-Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service

Must Read: Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service… Part 10

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The leader and 2 other guys came into the room where I was kept. The leader was having a short gun on his hand while one of the other guy was holding a belt. My heart almost burst out of my body in fear on seeing their face look and the tools on their hands.

LEADER: mr delivery, where is the parcel?

ME: **scared** its in the office sir ***

LEADER: **came closer*** what do you mean?

ME: I left it at work and went to confirm Mr femi’s address first, then I intended to go back to work and picked it for delivery sir

LEADER: so you mean the thing is at your office?***harsh voice***,

ME: I think so sir

LEADER: if we found out that you lied, you will be killed instantly

ME: ****scared and silent****

LEADER: are you deaf and dump?, can’t you answer me?

ME: ****nodded in fear***

LEADER: ***called on one of his guys**** feed him with gala and soft drink so that he won’t die over night. Make sure his hand and legs were tied very well. Tomorrow morning, we would decide on how to retrieve the parcel from his office.

GUY1: ok boss.

The three guys were on their way out of the room when my phone began to ring again in the pocket of the guy whom the phone was given to earlier. He looked at the screen and it was an hidden number. They all walked backward towards me, the guy brought out his gun, pointed it at my head and said, “if you act funny or cried for any help over the phone, consider yourself dead. Just cooperate and behave well, is that clear??”. I nodded in fear. The green button was pressed and placed on a loudspeaker.

ME: hello

CALLER: its me Mr Femi.

ME: ok sir

CALLER: I’m sorry for not calling you, I have been busy with a contract. Hope you still have my parcel

ME: **looked at the hefty guys infront of me and stammered in fear**** yes sir

CALLER: why are you stammering?, hope you hadn’t tampered with my item?, otherwise you will be dead

ME: I didn’t tamper with it sir

CALLER: I trust you and your company, you wouldn’t want to play with fire.

ME: ok sir

CALLER: don’t honnor anyone who calls in my name telling you I sent them to you. I will call you tomorrow to tell you where to meet me for the delivery,

ME: is it at your home sir?

CALLER: no, somewhere else for security purpose, I would let you know when its tomorrow.

ME: ok sir

CALLER: bye, and keep to my rules, everything between us must remain a secret and don’t honor anyone who calls you or come to you in my name. I will settle you in cash when we see.

ME: ok sir

CaLLER: ***hanged up*****

The leader looked at the eyes of the two other guys and smiled.

LEaDER: thank God everything would be easier, eliminating FEMI now seemed easier

GUY1: seem so boss

GUY2: how?

LEADER: he had been avoiding us all this while, we would simply trail the delivery guy to their meeting point tomorrow, we would capture him and get him eliminated.

GUY 1 &2: nice one boss **smiled and nooded***.

guys, 2 of you should stay here with the delivery guy and watch over him so that he won’t escape. “Ok boss”. They both responded.

Their leader walked out of the room, one of them went out to get the gala and a bottle of coke while the second guy stood there beside me. Moments later, I was hand fed with gala and a bottle of coke as my hands and legs were still tied to the chair I was sitting on. I ate the food in fear as I was wondering about the dangers ahead of me.

After the meal, I began to wonder

” What is going on?”

“What is so special about the parcel?”

“Why is no one talking about shandy?”

“Was it deliberate?”

” Who actually betrayed labake?”

“Is labake dead just like that?”

“Why did they want FeMI dead?”

“There must be more to this parcel stuff?”

“Who is the chairman directing this film?”.

” How do I inform mr Femi that some guys wanted to kill him?”

” Am I actually going to die?”

I wish a magic could just made me disappear from that room. At a time, I wish I could use some high-tech devices like the one I used to watch in sci-fi films to escape. After moments of wishes and nothing happened. I began to ask God for forgiveness and prayed that I should accepted into the heavens when I would be killed. I looked at the eyes of the two guys in the room with me, thinking maybe I could beg them for mercy, but the tiger look on their faces sealed my mouth shut.

I remained awake as the guys in the room with me were busy smoking something wrapped in a white paper till around 2am before they slept off. After then, I began to reasoned and planned a way to escape. I looked at the window and saw the thick burglary. I looked at the door and I remembered it was locked with a key, I looked at the ceiling thinking that I could burst it and escape through it and I remembered my hands and legs had been tied to the chair. I lost all the hopes of escaping and remained patiently awake till the next morning reasoning about what awaits me.


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