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Must Read: Roblyn And Cynthia… Part 11

Written by Danny Walker… 08166781946(Call/ Whatsapp)… If you missed part Ten, read it HERE

“Mum!! Mum!! Mum!!” Doris; Cynthia’s four year old daughter said running to her
“Yes sweetie, what’s it?” she asked
“Dad doesn’t want to carry me” she said in a sad face
“Ok dear I’ll carry you” Cynthia said lifting her from the floor
“And where’s your dad?” Cynthia said
“He’s inside the super market playing foot ball with Donald” Doris said loudly
“Playing?” Cynthia said, just then Rob came out of the supermarket with a football on his left hand & holding his four years old son Donald
“Doris sad you were both playing football in the supermarket” Cynthia said
“No we weren’t” Rob said
“Doris is a liar” Donald said
“am not lying, I saw you holding the ball” Doris said
“Yeah right, holding the ball isn’t playing it?” Donald said to his mum
“Yes it is” Doris said
“No its not”
“Yes it is”
“No its not”
“Hey Hey enough please lets go” Rob said as he opened the car door, he lifted Donald and put him in the car and Doris
They all entered the car he stated the car
“Daddy?” Doris said
“Yes honey” he replied
“Why do you get to sit at the back always?” she said
“Because you are a kid”
“No am not? Why don’t you sit at the back” she said
“No because am driver”
“Well, then take the steering wheel and come to the back so I can sit in front”
“I cant take the wheels off the Board and I cant drive from the back seat”
“How about mummy? She doesn’t have any steering wheel?” Doris said
“Will you shut up” Donald said
“Don’t say that to me that’s rude” she said
“Shut up or I’ll punch your face”
“No don’t punch anyone” Cynthia said
“Bully” Doris said silently
Rob drove into the main road
“Daddy? Are we going to Nigeria” Doris said
“No not today” he said
“Then when”
“No one’s going to Nigeria” Donald said
“But I wanna go” she said
“Yeah F**K off” Donald said
“No use of such words in my car” Rob said
“Yeah we’ll go next month” Cynthia said
“No dad, I don’t wanna go” Donald said
“I hate that country” he said
“How can you say that? You have never been there” Cynthia said
“Just drop me at Mr. Ford’s house when you guys are leaving” he said
“No way I ain’t dropping you with anyone” Cynthia said
“Mummy?” he said angrily
“Mummy all he does is play games with his fat friend Hardy” Doris said
“Is that true Don” Rob said but he was silent
“Daddy yesterday, Donald and Hardy and Jeff and huum Jesse and Martin and Dean were all playing games in Donald’s room yesterday when you and mum went to the cinema” Doris is a good talkative
“What? You little witch, I thought we had a deal” Donald said and she smiled mischievously
“Donald am taking your PS4 away” Cynthia said
“What? No way mum you can’t do that” he said
“O yes I can” She said
“I’ll kill you” Donald said to Doris
“Hey stop it, no one is killing anyone ok?” Rob said
“Honey Doris is your Twin you should be best of friends” Cynthia said
“YUCK!!!” Donald and Doris said together
“Am gonna throw up” Donald said
“That’s disgusting. Mum how can you say such” Doris said
“He doesn’t allow me touch his play station or his android and he bully’s me when you are not home”
“Enough talk both of you, we’ll settle this at home and one more word from you, there will be no ice-cream and cakes for the rest of the month” Rob said and they were all silent and they drove on peacefully
“”Daddy tomorrow is the Oscar awards and it will hold in Hollywood hall of fame are we going?” Donald said
“It’s not far from our home we can go there” Rob said
“You are the best Dad” He said happily


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best among d best, Kudos 2 u, what an interesting story!!!!!

Ended so soon.ohohohohoho


Woah what a lovely story

Itz Samzy Emmaskidsays:

I Fuckinh Loveeee Dis Story

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