-Roblyn And Cynthia

Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 6

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If You Missed The Part 5, Read It Here

Angel got home, she ran into her room, shot the door and was seriously hyper-ventilating, she just couldn’t believe that she saw all that evil.

Angel picked up her phone and called Cynthia

“Hello Angel, how are you” Cynthia said

“Cynthia please am in trouble I need your help now please” she said

“Angel you just arrived in Lagos and you have started looking for troubles”

“Stop it, seriously my life is at stake here” she said and hanged up

“Hello Hello< Angel” Cynthia said but the line was already cut “What happened? Was she raped? That girl is something” Cynthia was thinking deeply into it: She asked for permission to go see her friend and left. Cynthia arrived and immediately ran into the house and met angel sitting down in the parlor who was startled by Cynthia’s rush-in. “Angel what happened?” she said sitting down “Cynthia am in big trouble” she said “What, did you steal another girl’s boyfriend again” “That would have been better” “Then what” “I came out of a club and decided to take a walk down the road then I saw some guys kill a girl and they saw me and ran after me but I lost them but am sure they saw my face” “My God, why would you go to a club?” “What cant I go out again” she was silent because she knew better than to argue with her. Angel is a trouble maker, you getting in a fight with her is a big mistake especially a guy. There was a time she got in a fight with a guy and when people arrived the guy was given a beating of his life for beating such a beautiful lady; Angel happily joined them even though she was at fault. Angel is a beautiful lady with the same skin color as her friend. Cynthia on her part wasn’t much of a peaceful person because there was a time she sent a guy to the hospital for grabbing her butts. She slapped him and then broke a bottle on his head. “Ok, am sorry ma, what do you want us to do?” Cynthia asked “What are you saying? Why do you think I called you?” Angel said “Ok lets report to the police” “Cynthia you get sense pass this one na. why will you suggest police in this case. So you want me to go to jail” Angel said “So what now?” “I’ll get a gun to kill any guy that acts funny beside me” “Are you mad? That’s insane” Cynthia said “Look I don’t know what to do” “I think I know” Cynthia said “What” “I have someone who can help” “Really? Who?” “Don’t worry, I’ll see you later” Cynthia said “You want to leave me?” “I’ll be back jor” Cynthia left… Cynthia arrived at “Tasty” around 3;20 pm, she looked around and easily spotted Rob, she smiled and walked over to him “Hello Rob” she said sitting down “Hey Cynthia how are you?” “I’m fine. Am sorry I am late” “It’s fine. How’s work?” he said “Was excellent” “What would you like?” he asked “Jollof rice” she said; he called the waiter & demanded for two plates “Cynthia tell me about yourself” “What do you wanna know?” “Well anything; your life, your relationship, the guy of your dreams” “Actually there is no guy I’m alone” “Me too, don’t you think we should take away each other’s loneliness” he said “Am sure you have ladies who can do that better than I” she said calmly; he smiled “Only talking to you and I feel like I have everything. Which woman can do that better?” he asked she was silent as he continued “You are everything I can ever want” “You don’t know me much or is it because am just goodlooking” “If it were just beauty, I would have been married long before I met you” “So what do you want in a woman” she asked “Cynthia you are everything most women desire. I cant say particularly why am so attracted to you. Everything about you is awesome” he said; Cynthia smiled “Cynthia I want you to be my wife” Cynthia froze, she couldn’t believe what she heard “Wife?” “Yes wife” “Is it not too soon?” “I know what I want when I see it. Am not taking chances” he said. He brought out a wedding ring, and Cynthia’s eyes widened “please Rob don’t kneel down” she said smiling “Why?” “am shy, and its kind of embarrassing” she said smiling and looking around “Alright, will you marry me” he said holding her hand “Yes” she said with happiness. He stood up and embraced her… To Be Continued…

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