-OROPO; The Village Of The Gods

Must Read: OROPO; The Village Of The Gods… Part 1

Written by Fajuyigbe Samuel

Milk in the hands of the tyrant

A long tym ago, in the western part of Nigeria,was a village known as OROPO. As the name implies, the village possessed a large scale of land. This land of OROPO was “flowing with milk and honey”. The land could grow any kind of crop, the yield every year was bountiful not to talk of the animals in d forest that makes any hunter who ventures into the forest happy, because he knows he going to have a big catch. Clean water from various rivers and streams were not exceptions of the natural endowment of OROPO village.

But the people of this village suffered from a tyrant king. He was known as OBA ADEAGBO.

Adeagbo will always say to himself; “my fathers fought for this land, where were their fathers” he will boostfully say. “all the farm animals, forest animals, farm products infact everything belongs to me Adeagbo, whatsoever I want will I give to the people and that’s whenever I want it”. He will always laugh after saying this loudly in his beautiful, well-decorated and big palace. He had only one chief, definitely it will be his beautiful wife ADESEWA. Adesewa took after her husband, she was so proud and arrogant.

ADESEWA was the controller of all the women at that time. She had hundreds of girls as her servants. Adesewa was cruel too, seizing daughters to become servants, beheading men who went against her wishes and so many abominable things she did to her people. The people suffered from this royal couple for a long time.

(What is the solution to the problem of these helpless people…hmmm…who knows…).

At the extreme end of the village which serves as a border between OROPO and the NEXT village called ARAROMI, lived a farmer and young lady that happened to be the wife of the farmer. The farmer’s name was OGUNDELE and his wife, FOLASHADE. This couple were a bit comfortable than any other family in the village because DELE practised a large scale in Araromi which was close to his house but pretends to be cultivating a small plot of maize beside the house so that the king’s guards will not know anything about his survival.

A faithful day, Dele went to perform farm practices on his land in Araromi village. Dele was a very strong and hard working young man. As soon as he got there, of a surprise to him, the clouds began to change, everything was becoming dark looking as if it wants to rain. Dele was feeling dizzy heavily to the extent that he fell to the ground at some point. Dele’s eyes began to close when he observed that spirits were coming out of the surrounding trees……(What happened to Dele? Were the spirits after Dele? Why were they after Dele?…that’s what we will get to know in the next episode. Bye for now…)


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