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Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 3

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If You Missed The Part 2, Read It Here

Roblyn’s adrenaline was still active as his hands were shaking and his legs and he had sweat coming out of his fore head

“Good day sir, what would you like?” a voice said, he turned to see a man in Red T-shirt and a red cap

“I need a cold drink” he said without looking at him

“Which sir?”

“Anything Cold” he said; the waiter was silent for some seconds then said

“Please be specific” he said calmly

“I don’t know, that’s why I said anything” he said raising his head

“Ok sir” he said and left. He came back with two cans of Fanta, he put it on the table.

“Sorry we don’t have alcohol” he said

‘I don’t drink alcohol” Rob replied; Rob dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out #2000 and gave it to him, the waiter looked at the money

“Sir huuum I think you overpaid” he said looking at the money

“Keep it” he said as he opened one of the can, he drank all its content without a stop, it felt so cold in his mouth down to his stomach. He took in a deep breath, then laid his head on the table for about 5mins, then stood up to leave.

He walked very fast and didn’t notice a lady coming from another direction, he bumped into her and she almost fell

“What the hell? Are you blind?” she said angrily

Rob was so angry at the words coming from her mouth, he knew he was going to slap her if he turned but as he turned and saw her face, he forgot how to slap as he paused

“O it seems you are deaf, why walk like you have lost your senses, you almost injured me” she said

“am sorry” that was what he could say

“Sorry for yourself”

“What’s your problem? I said am sorry”

“You are sick” she added

“You need help” he said to her

“Are you crazy?” she said again

“What’s all this embarrassment for? I don’t wanna insult you” he said

“the embarrassment is for making me look like an idiot” she said

“don’t you think that’s what you are right now? Cus you’re acting like one” he replied

“O my God you are stupid for saying that”

“it seems like you have all day” he said

“I wonder why am still here” she said

“Cus you are a bitch” he said with a smile and winked at her

“F**K you” she said and walked away

“hey wait” he said and she stopped and turned

“you are very beautiful” he said smiling, she was a little surprised “is this guy crazy?” she thought to herself

“What did you say?” she asked

“you are gorgeous” he said smiling; she sighed and made a gesticulation with her hand meaning “wanker” and walked away smiling

She actually just made him forget Rita.

Rob got home at 9:00pm and was so tried and he went into his bedoom, was about to lie down when his phone rang

“O Sh*t what the F**K?” he said as he reluctantly picked the call

“Hello Sandra” he said in a weak tone

“Sorry to disturb you sir” she said

“No you are not sorry” he said and she laughed

“Sir we have a problem” she said but still he was not surprised

“what is it?” he asked unseriously

“The documents which guarantees’ our access to the $2billion dollars Lamnalco export is missing”

“No its not” he replied

“Sir I checked the lockers but its not there”

“Don’t worry it’s with me”


“look am tired, tomorrow I’ll tell you” he said with weak eyes and hanged up before she could say anything else…

Cynthia was still worried about what she saw at Fredrick’s house. She also remembered that she had a lot to enjoy without Fredrick, her life was just started with fulfillment. She went to bed happy and smiling. Around 2:00am there was a call from her security man, she wondered why he would be calling now

“Hello ma, somebody won see you”

“Who is that na?” she asked

“She say her name na Angel”

“O my God, Angel? Let her in”

“ok ma”

She put on her night gown and went down stairs

Angel is her friend from Warri, she came here to surprise Cynthia, she hugged Cynthia and they had a little chat

“Angel this is a surprise”

“Nice place you have here”

“Thank you but why did you arrive this late”

“my dear na night bus o”

“Ok, am really tired lets talk tomorrow” Cynthia said; Cynthia took her to a room.

6:00am Roblyn was ready for work. This morning he dressed in a different clothing style; a red suit with black stripes, an Italian shoe (Black) and a red tie. He rode in his Classic Hummer 5, Rob has great love for the car Hummer, he had all sort of brands in his garage. The journey to the office was smooth; he arrived at office and settled on his chair, he then stretched his arm to pick up the telephone and called Sandra his secretary, and she came to his office

“Sir, you called me”

“Yes sit” he said

“You wanna know what happened to those files”

“Yes sir”

Cynthia was a black beauty although she wasn’t physically black but by race; she needs no make up for recognition. She had very little pimples on her cheeks that are not so visible. She sleeps with a little smile, her hair spreads itself on her neck. She woke up and was happy today came. She went in for a shower then prepared for work she then remembered that her friend was here

She went downstairs to meet her in the sitting room watching TV

“So you still have this spirit of television” Cynthia said coming down

“With the kind of TV am seeing here. Your own spirit strong pass my own” she replied and they both laughed

“so how was the night” Cynthia said

“It was lovely” She replied

“Ok well when I get back from work we’ll talk a lot, ok?”

“ok dear” Angel said

Cynthia left for work, when she got to the office, a surprise was waiting for her. The MD called for her. She was given an official car and a house in Lekki, to make her coming to work more easier. She was excited throughout the day

“Ok, then. I actually placed the expired files in the locker so whoever took it just took the wrong one. The originals are with me”

“Thank God sir, I never would believe it was stolen”

“don’t worry its fine”

“Ok sir I have to go now”

“Alright” she left

5mins later, a knock on the door

“Yes come in” he said and raised his head up only to see Rita

“What the hell are you doing here? You are the last thing I want to see” he said

“Rob it’s not what you think” she said

“do I look to you like I care for an explanation”

“Rob forgive me”

“You said you loved him so why are you here?” she was silent for some time then said

“I have a confession” she said

“Ok” he said while looking at his laptop

“I took the Lamnalco documents”

“yes I know” he said without looking at her

“you know?” she was surprised

“you took the expired version” he said and brought it out from his locker…

To Be Continued…

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