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Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 2

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If You Missed The Part 1, Read It Here

Roblyn loves Rita so much because she was intelligent and beautiful. They arrived at the party in Ikeja, it was really noisy with music and people; Rita seemed to be familiar with the people than Rob who was ignored even by Rita who went about hugging different guys and Rob sheepishly following; the look on the faces of people when they saw Rob showed that they didn’t like him. Rob felt so embarrassed. She took him to a part of the environment and sat him down

“Wait here am coming” She said leaving

“What’s all these?” he asked

“What is it Na” she said

“Why treat me like a child? Telling me to stay here you are coming”

“What’s wrong with you? Or do you want to go? Go na” she sighed and walked away, Rob was surprised at the attitude. She left, for over 30mins she had not returned, he saw her enter into a room so he decided to go and check; as he walked they stared at him; it seemed they were just watching him. Someone said

“This guy na maga ooo” they laughed, another said

“Hey guy where you dey go?”

“You deaf? Come back here” Rob ignored them; he was really angry

The guy walked over to stop Rob but Rob gave him a head to mouth attack and he fell holding his mouth, he stood up and he received a kick on the chest and he fell on the door and it opened

Roblyn was standing outside the door and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Rita was kissing Joshua his enemy right before his eyes; they didn’t even care about who barged in, not until Rob called out

“Rita!!” he said angrily…

Cynthia knocked at the gate twice before a security man came and opened the gate

“Hello, am looking for Fredrick” she said

“Madam please who are you?” he asked

“Tell him his girlfriend”


“What” she asked

“Ok come in” he opened the gate for her to come in

He led her to the front down, knocked and left

Someone opened and she was excited to see Fredrick

“Sweetie?” she said smiling and hugged him

“Wh.. what are you doing? Who are you?” he asked

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she said and walked into the house

“Excuse me lady, you cant just come into my house” he said

“Fredrick what the hell is wrong with you?’ she asked

“Or am sorry now I get it actually Fredrick is my twin brother” he said smiling

“Fredrick what kind of joke are you pulling here?” she asked

“What is going on here?” that was Bimpe Fredrick’s wife

“Fredrick who is she?” Cynthia asked

“No who are you?” Bimpe said

“What’s all this?” Cynthia said

“Look here, Fredrick is my husband” Bimpe said

“Excuse me?” Cynthia found it hard to believe…

Roblyn was still processing what he was seeing, he froze and didn’t know what to do; Rita saw him and quickly separated from Joshua

“hey Rob what are you doing here?” she was confused as she adjusted her dress

“What am I doing here? You brought me here” he said angrily

“Hey man am sorry you had to find out like this” Joshua said smiling

“Rob am sorry it happened like this I love Joshua” she said

“Sorry? No you are not if you were you wouldn’t bring me here” he was really angry

“I can’t let you leave here” Joshua said and clapped his hands then 10 men with machetes came out from another room

“I’ll advise that you all leave here now or I’ll kill all of you” Rob said and they laughed

“Kill him” Joshua yelled…

“Fredrick what is she talking about?” Cynthia said

“Am not him ok?”

“just shut up” she angrily left the house. As she drove, she was seriously perplexed so she entered a restaurant hoping to cool off. The name of the restaurant was “Tasty”…

Two guys from left to right ran towards Rob with a machete raised in the air to split his head but Rob threw a punch at the stomach of one and a kick at the other Simotenously and this made him horizontal in air; it sent the two of them to the floor in pain. Another moved fast towards him with a machete raised but Rob moved close to the guy a certain distance that made the guy’s elbow open and rest on his shoulder with a strong force that broke his hand and the guy screamed in pain; Rob then punched his stomach and he shouted in pain but Rob shut his mouth with a punch under the jaw (upper cut) making him bite his tongue and he bleed as he fell. The others were scared but summoned courage and moved towards him, Rob dodged all their attacks; another guy came at him with a machete again but Rob held his hand and collected the machete and hitted it on his head and it got stock in the head as he fell down dead; another tried cutting off Rob’s head but he ducked and the machete went into the neck of one of the men sending him down with few tendons holding his neck. And in minutes 10men were down with serious casualty.

Rita and Joshua were speechless and Joshua was scared that he would come at him but Rob walked out of the room and headed for his car and as he got to his car he saw the blood stains on his suit, he took off the suit and threw it in the back seat and luckily his inner wear was neat; he drove off and out of the environment. He was in a terrible mood, he refused to go home or to the office so he decided to stop at a restaurant “Tasty”…

“What the hell was that?” Joshua asked no one in particular with a surprised face as he stared at the men on the floor

“I don’t know” Rita said

Some of the men were still alive and were too weak to stand up. Joshua stood up and walked out in anger while Rita stood there without noticing his exit but regained herself and looked around for him for him before running out.

She needed no one to tell her that Rob now knows that she had been behind his company’s last loss

“What are we going to do now?” she asked

“what do you mean?” he replied without looking at her

“He knows everything”

“Shut up he knows nothing”

“I know Rob better than you” she said

“be quiet”

“don’t tell me to be quiet. I stayed with Rob for 4years”

“He wouldn’t call any cop”

“He could charge me” she said with fear

“He has no prove”

“What if I am charged” she said

“I cant believe am listening to this nonsense” he said

“look am not going down alone” she said

“Don’t tell me you wanna threaten me” he said

“Who’s threatening you? I’m telling you future event” she said and left…

To Be Continued…

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