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Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 1

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One true lady with class is Cynthia, she is the most beautiful you can ever imagine, this has made people think she must be from the water world (mami-Water) a mermaid because she was the definition of “beautiful”.

She’s off average height, dark hair, coffee skin, a spotless face, beautiful eyebrows & eyelids, a dark brown iris, pointed nose & a red lower lip, beautiful set of teeth, the right size of bosom that can seduce any living man.

Her friends have called her “Voluptuous 8” because of her unique figure (figure 8), and she ain’t fat.

Cynthia is a 27 years old student of PTI (Petroleum Training Institute) which is located in Warri, Delta state. She is in her final year studying Hydrocarbons, she happens to be one of the best in her department. The institute will be sending her to shell for her I.T but she wanted “Total oils”.

Cynthia is dating Fredrick, who is in her department; Fredrick was good looking young man.

Fredrick is going to Lagos next week; he was picked by shell for a project, he couldn’t refuse the offer for anything.

Cynthia went over to Fredrick’s house to spend the weekend with him. She tried talking to him about his journey to Lagos

“Fredrick” she said touching his beards & head

“Yeah?” he said pressing his mobile phone as they sat in the sitting room

“Are you still going to Lagos?”

“Of cus am going” he said still looking at his phone

“I know when you get there; you’ll forget about me and go after other girls”

“How can you say that? I’m not stupid” he paused to look at her

“Yeah easy for you to say” she said & sat down folding her arms

“’Ok, I’ll make arrangement to bring you to Lagos”


“Yeah sure”

“I love you”

“I love you too” he kissed her and took her out for dinner

Fredrick had left for Lagos, 2 days later.

Total oils came to select students and Cynthia was selected. The school released Cynthia to go work in Lagos and there she’ll be writing her exams. Cynthia was so excited, she was happy because of two major reasons

She was going to see Fredrick

She will be working in her dream company

The next week she was out of Delta and already in Lagos, she called Fredrick to ask for his house address and pay a surprise visit

“Hello baby” she said on the phone

“Hello who is it?”

“Its Cynthia jor” she said with a frowned her face

“O sweetie am sorry, I didn’t look at the phone”

“How are you” she said smiling

“Am good”

“What’s your address?” she asked

“My address? Why you asking?”

“What can’t I visit you?” she said

“No, of cause you can. Are you in Lagos?” he asked

“No but I’ll fly over”

“Ok, No 7 chief Collins Street Lekki”

“Ok babe” she said

“When are you coming?” he asked

“Next week”

“That’s fine” he said

“Ok, I love you, bye” she said & hanged up

Fredrick didn’t know she was already in Lagos & less than 35 min she arrived at the street………..

“Roblyn!” Roblyn!!!” Rita shouted

“Baby I’m coming” Roblyn replied

Roblyn is the CEO of TOTAL OILS, a very handsome young man with no facial hair. He is the richest man in Africa. He is in love with Rita, a fair lady, nice shape and beautiful but she doesn’t love him and she’s playing according to Joshua’s plan. Joshua is another billionaire in the country he owns Joshua Corp. but he has this street attitude’ he’s not as good looking as Roblyn was. Rita and Joshua had planned on bring Roblyn down for years and today they finally have him in their basket.

“We are running late ooo” Rita said loudly

“Am sorry, let’s go” he said coming out of his maison

“So you want to compete with me in make-ups, abi” She said and he laughed; the body guards around smiled

“Zee, am going out, we’ll be back by evening” he said to his senior aide

“Ok Sir” he replied

Roblyn & Rita entered the car & left. After about 3 min of silence on the drive lane Rita said

“Rob, how was the meeting yesterday?”

“Well, it went as planned. We lost”

“How do you mean?” she stared at him

“Well, thanks to Joshua Corp, they had more to offer than we did” he said looking away

“Baby am sorry, but why did you say it went as planned”

“Well, I knew we would lose since we couldn’t find the projects assessment documents. But Joshua did & I was the only one who had it & I wonder how he got it” he said. Rita knew she was the one.

“Sorry about that” she said touching his face

“I hate that guy” he said


“He’s full of Sh*t, too proud, arrogant, a womanizer & an evil doer”

“Stop it” she said angrily, Rob was surprised

“What! You sound like you are defending him”

“What’s that suppose to mean”

“Nothing, sorry”

She kept quiet, she was just angry over nothing

“Are you angry?” he asked

“Shut up and drive” she said

“By Rihanna” he said & they both laughed

“Please just shut up” she said still laughing

He smiled, after 2 mins of silence he looked at her & looked at the driveway he did this every 5 second and she noticed it

“What are you looking at?” she asked

He said nothing for 5 second then looked at her again and said in a low tone

“I love you”

“I didn’t hear that” she said smiling

“I love you!!” he said loudly

“No you don’t”

“I really……” he was cut by her phone’s ring tone “Aye” by Davido

“Hello” Rita said

“Ok” that was all she said and hanged up

“Who was that?” Rob asked

“None of your business” she said with a straight face

He wasn’t happy about that.

To Be Continued…

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