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Must Read: OROPO; The Village Of The Gods… Part 4

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“I want to know him”

( You are welcome to another episode of this story, I know you want to know what happened to Dele and his family…let’s continue…)

What a way to start a life,as Dele, his wife and son slept in the prison without giving the child a name. They were in that prison for four(4) days. What a way to start a family indeed. On the fifth day, the king arrived. He came with foreigners who wants to trade for the farm products in his store.

“Kaaaaabiesi ooo” all that servants at the entrance welcomed him. The oldest of them all said “kabiesi, you now have a princess”. “Do you mean my wife has given birth” the king asked joyfully. The king didn’t wait for anyone one to answer, he went straight to the queen’s room.

“Olori mi, iyawo mi, ololufe mi, I heard we now have our own child” the king said with a smile on his face. “What if we don’t have our child, why did you just leave me like that? Its not fair! Adeagbo, its not fair!” Sewa was trying to express her anger and sadness. “I know you have all the reasons to be angry, but I’m sorry”. Adeagbo kissed his wife. They brought the baby to him. “She is beautiful just like her mother” Adeagbo said while looking into the baby’s eyes and immediately, he called the baby girl EWAADE. Adeagbo called for another merriment with the people. The people came again. (You will be thinking these people are foolish, hmmm, No they are not, they are just helpless. They have no choice.)

During this merriment, the king’s attention was called to the Dele and his family in the prison. Adeagbo was drunk, he didn’t know when he asked the guards to let them go. Dele and his wife went straight to Sakin’s house in case the king will later change his mind. The king as usual sent the people away when he tired of the noise around his palace. The people continued to live in hardship and operated under tyranny.

After five years, Dele and his wife alone came back to OROPO, leaving their son OGUNLANA in Araromi with Sakin. Life of hardship continued. Have the gods forgotten their promise? Why the delay?

Dele and Sade were becoming old, what a love life they lived. They had to call OGUNLANA to come and stay with them so as to help them in cooking and to maintain his father’s farm land. At this moment, OGUNLANA was fifthteen. A handsome young boy like his father.

EWAADE also has started commanding, but there was something about her, she treated all her servants like friends even though they run errands for her because she had a soft heart.

Ewaade followed her servants on their way to the stream one day, it was a taboo for the princess to go near a river or stream. It was a rule used to protect her from danger. Ewaade stood near a tree waiting for her servant who has gone to the stream to fetch. “What is taking them so long? Am tired and I want to go home” Ewaade said to herself. Ewaade kept on waiting. While was waiting she saw a boy pluckin and gathering fruits from a tree nearby. “Hey! You! Come here!”. It was OGUNLANA. He answered and said ” why are you calling me?”. “Don’t you know me?” Ewaade asked “then please tell me who are.” Ogunlana answered. Ewaade was shocked, seeing a person to confront her for the first time but she actually like his confidence. “He is behaving like our guards” she thought to herself. “What is your name?”, “am Ogunlana” he replied. “Well am princess Ewaade”. “Ye mo gbe” Ogunlana exclaimed on his knees. “Your highness am sorry, I didn’t know you were the one”. Ewaade seeing a handsome boy, smiled and carried ogunlana up on his feet. “There is no problem” she said. And this was the time her servants were passing. Ewaade waved goodbye and followed them home. On their way home, Ewaade asked the servants ” do you anyone of you know that boy?”. All of them replied. “We don’t”.”I want to know that boy” Ewaade thought to herself. Ogunlana immediately liked the princess but he knows he is inferior to her. Because of this Ogunlana will go and sit under the same tree whenever he is less busy so as to see the princess again.

The princess after some days sneaked out of the palace to the tree where she met Ogunlana. Ogunlana was there busy eating the fruits he has gathered. “Hey! Am happy to see you” said Ewaade. Ogunlana stood up quickly and asked her to sit. Ogunlana offered princess part of the fruits he gathered. “Thank you very much, I will keep it and eat it when I get to the palace” said the princess. It was obvious that the two were becoming intimate and even falling in love. “See you later” the princess waved bye.

When the princess got home, she took out the fruit and was to eat…. “What are you doing? Where did you get that from?” The king asked and the princess was shocked and afraid…( Do you remember its a taboo to harvest any crop to one’s self except if permitted by the king. If she says its Ogunlana who gave it to her, Ogunlana and his parents will die. If she lies she will be punished. What is that one statement that will bring punishment to either princess or Ogunlana? Follow this story to know what will happen…tnx for your time…bye for now).


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