-Roblyn And Cynthia

Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 9

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If You Missed The Part 8, Read It Here

Rob woke up by 8:00am; the room was bright as sun rays penetrated. Everywhere was so quiet and warm, he stepped out to the balcony in his room. Rob stays in a 2 storey duplex painted with sky blue and milky white. From up there he could see the roofs of so many houses and the main road; as he looked at the houses and sky his phone rang; he could hear its faint cry, he walked back inside to pick the call and it was the DPO

“Good morning DPO”

“Good morning sir”

“How is the family?”

“Fine sir” DPO said

“So what now?”

“Yes, we arrested Joshua Owens the CEO of Joshua’s Corp he has a hand in the death of the lady called Rita. Well according to Miss Angel she witnessed them shoot her to death and she identified two of the men we have as the men who killed her. And the men finally agreed and also opened up that Joshua sent them to kill her but they do not know why he wanted them to kill her”

“Ok DPO, I’ll be in your office in 1 hours, I need to speak to Joshua” Rob said

“No problem sir I’ll be waiting” he said

“Thank you “ Rob said & hanged up.

He ran into the bathroom and came out in 15 mins, he put on a black slim trouser & a white shirt and he put a light black long sleeved sweater with V-neck which revealed the white shirt upper part, he put on a gold wrist watch, sprayed a perfume, brushed his low hair and rushed out of the house after picking one of his car key, as he stepped down stairs, he remembered his phone, he became angry with himself as he muttered a word “stupid” to himself then ran up to get his phone. He stepped out of the house and saw so many cars in his garage, he was confused “which key did he pick?” he looked at the car key and saw the logo of Audi, he quickly went to the Audi jeep, got in and started the car and headed for the gate which was quite a distance, he drove out and headed to the station…

8:00am, Cynthia was already in the office working with her computer then she decided to call Rob, she dialed his number

“Good morning dear” he said

“Godd morning baby”

“how was the night?” he asked

“Was alright. Where are you?” she said

“On my way to see the DPO cause he said he had arrested another person and it seemed the case had extended much more and it concerns me”

“I would really like to be there with you” she said

“Well, come then” he said

“I cant. Am at work and the MD wouldn’t allow me”

“Don’t worry I’ll call you back” he said and hanged up. She continued with her work and after 3mins he called her back


“Ok go and tell your MD you wanna go see someone” he said

“Come on Rob, he wouldn’t allow me”

“Don’t argue just do it, I already called him”


“Yes and am outside your building” he said

“Are you serious?” she said happily as she stood up to look out the window from 20th floor

“Yes now go” he said and she quickly tidied up and went out.

She paused in front of the MD’s office and took a deep breath then knocked

“Come in” she heard his voice and went in; the look on his face wasn’t welcoming she became weak to speak she started thinking but she summoned courage to speak

“Sir” she said in a low tone and he raised his head

“Miss Lucus, yes Mr. Rob is waiting for you outside he called me” the MD said, she was happy

“I can go sir?” she asked

“yes” he said smiling

“Thank you sir” she left. Just then her body temperature came down.

To Be Continued…

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