-Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service

Must Read: Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service… Part 5

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Labake became wild in her quest for money and materials, she had several men coming to her house in executive cars. I heard it as a rumour at start not until I confirmed it myself. Each time I confront her about her recent character, she will reply me with ” Are you ready to resume your financial responsibility?”.

Whenever she asked this question, I was always dumb in response. Atimes, I would blame myself for been the cause of her new ways, atimes, I would think of it that I can’t kill myself just to please her. Towards mid semester of our final year, I couldn’t bear it any longer. I walked up to labake and threatened to quit the relationship if she doesn’t put an end to her money making games. She felt sober and cried, that was my very first time of telling her I was quitting. I pulled her closer and wiped off her tears out of pity and emotions. I made her realized how pained I was and how people were mocking me and gossiping about me that I was so dense to let men sleep with my girl. She told me she never slept with any other person but she promised to change and I apologised to her for threatening about breaking up.

2 weeks later, labake started giving me gifts which she never did before. She gave me cloths, perfumes, and many more. On my birthday, she bought wristwatch worth 10k for me. I asked her where she got the money from and she told me it was from the money she made from her “maga-runs”. I was so blindfolded with the gifts and I couldn’t perceive it that labake was still in her money-making Runs..

One day I was walking along her street on my way to her house uninformed on one friday evening and I saw a Murano jeep parked infront of labake’s house with a man sitting at the back seat and someone on the driver’s seat who looks like a driver . I hid somewhere to see whom the car was waiting for. After 50mins of hiding, I saw my own labake coming out of the house with a weekend box and dressed in a bump short and a fitted short gown revealing her assets and she was opening the door of of the jeep. I was so ashamed of myself to go closer to the car and yell at her as her roomates and neighbours were all sitting outside.. I picked my phone to call her and ask where she was

ME: hi sweetie, where are you?

LABAKE: I’m at home, but I’m about going out to visit my friends

ME: should I visit you in the evening?

LABAKE: No, I won’t be back until tomorrow or sunday morning.

ME: why the long stay?

LABAKE: I’m not really staying long at my friends place, but I will be going somewhere concerning my project.

ME: anyways, no problem. See you on sunday then.

I went back home feeling sad, I tried to cheered myself up but I couldn’t. From that day, I started to plan my Exit. I had the plan of accepting any gift from her without complaining, fuccked her and dump her..


ME: so tell me, who are this rival team?

LABAKE: you are just too inquisitive, haba. That reminds me. Where did you get your new phone from?

ME: I got it from one of my neighbours this morning after you robbed me.

LABAKE: eeeyyahh, sorry dear. You told your neighbours about the robbery?

ME: yes I did, but I was surprised they didn’t hear anything and they weren’t aware of the robbery.

LABAKE: *laughed* they can’t, since we didn’t break any door or fired a gun, it was a silence strategic operation.

ME: hmmm, I hail ooo.. But wait labake, aren’t you scared of the police? Or you don’t think of getting caught some day?

LABAKE: I do, but I have no choice than to make money, maybe when I have enough money, I will open a big boutique and quit the team business

ME: hmm, labake!!!!, may your greed for money not push you into trouble.

LABAKE: Amen oooo, na you sabi oooo, u hear?.

ME: so I’m listening, who are the rival team? And why are you all after me?

LABAKE: dear, I’m hungry if you are not.

ME: then let’s go down stairs to the canteen to eat because I’m also hungry.

LABAKE: **laughed**, so if I didn’t made mention of food nko?, hunger go just kill you for here?.

ME: na you know oooo, I’m just hungry abeg.

LABAkE: we can’t go together, its risky. Anyone down stairs might know you or me or both of us.

ME: so what will happen?

LABAKE: hold on. ****scrolled on her phone and dial a number***. Hello shandy, abeg come, your husband dey hungry. Go to the canteen and get 3 plates of rice with beef and 3 bottle water for us**hanged up***.

ME: who was that? And who is her husband?, are you also into lesbianism?

LABAKE: hmmmm. You too dey ask questions abeg. Wait till she comes and you will see the person yourself.

ME: ok oooohh.

7minutes later, we heard a knock on the door and labake opened the door for the quest to come in. Shandy was the lady who brought me from outside and registered us as mrs and mrs johnson. I looked at her once again and discovered she was so pretty even more than labake. Maybe I didn’t noticed it earlier due to the fear on me.

We all sat together on the bed to eat the food. At intervals, my eyes and that of shandy will met and she will smile at me.

Labake caught me staring at shandy towards the end of the meal and she frowned at me and I had to look elsewhere. “Chaiiii, shandy isn’t bad ooo”.

We finished the meal and shandy excused us again and left labake and I in the room. I was staring at her well sized and structured as$ as she was walking out of the door. Labake hit me on the chest.

LABAKE: what were you staring at earlier?

ME: nothing, it was just a coincidence

LABAKE: don’t tell me you are attracted to her oranges and the booty because I knew what you like.

ME: no ooooo, it was just a coincidence.

LABAKE: better.

ME: now that we had eaten, can we go back to our discussion?


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