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Must Read: OROPO; The Village Of The Gods… Part 6

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“What a tragedy” ; AYETORO

(You are welcome to the final episode of the story, what will be his fate of Ogundele this time?…let’s continue…)

Ogundele and his wife were taken to the prison after which the king commanded. At this time, Adisa was also thinking, “this king is so heartless, I can now see. If he can do this to other people then what is our fate? He can actually do the same to us too. It is time I started going along with the people and not him anymore” Adisa thought to himself. Then he secretly left the palace to look for Ewaade and Ogunlana.

Ewaade and Ogunlana were now in Ogunsakin’s house. “uncle sakin good afternoon” ogunlana postrated and Ewaade also knelt down. “How are you and who is this with you?” Sakin asked. “She is the princess of our village” Ogunlana replied with a smile on his face. “Do you mean the daughter of Adeagbo, your king?!” Sakin asked again with a surprise. “Uncle, is there a problem about that?” Ogunlana asked. While Ogunlana was saying all this, Sakin was thinking to himself…” Is this how the gods want to fulfil their prophecies” sakin thought to himself. “My daughter, I’m sorry. We will be back. Lana please follow me”. Sakin took Ogunlana to backside of his house. He told Ogunlana the prophecy and the story behind prophecy. “Look my son, it is the plan of the gods for you and princess to kill the king. So that you will become the king of OROPO” Ogunsakin added. “Uncle sakin, everyone knows how wicked the king and his guards is. I don’t think I can do such a thing. I’m very scared right now. Uncle sakin, I will like to go home and confirm what you said from my father” after Ogunlana this, Ogunlana and Ewaade left Sakin’s house immediately. Ogunlana told Ewaade everything his father’s friend told him on their way home. Adisa was already waiting for the two of them. “Ha ah, Adisa what are you doing here?” The princess asked in surprise when she saw him standing at the entrance of Ogunlana’s house. “The king is looking for you. One of your servants have told the king about Ogunlana that’s why he arrested his parents” Adisa said. “My parents!!!” Ogunlana exclaimed. After Ogunlana said that statement, Adisa began to cry. “Adisa, why are you crying?” Ewaade asked. “The king said he will kill his parents if he doesn’t see you by sunset. And this is sunset already”…. Adisa finished this statement when Ogunlana wanted to run to the palace, but Adisa held him. “You better don’t go, the king will just kill you too”. Adisa told Lana. Lana was in great pain and sadness at that present moment. All what Adisa said was true. The king had ordered his guards to kill Ogundele and Sade. And also to give their bodies to the lions at the back of his palace. What a tragedy it was for Ogundele and his wife.

Ogunlana cried and looked up to heaven…”Oh ye gods, have you forgotten your promises? If you can fulfil your prophecies, why did you tell us?”.

“Please don’t say that to gods, the prophecies will come to pass”. Ewaade tried to console Ogunlana. “Wait, what prophecy are you talking about?” Asked Adisa. Ewaade told Adisa everything about the prophecy. “I think I know about this prophecy” Adisa said. “How did you know about it?” Ogunlana asked with surprise. “When I was taking a stroll one day, an old man was reciting a poem to the children around him, he said

“OROPO my land, OROPO my happiness

You will rise again, you will rise again

Your flesh and blood will conquer you

Your flesh and blood will deliver you….” He continued but I lost interested so I moved on to continue my stroll. Even after that time, I have been thinking about the poem but now I understand” Adisa said.

The words of Adisa gave Ogunlana who was sad a confidence that he could avenge his parents. He rushed down to Ogunsakin’s house, Adisa and Ewaade followed him. “Uncle, the king has killed my parents…if I avenge them now, the gods will support me” Ogunlana said while he was crying heavily. Ogunsakin, who was becoming old couldn’t do anything but went in and he brought out his hunting gun and he gave it to Ogunsakin. “I think its time for the prophecy. Go and shoot that bastard” Ogunsakin said with so much pains in his heart.

Adisa collected the gun from Ogunlana so that he wouldn’t mishandled the gun. The night was drawing near already when Ogunlana got to the palace. “You this wicked bastard that calls yourself a king, you better come out now!” Ogunlana shouted with all boldness and confidence. ( What a confidence in a 16 years old boy). The king came out. “And who are you?” The king asked looking at Ogunlana as if he was a rat. “I’m the Ogunlana you are looking for” he replied. “Where is my daughter?” The king was moving closer to ogunlana. “…you better step back or I will shoot you” Adisa said after he came out of his hiding place. The king was surprised and he said, “did you join this little thing to conspire again me?”. “As you can see,I think it is time for you to leave that throne. You this wicked, greedy and foolish bastard. “Guards!” The king shouted. Akin who was the second in command to the king’s guards came out. “Who are the guards you are calling?” Akin said this while he was moving closer to where Ogunlana and Adisa were standing. “Adeagbo, you are wicked! Oh! Do you think we are wicked like you?… All the years of your tyranny is over. And let me tell you, all those people you have asked us to kill in the time past, we usually take them to the OMI-OGUN stream that leads to LAYIPO village so that they can cross to the other side and continue their lives there. You are heartless and everything will end today!”. Akin continued. The moon had already come out. The people were gathering. “What do you want us to do him now” Adisa asked

Ogunlana. “I want you to kill him, but the gods has already chosen the person who will do it”. Ewaade came out of her hiding place with tears running down her face. “It is my fate to do this to you, and I’m not sorry to do it because you deserve it”… Ewaade collected the gun from Adisa. And she killed her father with the gun. Everywhere was quiet at first because no one could believe the king has been killed and that he has gone forever. Adisa went to confirm if the king was dead, Adisa confirmed that and took his body to the lion’s den behind the king’s palace. The people started rejoicing. The fruits, foods, meats and jars of palm wine that were in the king’s store were released to the people. Meanwhile, Akin had gone to release the parents of Ogunlana from where he hid them. Ogunlana was so happy and joyous to see his parents again. Ogundele became the interim king of the people because his son is not old enough to get married. A bachelor can not be a king.

After so many years, Ogunlana became the king and got married to Ewaade. “I crown you the king of OROPO, may your reign bring us peace and joy” said Ogundele while he was crowning his son. “What is the essence of having so much resources without peace, my wife and I have decided to change the name of this village to AYETORO” king Ogunlana said this after his coronation. “Kaaabieeesi ooooo” the people said while they were bowing for the new king and queen of AYETORO. Old Ogunsakin was also present at the ceremony.Adisa and Akin became chiefs of this new kingdom.

Years after, Ogundele and his wife Sade passed away and the people lived happily ever after…

(What a way the prophecy came through…thank you for your time…bye bye…)


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