-OROPO; The Village Of The Gods

Must Read: OROPO; The Village Of The Gods… Part 3

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“When will all these end?!”

(You are welcome to another episode of this story, king is happy, is the people happy too? Let’s continue)

Dele woke up the next morning to discover that his wife was not beside him on their mat. “Sade! Sade!” He called his wife. Sade came into the house with a plate full of eba and another filled with well-prepared efo soup with meats Sakin gave to Dele.”Am here, I went to prepare our breakfast” that was Sade replying her husband. The farmer and his pregnant wife ate to their satisfaction. They became so intimate. “Thank you my love”.Dele said to his wife. Sade with a sense of pity asked her husband, “when will all this evil from this king end? Why would the gods and our ancestral seven warriors continue to see the people suffer?”. Dele was shocked because his wife knows about the seven warriors. “how did she know the seven warriors? Has she heard of the prophecy?” Dele thought to himself. “Sade, how did you know about the seven warriors of OROPO?”. He asked his wife. ” Ha ah, when I was young, my father use to call myself and my other sisters outside to tell us stories, the seven warriors of OROPO is one of the stories he told us and its not a secret story to anyone living in the village” she replied her husband. “Maybe because my father died when I was a young boy, is the reason I don’t know about the story”. Dele said. Dele still doesn’t want to tell his wife of the incident that happened in Araromi village, in other to change the topic, Dele with a smile on his face asked his wife “what name should we give our child?”. “With the way am feeling the child in my belly, I think the child will be a boy and we will call him OGUNLANA” she replied her husband. Dele took a nap after which he went to his farm in Araromi village to work.

(The heart of a man is full of evil, who can comprehend him? Who will tame him?) This is the situation of Oba Adeagbo when he asked the guards to send the people who were celebrating the conception of his first child away. “Send them away, let them return to their miserable lives”. Said Adeagbo.

That night, when Dele returned from his farm. He sat down at the front of his house facing the star-studded dark night, looking up to heaven. He was trying to remember what the spirits told him but he couldn’t. “Is this not going to be a problem for me and my family later on?” He thought to himself “Eleda mi, ma fi mi si le o”, this is what Sade heard Dele saying when she came out of the house. “You are back, what’s wrong?!” She asked her husband, sitting intimately beside him with her arms all around him. “Am just trying to beg the gods to make our child live comfortably more than us ife mi” he lied. “Don’t worry my husband, I know the gods will send a deliverer to us”. At this point, Dele began to remember the prophecy but it was still not clear. The two went in to sleep.

In Dele’s dream, the spirits came to remind him of the prophecy.”Dele, truly Adeagbo is our son but you are going to conquer him”. One of the spirits said. Dele woke up, it was day break already. He could now remember the three prophecies well. So as not to forget, he went straight to Sakin’s house at Araromi village to tell him. “The prophecy is strange and confusing, how will his flesh and blood kill him,is he going to have a disease or what?”. said Sakin after which he was told about the prophecy. “That was all they told me and till now that’s all I know” replied Dele. “Have you told your wife?” Sakin asked. “I don’t want to tell her because of her condition. Wo, Sakin I have to leave now”. After Dele said this, he went back to his farm to work for the day.

Months later, when it was time for the queen, Adesewa to give birth. Adeagbo travelled to another village. Adesewa gave birth to a baby girl but the king was not around to make the announcement. Days after which she gave birth, Adeagbo was still not around in the palace. Adesewa was very angry and sad. The mystery was that, Folashade also has birth to a baby boy. There was dancing and singing around Dele’s house to the extent that the angry queen heard their merriment. “Adisa! Akin!” The queen called two guards. ” Go and check what is causing that noise”. The guards went and came back to tell Sewa that they also gave birth that’s why they are rejoicing. “How can they give birth to a child, the same time with mine and they are even making noise, go and bring me the child and the parents now” Sewa said angrily. The guards did as they were instructed. “Take them to the prison, when my husband comes around, I will execute them”. (You are trying to imagine how wicked Sewa is, if they will be executed how will the prophecy come true? Will the king ever come back…to be continued…thank u for your time…bye for now)


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