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Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 8

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If You Missed The Part 7, Read It Here

“Any news about the girl?” Joshua said

“What girl?” kola asked

“The girl that saw you guys kill Rita”

“No not yet”

“What are you doing na” Joshua asked

“Am working on it” he said

“Anyway I need to go pick something in a store” Kola said as he left

He arrived the store, it was about 7:30pm he walked in to pick something, he sighted the girl who saw them kill Rita, he immediately hid himself as she approached the exit. He picked his phone and called some guys who came quickly while she was at the counter; she went out and entered her car and she drove; Kola followed her with some guys.

She noticed the car following her, so she stopped outside her gate came out of the car and so did Kola and the other guys, they started running towards her, she knew they were the ones, she quickly ran into her compound & straight into the kitchen & hid in a cabinet……

Cynthia and Roblyn were already sitted & were eating and smiling at each other

“What” she said smiling

“What” he replied

“Why are you staring at me?” she asked

“Its not my fault? You cause a lot of distraction to my mind” he said

“Is it my fault?” she said with a shy face

“Maybe we should ask God” he said smiling

Her phone rang, it was Angel calling

“Excuse me” she said to rob


“Cynthia please ooo. Some men are in my house, they want to kill me am hiding in my kitchen please come with the police” she said & hanged up

“O my God” Cynthia said looking at her phone

“What’s it” rob asked

“My friend. Some people are in her house to kill her”

“What? No let’s go there” Rob said & they stood up & left.

Angel felt she was going to die as she squeezed herself in the cabinet. For over 10mins they searched the house.

“Where could she be?” kola said

“You go check the room again”

“You go to the kitchen”

“You go to the other rooms”

“I’ll check the compound”

She was seriously sweating; suddenly she had a cry “Arrgh!” she became more scared then suddenly someone opened the cupboard

“Please don’t kill me, I won’t say anything” she said loudly

“Shhh, stop shouting I won’t kill you” Rob said bringing her out of the cupboard.

Angel looked at his face & saw a handsome man

“Are you an Angel?”

“No am not” he said

“So you can still crack jokes in times like this” Cynthia said. Angel quickly hugged Cynthia

“Let’s leave here” Rob said

“Wait ooo, Cynthia who is this fin boy?”

“Are you serious? Our life is in danger”

“No time ladies let’s go”

It was already 8:06pm, they tip-toed behind Rob. He stopped & told them to hid; he looked in the sitting room & saw two guys discussing

“I no see am ooo”

“Keep looking”

Rob recognized the voice, he turned off the light and it was very dark

“Na who off light”

“Go turn it on”

Rob waited and as he came close, Rob grabbed him & knocked him out

“What’s taking so long”

Then Rob turned on the light & saw kola

“What are you doing here?” they both said

Quickly Kola brought out a gun but Rob quickly ducked & he fired and missed, Rob fired back and it hit him on the chest and he fell, another guy came out but Rob gave him a kick to the head that knocked him out.

Rob went to kola

“Why are you after her?” Rob said

“She saw us kill Rita” he could barely speak

“What? You killed Rita”

“It was Joshua’s idea” Kola said before he died. He was not hurt but felt sorry for Rita, he should have forgiven her.

“Ladies you can come out now” he said

“Cynthia take her to your place. I’ll go to the police and make a report”

“No am coming with you” Cynthia said

“No take her to safety, there might be more coming, I’ll tie these ones up & call the police but you must leave now please” they both left. He called the police and tied up the guys; they were taken to the police station. Rob went along so as to speak with the DPO

“O sir you are welcome” the DPO said after sighting Roblyn entering his office

“Thank you” he said shaking the DPO

“Please have a seat. So what brings you here sir”

“Actually my finance’s friend was attacked by gunmen in her home who almost killed her but thank God they didn’t succeed. Your men have them arrested”

“That’s good”

“She will be here tomorrow give you more details and please don’t arrest her. If anything call me please” Rob said

“No problem sir I’ll” he said smiling

“Thank you DPO I have to go now” he said standing up

“Thank you sir” DPO shaked his hand

He left and headed home and on his way home Cynthia called

“Hello dear” Cynthia said

“Hey, I’m just coming from the station”

“So what happened?”

“It’s fine but they will need to interrogate your friend tomorrow”

“Haaaa, they’ll arrest her”

“No they won’t. The DPO told me if there’s any problem he’ll call me”

“Ok, thank you so much”

“You’re welcome”

“I have to go now so you go get rest” She said

“Alright I love you” he said

“Love you too” the conversation ended……

To Be Continued….

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