-Okpoto’s Sad Story

Must Read: Okpoto’s Sad Story… Part 8

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I was apprehended (arrested).

I spent good 48 hours behind bars. Perhaps I would have stayed more if not that I was below the age to be apprehended in prison. I got some lashes though.

I was walking and staggering after my release. It was as if my skeleton was tired of carrying my flesh. And as I walked,

I guess I wasn’t looking where I was going. Yeah! I was walking but wasn’t looking. And although I wasn’t minding on-lookers,

I really can’t figure out how got to stumble upon a mad dog laying calmly on the street. I bumped into the dog and awoken it madness.

It started chasing me. And I ran, helplessly.

It was another moment where I was so scared of death. That dog was really fierce-looking.Very very.

And then I made the biggest mistake. The mistake of stopping to look for a piece of stone to throw at the dog. I remember vividly, that fateful day,

how the dog jumped on me,

as I bent down to get a stone.

Just one hot bite was what I got,

which sent me to hospital bed. Again!



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