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Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 4

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If You Missed The Part 3, Read It Here

“Look Joshua this girl cannot be trusted” Kola said to Joshua. Kola is Joshua’s best friend for like forever and he works in Joshua’s company

“Love? You want her to do to you what she did to Rob, abi?”

“I put her in Rob’s life, she can’t do that to me” he said

“Well I think you should kill her”

“Are you alright?” Joshua said

“She knows all the secrets, maybe she has even gone to confess to Rob”

“Confess what?” he asked

“Joshua you don dey Mumu o, you know that girl well sef?”

“What are you saying?” he asked

“Ok listen, some months ago, Rita was in your private room with some documents in her hands but as I caught her she started begging me not to tell you, that she would give me anything; she said we should share it 50-50, I pretended to play along”

“so what about the documents?” Joshua asked

“I collected it and told her that I would hold the documents of the deal”

“I cant believe this”

“you better do; she asked me 3days ago how it was going”

“So Rita wants to beat me in my game”

“Ok, Kola prepare some guys to terminate her and Rob”

“Alright then” kola said and went out

“I’ll teach that bitch a lesson” he said to himself…

“Cynthia the boss has made this specially for you because you turned out to be the best student in your department” the managing director said to her

“Am so happy sir, thank you and I am grateful to the boss. But cant I see him?”

“No not now”

“Ok sir, I have to go back to work now” she said and left. She was feeling uplifted and lucky. After the day’s work she decided to cool off at a restaurant so she stopped by at Lunch Time…

“but how is that possible” Rita asked

“Am not stupid Rita, I had always known I couldn’t trust you but I waited to have proof. Don’t worry I wont arrest you but I want you to do something” he said

“Ok anything”

“Leave my office and never come back”

“Rob Please I beg you”

“So you can still beg? Get out now”

She left the office without anymore words.

As the day ended, Rob decided to stop by a restaurant so he stopped by Lunch time…

Rob was feeling happy that evening as he walked in and sat down, he looked around an soon something caught his attention…

He saw the beautiful lady he bumped into last time at “Tasty”, he smiled and stood up then walked towards her

“Hello madam” he said smiling, she turned to see him; her heart skipped a beat

“O God, please not you cause you are the last person I wanna see now” she said

“(he smiles) yeah I know”

“So are you here to bump into me again”

“Am here to talk can I sit”

“No way”

“come on, I know it was my fault am sorry”

“Yes you are” she said mockingly

“Am a bitch” he said

“Good, you’re a bitch so you know. You can sit now” she said and they both laughed

“Thank you” he said and sat down

“what are you doing here?” she asked

“Same thing you’re doing”

“Am eating, you’re not” she said

“Ok then” he called and ordered for the same thing she was eating

“What’s the name?” he asked


“Am Rob”

She saw the tag on his suit ‘Total’

“Do you work with Total?” she asked

“Yes and you?” he asked

“Yes I do”

“That’s good”

“so what do you like about Total” he asked

“Well, I love the way we are been treated as executives, the pattern of work and my boss” she said

“Good, who’s your Boss?”

“I know the MD Mr. Johnson Okoro but I don’t know the Ceo” she said; he smiled

“I cant believe am telling you all these”

“What it’s nothing?” he said

“It’s something o, and besides you were the guy who bumped into me” she said frowning her face

“Come on I thought you had forgiven me”

“I was just joking” she said smiling

“Well, do you mind if I drop you off after the dinner” he asked

“I came with my car, Thanks”

“Ok can I get your number?’ he asked

“Why do you want to call me?” she asked

“who would want to loose contact with you” he said

“Well, some don’t see me that way” she said with a sad face

“how do you mean?” he asked

“Never mind” she said; Rob understood

“I understand that some guys do not appreciate what they have until it is lost”

“What do you mean?” she asked

“I know you feel hurt maybe a guy has hurt you but I believe you don’t have to worry yourself about him, he’s probably enjoying himself and you are here worrying, just enjoy your life and sit on his memory” he said and she was silent

“I had a girlfriend, her name is Rita, she was all I ever loved, she knows me in and out but she hurt me in a way she cant mend. She tried to run away with important documents worth billions of dollars with her secret boyfriend who happens to be a business rival, but unfortunately for her I switched the files and she took the wrong ones. And finally she took me to a party to kill me; her boyfriend called guys to kill me with machete but it didn’t work out for them” Cynthia was touched and more interested in his story

“O my God am sorry but how did you escape” she asked adjusting her sitting position

“Well, I fought them”

“are you serious?” she said with surprise

“Yes, I actually had Chinese boxing training in London”

“Really? That’s nice” she said

“I can teach you” he said

“Me? No way am not a fighter” she said

“Ok then”

“am sorry about what happened” she said

“Forget about it” he replied

Cynthia was already in love and enjoying his company when his phone rang, he picked the call and said “Ok” and told her he had to go but wouldn’t leave without her phone number and she gave it to him

“ok I’ll call you” he said and left

Cynthia got home and entered the sitting room and saw Angel watching TV

“Let me guess. Your boyfriend took you out” Angel said


“What’s his name?” she asked

“Its Luke” Cynthia said smiling

“What? My Luke?” Angel asked

“Yes your Luke but mine now“

“Bitch” Angel said smiling

“He said he loved me”

“Will you stop it” Angel said turning to look at her

“Actually it’s true”

“Cynthia I’ll murder you “

“Haaaa, I’m joking ooo” Cynthia said loudly

“(Laughs) I know” Angel said

“You and that your Mumu boyfriend”

“Cynthia you are mad o. my Luke is better than that stupid Fredrick wey dey toast me” Angel said

“(Sighs) Fredrick is a bastard” Cynthia said and Angel was surprised

“Your boyfriend?”

“No not anymore” Cynthia said sitting down

“What happened?”

“He’s married”

“Haaaa what?”

“Look forget about him”

“Tell me about the new guy”

Cynthia told Angel everything that happened and how she met Rob

“Angel this guy is handsome, kind, polite, even when I was rude he just smiled and said sorry” Cynthia said walking around the sitting room

“Just bring him let me see if I can snatch him from you” Angel said

“You dare not but don’t worry you will see him”

“My sister I came here to squat with you o till I get a job” Angel said

“Squat? Who told you am squatting? And besides I was given a house today in Lekki, so I think I’ll give you this one”

“What did you say? It’s a lie” it sounded unbelievable

“Am serious na” she replied; Angel jumped on her in excitement

“You are the best” she said

“But its rented o and you have 2years so I believe by then you would be stable” Cynthia said

“‘Yes o my dear” she said…

To Be Continued…

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