-Roblyn And Cynthia

Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 5

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If You Missed The Part 4, Read It Here

Two days later, Cynthia had moved to her new apartment in Lekki. She was so excited as she thanked God & blessed the CEO in her heart for everything.

Cynthia got to work that day only to meet another surprise…

Rita was truly one big bad bitch as she was spotted by Kola in a club doing a dirty lap dance with a guy at the corner of the club, he called Joshua

“Joshua I am standing in a club and I can see your babe doing what she knows how to do best with a guy”

“Just do what you have to do” he hanged up

Kola made another call and in 10 minutes some other guys were there with him, Rita finished and went out of the club as Kola & his boys followed her

“Rita” Kola called

“Kola? What are you doing here?” she asked looking surprised

“No, I should be asking you that” he said

“Well, I came for fun” she said

“Shut up you bitch”

“ How dare you Kola” she said walking to him and attempted to slap him but he held her hand and returned the slap and she fell.

“I saw what you were doing in there”

“What? I didn’t do anything” she said.

“Don’t worry Joshua knows and he has asked me to kill you”

“What? She said.

One of the guys brought out a gun and shot her three times in the chest and she fell dead.

They did it in broad day light outside the club but someone saw everything. Kola turned and saw someone watching at the back of a tree who happen to be a woman.

“That girl saw us catch her” he said

She immediately ran away and they chased her but she was faster; they lost her but kola was certain he would find her…………

Cynthia received greetings from every corner she replied with a smile and wave, she settled on her office chair by spreading herself and crossing her legs, as she spinned on the chair the office phone rang and the MD just call her to his office.

“Good morning sir” she said smiling

“Good morning miss Lucus” he replied.

She sat down as he instructed

“Thank you sir”

“Miss Lucus, I’ll be in a meeting next week with MR. Roblyn Orfeitlis and he has requested your presence in the meeting” he said, she became hyped and happy

“WAW sir, of cause sir’

“Thank you sir” she was so excited she knew if this goes on she’ll never be sad again.

Her phone rang


“Hello Cynthia”

“Who’s speaking?

“it’s Rob”

“O my God, Rob how you? She asked excitedly.

“Am fine and how is work? he said.

“It’s awesome”

“You sound so excited, what’s up?

“Ok, I was just told by the MD that the CEO of TOTAL OILS would like to meet me” she said and he paused

“Wait a minute” he was surprised but wanted to be sure


“Are you Cynthia Lucus?”

“WOW, so you heard of me” she said

“Well, emmm people in the office have been talking”

“Really, do you walk with the boss?” she asked

“Yes I do”

“WAW, so you see him everyday” she asked

“liked myself”


“Am even in his office am sitting on his chair now”

“(laughs) Rob stop joking”

“You think so? He said

“whatever Rob, I have to go”

“Wait I wanna take you out”

“ok when” she asked

“3:00pm at “Tasty”

“ok, then bye” she said

“ok bye I Love You” he said and hanged up.

Cynthia thought her ears were deceiving her

“Did he just say I Love You” she asked herself……

To Be Continued…

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