-Seducing The ICT Guy (21+)

Must Read: Seducing The ICT Guy… (21+)… Part 3

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He didn’t move but just stayed buried deep inside me, my eyes were opened wide, tearing and his were too, looking down on me. I clawed his back, tried to pull back from the pressure in my Kittycat but he was buried too deep inside me to be dislodged. He just stayed put, his lips glued to mine and looking deep into my eyes. After a while, I felt the pain subside and a warmth beginning to flow into my Kittycat. Then he started moving inside me, slowly pulling out and then shoving back in again. It was still a tad painful but now mixed with some pleasure. The pleasure kept increasing and my Kittycat was producing more and more juices making the thrusts easier. I started thrusting back at him, moaning throatily as I rubbed my hands on his back. In no time, my legs were wrapped round his waist as I tried to get him deeper than ever inside me. I was flushed..sweating profusely….in an heaven I had never experienced. His mouth released mine and I was moaning loudly, thrashing on the table, my body one huge mass of sensations. I had orgasm after orgasm as that huge Joystick ploughed into me faster and harder than ever.

Then he withdrew that wonderful Joystick from my Kittycat and I was rudely brought back to earth, disoriented from one of my many highs. He smiled at me, fondled my Bosom and removed the cd on his Joystick, tore and wore another, flipped me over like a pancake and thrust deep inside me again. Entry this time was smooth as I had grown adjusted to his girth and my Kittycat had also produced enough juice from my multiple orgasms to act as lubricant. I pushed back to receive each thrust as I held on tight to the desk edges. My Bosom were free and dangling freely, hitting each other and complimenting the smacking sounds our buttocks were making as they slammed into each other. He pulled on my braids, and called me names as he F***ed me mercilessly.

‘’slut’’ he called me and my Kittycat just produced more juices as his dirty words only served to make me juicier. Damn! I was in heaven. How did this guy know that I get off on being talked dirty to? A part of my mind that was still rational asked but a larger part was lost in the pleasure of the moment and I just groaned and moaned as I pushed back and begged him to continue talking dirty to me. He did, calling me all sorts of dirty names ‘’whore, cockslut….ashawo, cumdump’’ etc, telling me how he was going to use me, tear my Kittycat. That I was his to do with as he pleased. I welcomed it all and just surrendered to the pleasure. I lost count of how many times I came when with a loud groan and painful squeeze of my Bosom, he thrust deeply into me and offloaded his Pour. It was quite a load as I felt spurt after spurt as it was offloaded into the rubber. We collapsed on each other as he withdrew from inside me, removing the filled cd from his deflated Joystick. I panted heavily as I lay on the table in exhaustion.

We lay there tired but sated. Then we both burst into laughter.

‘’Nobody can guess what a real slut you are’’ he said

‘’neither can anyone guess you are such a stud’’ I replied

‘’I have been praying to just see your Bosom since I saw you, and here I am fucking the daylight out of you……damn!. I felt it was a trick when I started noticing you seducing me’’ he said

We talked then got dressed and prepared to go home…it was then we both noticed that it had grown dark and it was almost 9pm. Well, it was time well spent. We made plans then walked out the door of my office only to see the security man trying to walk briskly away from the door. It was obvious from his cloths that he had been listening in and had masturbated; there was even a wet spot on the front of his trousers. He saluted me smartly and came forward to carry my bags. I smiled at my accomplice as I moved to the car park and drove off. I know the security man won’t say anything to those that matter. The worst he would do was discuss it with his fellow security men. My Kittycat still tingles from the F**K. I just wish that last load of Pour had been deposited inside me but one can’t be too careful. I slept off with a finger inside my Kittycat, this is the beginning of a great F**K affair

***THE END***


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