of all these things. I don’t know what came over me since morning. Maybe beacuse my heart is still attached to you. All I did here today was total betrayal to my team. So tell me, where is the parcel?.

ME: labake, what if I tell you I knew nothing about the whole parcel of a thing?..

LABAKE: what do you mean?

ME: I was only sent to confirm if he was still using the same address he registered with. That’s all.

LABAKE: you are lieing ***frowned***

ME: I’m not dear, trust me.. Maybe someone else had delivered it or its hasn’t arrived yet.

LABAKE: let’s put that aside jaree. I’m just happy I set my eyes on you after a long time. So gist me, how is work going?

We started talking about everything in general, we gist for about 13minutes holding hand and patting each other until we switched to the next level.

We stared at each other in silence and our heads were moving closer until our lips arrested each other. Labake held my shoulder while I held her waist. While on the kiss, I moved my hand to her chest, located her right bosom which I knew to be her weak point. I squeeze gently with her blouse and she let out a soft moan “oouuch”. She relocated her hand from my shoulder to my chest and started loosing the buttons of my chest. “Chaiii, e don set”. I complement her by pulling off her top at the same time. She removed my singlet and I unhooked her bra from behind at the same time. We were both half Unclad as we fell and lied on the bed. I was switching bosom at interval while kissing her while she was smooching and tickling my hairy chest. I moved my mouth from her lips and go downward to her left Tip and sucked like a hungry baby. Labake was jerking and moaning at tempos. She walked her hand downward to my trouser and unzip it as I did the same to her trouser . She pulled out my “erecting in progress” Joystick out of my boxers and began stroking. I was sucking and switching Tips as she was stroking my Joystick. “Hmmmm. Oouuuuch, oooouuuyyeeaa, onihaxy I have missed you…I have missed this so much”. She was moaning and whispering like a collapsing patient. I unzipped her trouser, pull it down a bit and i was tickling with her pubic hair and the walls of the Kitty-Cat through the sideways of her pants and she used her legs to remove the trouser completely leaving only her pants on.

I began to tip the clit and fingerprinting the Kitty-Cat hole, from one finger to two to three. “Chaii, labake’s hole don wide pass the way I left it 4years ago”. After she jerked under the anointing of my finger for 3 minutes, she stood up on the bed, knelt down in between my legs and grabbed my Joystick. She licked the tip, the shaft and the two balls behind it as if it was a job to be paid for.

After few minutes of licking, she inserted the tip of my Joystick in her mouth. Hanged it without movement and blew air into it then began a deep throat Mouth Gig. Labake is alway perfect in the Mouth Action as she would always insert a considerable length into her Joystick. I began to jerk and later Pour into her mouth.

Labake stood up and went into the bathroom to spit out the Pour and then resumed to suck the Joystick till it gained another Attention ****this had always been her ways back at school as she always suck first till I released first Pour before fuccking as she liked long duration s*x****.

I picked my condom in my wallet, tore it and waiting for labake to stop sucking so as to wear it. She collected the condom from me and threw it away, pulled off her pants immediately and sat on my Joystick in “cow-girl” style which was her favourite style .. She stretched forward, placed her hands on my chest, knelt down on my waist and began to ride up and down, deeper and faster, we began to sweat and moan together at same time. 8mins into the fuccking, she looks tired of doing the job so I pulled her closer, held her back in my arms and began fuccking her from below myself. Labake must have been fuccking all this while as her pusssy wasn’t tight as before. I later pushed her away, made her lie on her chest. I knelt down behind her and spread her legs apart and then enter from behind and start fuccking.. This style doesn’t enhance deep penetration because her killer Bottom was obstructing the locomotion. I later placed a pillow under her waist and pressed the a$$ forward for a deeper digging. I could hear her moans increasing and skipping beats as the Joystick was entering deeper. We fuccked for another 8minutes before I was about to Pour. I pulled out my Joystick and cummed on her Bottom.

It was after the s*x I could remember the risk of HIV I took earlier by having s*x without condom. she stood up, entered the bathroom to clean up while I picked the tissue behind the bed to clean up and then put on my trouser.

“Chaiii, hope this girl never infect me oooo”.


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