-Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service

Must Read: Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service… Part 13

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“Boss please wait!!!!!!” *** stretching forth his hand*****. Said One of the guys as the leader pointed the gun to my head and was about pulling the trigger. The leader looked side ways to his side.

LEADER: what is it?,

GUY: please let’s approach this thing professionally.

LEADER: what do you mean?

GUY: I mean we should get the parcel first. Who knows, the envelope may not contain what we wanted, and if it happened that way, who would lead us to the actual parcel?.

LEADER: I think you are right. Let’s get the parcel first before I resumed on this man. ***he turned to me***. Mr delivery, if I found out that you lied to me, I won’t spare you.

ME: **** stammering***. Sir!!!, please I want to say something.

LEADER: ***sssshhhh*** shut up. ***calls on four of the guys****. The four of you will follow me to his house right now to welcome his girlfriend. And you **pointing at the last guy****. Stay here and make sure he didn’t escape. We would be back soon.

The guys walked out of house and i began to cry like a baby, I passed urine more than twice. I was screaming and begging for mercy but no one was listening. As my crying was getting louder, the guy staying back to watch me slapped me and told me to keep quiet and threatened to shoot me if I make any further sound. I kept quiet and was wailing inside of me. I already knew it was the end of the road for me. I believed if the guys returned home, I would be killed.

50mins after there departure, I began to say my last prayers, I asked for forgiveness of my sins and plead to baba God to accept me into paradise.

Moments later, the guy who was with me started getting uncomfortable as the guys hadn’t returned. He tried to put a call to them but they weren’t reachable. He would looked out through the window and walked out of the room at intervals.. At 9pm, someone knocked on the main door from outside, the guy who was with me was enquiring from the person knocking to identify himself but no one was talking but the knocking continued. He picked his phone to call his team but they were unreachable. He then held his gun in a james bond style and walked out of the room. I heard the sound of the door opening at a moment, and the next moment, I heard a scream of pain and agony “yeeeeeeeeeeee” and a silence followed. I heard foot steps approaching to my direction. The door was opened and I saw four hefty guys on black outfit entering, a knife stained with blood dripping on the floor was with one of the guys, and a man in simple native wear entered and the door was shut. I looked at their faces and none of them looked familiar. I began to cry and beg for mercy and telling them that I wasn’t the people they were looking for, I told them I was held in captive here and they should help me to be freed. The man on native came closer, collected a knife containing blood stains from one of the 3 guys, I guess it was the knife they used in killing the guy watching over me. he came closer to me, raised up my head, placed the knife on my neck and said ” you gave me a fake envelope abi?, where is my parcel?, tell me where it is or YOU DIE”

ME: ****crying*** please spare my life sir

MR FEMI: where is my parcel?

ME: its with them sir

Mr FEMI: tell me, who are they?

ME: I don’t really know much sir, but I heard they were sent by one chairman to retrieve the parcel I wanted to deliver to you.

Mr Femi : chief badmus right?

ME: I didn’t heard of any name sir

Mr Femi: so where are the rest of the guys?

ME: they went for an operation sir

Mr Femi: since they have the parcel, how come you are still here with them?

ME: they said they wanted to use me to get to you and hunt you down sir!.

Mr femi: ***laughs out loud and landed a slap on my face**** both you and them must be silly.

I was crying on the chair with my hands and legs still tied to the chair. Mr femi ordered his boys to search through the entire house for the parcel while he was standing in front of me. After several minutes of fruitless search, the three guys retreated into the room to give feedback about their inability to retrieve the parcel. Mr femi was so angry that his red eyeballs could light a cigarette. At few minutes past 11pm, we were all in the room as Mr femi and his crew were busy making strategies on how to get the parcel, sudden voices were heard as torch lights and guns were stretched forward by these strange men and the light illuminated the room. The voices were ” put down your weapons, no room for escape as the whole compound had been surrounded”. Two of mr femi’s boys shot at these strange men and the three of mr femi’s guys were shot dead in retaliation.

When Mr femi noticed that he had been overpowered and out numbered, he surrendered and raised up his hands. Two of the strange men came to me, untied me and introduced themselves as police men from SARS. I had a mixed feelings of joy and sadness. The feelings of joy was about my freedom and the feelings of sadness was the thoughts of my girlfriend, I don’t know if she wasn’t hurt by labake’ team guys. Mr femi was handcuffed into their van and I was told to follow them to the station. The corpse were also taken away that night.

On getting to the station, I saw my girlfriend Adenike, I was happy has she ran towards me and hugged me. We kissed for minutes before going to the IPO to write my statements. I also saw 3 out of the 5 team members including their leader who left for my house earlier in handcuffs. Adenike told me that two were killed by policemen when they made attempt to shoot at the cops.

I asked her how the policemen got involved in the matter and she promised to tell me everything when we get home.


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