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“Where is the princess?!”

(You are welcome to another episode of this story, what will the princess say? Will she lie? Ok let’s continue…)

The king kept on asking Ewaade that same question. You could see the fear all over the princess’ face. Suddenly she came up with an idea; “kabiesi, the foreigners who came from LAYIPO village to trade with you, gave me the fruit when they were leaving”. “Are you sure?!” Asked the king. “Yes, I’m” the princess replied. “Whenever this kind of gift is given to you, make sure you tell me”. The king left her room. Ewaade was still terrified but as soon as she remembered her day with Ogunlana, she was relieved and she finished the fruit. She couldn’t wait for the following day to come, she was always happy around Ogunlana.

The following day came, Ewaade was sneaking out of the palace as usual but this time she was caught by one of the king’s personal guards, Adisa.”Where are you going to?” Adisa asked. Ewaade was frightened because Adisa was the leader of all other guards in the palace and he was very wicked too. “I’m going to see a friend along the stream, I just want to go and play” the princess replied. Adisa thought it to be a normal thing for a child to play, so he allow her to go. “come back early o” Adisa warned the princess. “I will and please don’t tell kabiesi”. So she left, she met Ogunlana and played as they use to. She will not want to leave him but Ogunlana will force her when the night is drawing near. This continued for a long time. On a fateful day, Ogunlana and Ewaade were together, Ewaade was tired of the usual things they do when they are together. ” ‘Lana, can’t we do some other things other than gathering fruits, eating and talking?” Ewaade asked. Ogunlana was thinking and he came up with an idea, “do you mind if I take you to my father’s farm and his friend’s house in the neighbouring village?!. Ogunlana asked. Ewaade was happy, not just taking a walk with Ogunlana but also going out of the village for the first time. “I will like to follow you, let’s go”. Ewaade replied.

Meanwhile in the palace, the king was sitting on his throne thinking, “Adeagbo, you are growing old. Now that I have a child, I think it is time I started showing her some vital places where I trade because death can come anytime” the king thought to himself. So he planned to take a trip with his daughter Ewaade to the villages where he trades. “Ewaade! Ewaade!” The king was calling her but there was no response. So he decided to go her room, to his surprise the princess was not there. “Adisa! call me all the servants in the palace”. Adeagbo commanded. All the servants came. “Who has seen the princess today?!” Asked the king. There was no response, “answer me!” The king shouted. There was no response still. “You all are deaf abi. If I don’t see my daughter by sunset, I will ask the guards to kill all of you. Immediately the king said this, one of the servants, out of fear decided to say what she knows. “Kabiesi, I think she might be with Ogunlana”. “Who is the bastard called Ogunlana?” The king asked. “He is a boy who lives along the border of our village and ARAROMI”. She replied. The king ordered the guards to go there and arrest him. Ogunlana and Ewaade had already gotten to Sakin’s house in Araromi after showing her his father’s farm on their way there. The guards got to Ogunlana’s house. “Is anyone in this house?!” One of the guards asked. Ogundele came out. “Please is this the house of Ogunlana?” one guard asked. “Yes, this is his house and I’m his father but he is not around”. Ogundele said. “Your son has the princess in his custody and the king asked us to bring him, so since we can’t see him we will take everyone else in this house to the palace” the guards took Ogundele and Sade his wife forcefully to the palace. When they got to the palace,”are you the parents of the boy that kidnapped my daughter? The guards will go and search and if they don’t see my daughter before sunset, I will behead the two of you”. The king asked the guards to take them to prison.

(Ogundele is in trouble again, will Ogunlana come back quickly? Who knows how the prophecy will be fulfilled? Follow this story to the very end…thanks for your time… Bye for now.)


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