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Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 7

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If You Missed The Part 6, Read It Here

Cynthia went over to Angel’s place by 7:00pm to tell her about her evening

“Angel” she said loudly as she entered the house


“Cynthia!!!” angel yelled too

“What is it na? why screaming my name like that?” Angel said coming out of the kitchen

“I had a lovely evening, today” she said sitting down

“what happened”

“Rob proposed marriage to me”

“Who is Rob?” Angel said frowning her face

“Are you serious? What is that suppose to mean?” Cynthia asked

“O sorry, the Mr. Nice guy”

“O so that’s how you see him”

“yes na, is that not what he is? But wait o, when did you meet this guy?”

“Well, some weeks ago”

“Haaaa, and you want to marry him, have you even been to his place? What do you know about him?”

“this is more than what you think. I feel so drawn to him like, there’s some force between us” she said

“Hmmm, that’s how you saw Fredrick and now he’s married” Angel said

“Will you stop it. Fredrick was just a boyfriend, I didn’t even feel bad about it; I only felt bad because I gave him so much attention”

“Look Cynthia just be careful, these guys can be very deceitful”

“true but not Rob”

“If you say so. What about the help you talked about?” Angel said

“o my God, I forgot am sorry”

“anyway do you want to eat something?” Angel said with a straight face

“Yes thank you”

“Ok go to the kitchen, there are ingredients there go and cook what you want” Angel said while relaxing to watch TV

“Haaa, Angel am sorry na, so you didn’t cook anything and I didn’t eat before coming here” Cynthia said sadly

“Did your Finance not give you food, when you went out”

“Angel na wa for you o”

“Ok go to the kitchen, there’s spaghetti in the pot”

“O thank you, I love you” Cynthia jumped up with excitement and pecked Angel

“Stop jor, am not a lesbian like you” Angel said

“But you make a beautiful Lesbian wife” Cynthia said while walking to kitchen

“F**K you; and hey don’t eat all my chicken in the pot o” she said loudly

“Don’t worry I wont take more than 6” Cynthia replied from the kitchen

“Thief” Angel shouted…

The week came for Cynthia to see her boss but something happened

“Good morning Mr. Johnson” Rob said on the phone

“Good morning sir” he replied

“I want you to be here with the lady by 10:00am”

“ok sir” he said and hanged up

He called Cynthia to his office

“Miss Lucus by 10:00am today we’ll go to the headquarters because the boss has requested your presence” he said; Cynthia’s heart raced faster after hearing that the boss wants to see her

“Ok sir” she managed to say; he saw the look on her face

“Relax, just put yourself together don’t be scared”

“Ok sir” she replied

“Go and prepare” he said and she left

As she left the office Rob called her

“Hello sweetie” she said

“Hey bay, please I need to see you”

“ok hope no problem”

“No not at all but its very important”

“Ok what time”

“By 10:00am” he said

“10? I cant”

“Why?” he asked

“I have a meeting with the Ceo by 10am”

“So the Ceo is more important right”

“No na but its important” she said

“Just come please by 10” he said and hanged up

“hello Hello” she tried to get him back

After about 5mins, Mr. Johnson came to her

“What are you still doing? We should leave”

“I can’t sir”


“I have to see my fianace; he called”

“So he’s more important than your job” he said

“Am sorry sir but yes”

“So I should tell that to the boss?” he said but she was silent and he left

She quickly went to meet Rob

“Rob you called me”

“Yes baby; where do you want our wedding to be held?” he asked

“I don’t know you can pick a location” she said

“Ok, how about Russia’s capital Moscow its beautiful especially with snow” he said smiling.

“Wait a minute. Is this why you called me?” she asked

“Yes? It anything wrong” he said

“What? Are you for real? I just missed a fucking meeting with the boss”

“No you didn’t” he said

“God damn it” she said

“I know the boss asked to see you, right?” he said

“How did you know?” she asked

“Come on, I work at the headquarters, have you forgotten?” he said and her mind was calm

“Look, Rob I don’t like this o” she said smiling

“Relax my love, the boss is out with his girlfriend and he wont be available” he said and she was silent

“How about dinner tonight?” he asked


“The king’s palace”

“Ok but you’ll come pick me up at my place” she said

“Of cause why not? I’d be honored” he said as they both walked away………

To Be Continued…

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