-Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service

Must Read: Sex, Robbery And Delivery Service… Part 1

This is a new true life/fiction s*x story by Onihaxy

It was 9pm on the 30th of April on thursday night, I was so tired after the day’s job. I left the office at around 5pm after closing for the day. I left with a parcel which was sent from abuja to one Mr femi who used to be our regular clients and I was chosen to deliver the package to him in his house as it was my new job and first delivery. He actually arranged for an home delivery with my branch manager. I was given the address and description to his house and also his phone number. I went to his house after closing of the day but he wasn’t at home. I called him to inform him about his package and he told me to keep it till the following day an bring it to his house. From there, I went to adenike’s house who happened to be my new girl friend who lived very close to Mr femi’s area. I got there at 6:38pm and dropped my “back-bag” ontop of her bed. I was relaxing wen she was offloading my bag to find the fruit I brought for her. The parcel was inside an enveloped wrapped in a polythene bag which I put in my bag with adenike’s fruits, my mini-laptop and some other items. I went outside to purchase recharge card and before I came back inside, she had re-arranged the bag we had romance and made love together till 8pm that I left her place for my house.

I entered my room, prepared a spiced spaghetti for dinner, proceed to the bathroom and had a shower. At 10:45pm, I picked my android phone, inserted an earpiece into it and plugged it into my ear to listen to music. That was how I slept off while music was blasting into my ear.

A small stone hit me on my head while sleeping and it actually woke me up, I managed to strain my sleepy eye and open it, the next thin I saw was a gun pointing to me from the back of my window. On seeing the gun, my eyes opened wide. ***I saw that the net behind my window was torn with blade and the aluminium window was forced opened with an iron rod, the burglary inside wasn’t tampered with . All this happened while I was sleeping with music blasting into my ears**. A thick voice answered from outside.

THEIF: ogbeni, stand up ***with gun pointing towards me***

ME: ***i passed a hot urine instantly***

THEIF: do you want to die?

ME:: **shielvering** no sir!!!!.

THEIF: if you know you don’t want to die, just don’t make any noise and shut up.

ME: ok sir!!!***holding my lips and passed another urine as I was looking at the gun*****

THEIF: now stand up and open your door. People are out there waiting. If you make any noise, I will blast your head from the back.

ME: ok sir!!!, I stood up and opened the door.

Forcefully, 2 huge guys and a lady entered and push me away.

”Face the ground!!!!”

Yes sir

“If you look up, I blast you”

Yes sir

They searched everywhere, opened my bag and took my phones and laptop while I was still facing down.

LADY THEIF: where is the parcel you brought home today?

ME: ***the voice sound so familiar but I couldn’t figure it out**** I didn’t have any parcel sir ma**stammering**

LADY THEIF: **points gun at my head** ogbeni, look up and see the death on your head. If you don’t tell me where the package is, I will blast your head to pieces.

ME: I passed another hot urine again. This time, the voice was getting more familiar, I manage to look up at the lady thief.

“Whaaattttt!. It was labake, my Ex-girl friend of 3years at the university.”.

Our eyes met. She was marvelled and I was amazed, I wanted to call her name. As I opened my mouth to talk, labake landed a heavy slap on my face “gbosaaaa”. I fell flat on the floor,

LABAKE: guys let’s go, there is nothing like what we are looking for in this room.

*******FLASH BACK*******************

Throughout my first year in the university, I never had any girlfriend and still a virgin. I was so shy and timid that I don’t have the nerves to approach any girl. My friends helped me with scripts and manuals on how to approach a lady but I keep failing at every attempt. I maintained my single life style throughout my 100level days.

On the day economics department was to have their dinner, Bayo my neighbour who was the departmental social director told me to attend it and have fun.

ME: Bayo, u know I don’t like parties?

BAYO :”Guy, no dey dull yourself”

ME: Hope there won’t be any violence?

BAYO: “Violence as how?”

ME: I heard cultist always seize the medium to initiate people into fraternity.

BAYO: u dey talk because you never attend any dinner before. Guy flex jaree.

ME: hmmmmmmm

BAYO: you might even find a girlfriend there sef

ME: girl friend? **raised eyebrow***

BAYO: yes na, girls in economics department na dieeee!!

ME: but I don’t have a ticket, how do I enter

BAYO: sebi na me be social director, I go carry you inside.

8pm, I took a cab and went to the event hall and waited at the entrance as instructed by bayo. Minutes later, different girls were flowing inside the hall in a mini-skirts and dinner gowns revealing their front and back assets. Few girls that I knew among them who were not cute in the day-time appeared to be prettier and sexier at night. I was carried away by the things I was seeing and I decided to position a plastic chair very close to the entrance of the hall to have more better views.

At 9pm, the crowd had increased, smokes of cigarette and weed were all over everywhere that I began to choke. I was marvelled on seeing some group of ladies smoking. ladies were sitting on guys lap and smooching at every corner.

At few minutes to 10pm, Bayo arrived in a departmental bus along side with other excos. Everyone in the hall were told to move out and line up. Bayo and other excos was at the entrances of the hall checking people’s tickets before allowing them to enter with the help of the cadets and man-o-war group. people who had no ticket was restricted from entering. After the whole screening exercise, I called bayo and he came to meet me where I was and I followed him inside the hall.

At 12am, the whole place was noisy, girls were dancing and tweaking at every corner with random guys. I could hear moans in the darkest parts behind the auditorium. Smokes were all over, music was at the loudest volume. I just sat down somewhere eating my rice and sipping coke. I have no one to dance with.

Bayo was dancing with a fair lady at one corner and our eyes met. He felt disappointed on seeing me sitting alone and he came over to where I was.

BAYO: guy, why you dey dull yourself now, find one babe and dance with na.

ME: I no get anyone to dance with, and you know say I dey shy.

BAYO: mtcheeeeew. Wait for me I dey come.

Bayo went away and returned with the girl she was dancing with.

BAYO: Baby, meet my friend onihaxy

ME: **stretching out my hand towards her and my heart was beating heavily**** my name is onihaxy

LADY: I’m labake****stretched her hands also and we shook hands

ME: its nice meeting you

LADY: you are welcome.

BAYO: labake, pls keep my friend busy and dance with him, my attention is needed somewhere, I have to go.

LABAKE: ok bayo,

Bayo left us there and disappeared, I was looking at labake’s face and I was shy to make a dance move . DJ changed the track to “burn it up” by Rkelly. Before I knew it, labake stood up and started twerking infront of me and shaking her killer as$ infront of me, I took the courage not to spoil the show and I stood up and danced with her.

*******STORY LINE*****************

After the departure of labake and her gang after the robbery, I managed to stand up and sit down. I flashed back to the incident and I was asking my self questions. “Was that my own labake that I dated for 3years?, armed robber?, how come?”.

I began to wonder how they found me?, what was special about the parcel they were asking for?, how do they got to know I have a parcel to deliver?, why did they emphasised on parcel?. Did labake actually slapped me?. I began to ask questions and no one was with me to provide answers, everything seems to be like a dream to me.

I remembered labake saying there was no parcel in my room.

“But I came home with this thing?” . I stood up and picked my bag, I removed everything left inside of it and the parcel was no where to be found. No phone to communicate my girlfriend to ask her maybe I left it in her place..

Till 8am, I couldn’t got out of my room, I was so scared and my room was smelling urine. When I heard the voices of my neighbours, it was then I had the courage to come out. I went to meet my neighbours to relate my last night experience to them and I was surprised to realize that I was the only person robbed.

Even my next apartment neighbour said he never heard any sound or voice all through the operation. I was baffled.

I borrowed phone from one of my neighbour who has 2 phones, and I inserted my into it to call my girlfriend but her number wasn’t reachable.

What is going on?, friday was public holiday (May 1st) and I wasn’t going to work. About 2 minutes after trying Adenike’s number and it wasn’t reachable, a text message came in from an unknown number.

“Incase you found your sim at your entrance, call me immediately on this line for your own safety, if you try any funny by involving a 3rd party, YoU WILL BE DEAD”.

I was so scared, what have I done wrong?, who could this be?. I checked my account balance and I had N133.22 on my phone. I decided to dial the number out of fear.

ME: hello

FEMALE VOICE: onihaxy, its me.

ME: ***i had goose pimples immediately****I recognised the voice instantly as labake’s own.

FEMALE VOICE: I was the one who dropped your sim at your door entrance.

ME: **still trembling***. Ok ma

FEMALE VOICE: thank your creator that you didn’t succeeded in mentioning my name last night before I shut you up with a slap, you would have been a dead man by now.

ME: thanks ma.

FEMALE VOICE: don’t use Ma for me abeg. Meet me at alagbaka round- about and 11am on dot. If you still want to be alive, don’t be late for a seconds, don’t involve or inform anyone and you should not try anything funny, otherwise, only one bullet will make your relative patronise a coffin seller. For your information, my surveillance is monitoring you at every seconds. ***hanged up******

I was shivering seriously after the call, what did I do wrong?, is labake trying to set me up?, should I trust her?, should I involve the police?, but if I should do so, how do I go about it?, what if this people are monitoring me?.

I summoned the courage, put on my cloths, at 10am that I came out of my room, none of my neighbours was around, there was no one I could deliver a message to. I dashed out of the house and proceeded to the venue where I will meet labake..


During the dinner party, I got to chat with labake and got to know her. She was in 100level,economics department and she lived in the hostel and she based in lagos. I asked about her relationship with bayo and she told me that bayo was her school father and a good friend back in secondary school. I saved labake’s number on my phone that night and enjoyed dancing with her as she was always hitting her as$ on my Joystick at intervals.

Throughout the following week, I still don’t have the nerves to ask her out, all I do is just calling her twice or thrice a day. 3 weeks after the dinner we began to exchange visits. Bayo would motivate me several times to face labake and “talk the talk” but I just don’t have the courage to do such as I had never dated any girl in my life and my level of shyness is another dimension. We closed for the session and we left school.

Throughout the holiday, I was always busy chating with labake all the time. We would talk about everything and even irrelevant issues just to while away boredom. As the days went by, our friendship began to grow gradually to the extent that we were so fond of each other. Even my family was aware of it that there was someone taking my attention all the time. I would send several romantic poems to labake and she would reply them, she would call me in the morning and nights and I do return the calls too. I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me before I knew I was in love.

But the big challenge was how to “talk the talk”.

School resumed for new session and we were both back to campus. I spent all my pocket money and my inflated school fees on new cloths, watch, chain, perfumes, trousers and shoes just to look good at my own best to labake. My friends and bayo were surprised to see the way I hanged out with labake and how we are always together throughout our registration process. Friends were hailing me for finally having a girl in my life. Not just a girl but a fair pretty damsel with an average height, killer a$$ and beautifully big oranges. Only her smiles could melt an Ice. The dimple on her chick added more to her beauty.

When lecture started in school, I will always go to labake’s department whenever I don’t have lectures. I would spend most of my time hanging around with labake. It was so obvious among our circle that we were the latest hot friends on campus. I began to have more competitors and many guys are also trying all means to date her. Weeks after week, the bond was growing and our visitations was increasing that even bayo the match-maker himself couldn’t believe it when he was seeing labake in our compound almost everytime.

2 months into the new session, labake became the best thing that ever happened to me, I couldn’t stand 30minutes without communicating with labake. I took my courage, did a lot of rehearsals and homework on how to ask her out. I took the bold step and asked her out, I was shocked when she said “ONIHAXY, don’t stress yourself, It can’t happen, let’s just continue our friendship”.

I asked why she turned me down and she made me to realize that she wasn’t interested in any relationship for now because she wanted to concentrate on her studies and build her GP and also take more time to heal her broken heart. The more I convinced labake, the more she was declining. At a point, she threatened to break our friendship if I didn’t stop pestering her on dating. It took the intervention of Bayo and her friends before labake finally agreed to date me starting from the beginning of our second semester.


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