-Okpoto’s Sad Story

Must Read: Okpoto’s Sad Story… Part 6

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It was a woman who knocked me down. I was badly injured. I spent three weeks at the hospital.

When I finally recovered, she took me to her home.

The woman is a widow.

She has a daughter named Lateefah.

This woman treated me like her child.

She was even planning to enroll me in a private school.


One day when she left for work,

her daughter Lateefah called me to her room.

She wanted me to help her sketch a diagram.

I honestly had no idea, what was on her mind.

When I started sketching the diagram, she drew closer to me and was rubbing my back with her palm.

“Stop that!” I scolded her.

I still remember her responds on that very day.

She said to me that I should stop acting like a kid.

Then she tried to unbotton my shirt.

I pushed her away and walked out of her room.

“You will pay dearly for this!” she sworn.

I didn’t respond. I thought she only said those words b’coz she was in fury.

But I was wrong.

After about an hour, I heard a loud scream. It was Lateefah. She said she saw something like scorpion crawled under her bed.

Having no idea what her plan was, I started searching for the scorpion.

All of a sudden, Lateefah grabbed me when she noticed her mum coming and she started crying,

screaming that I wanted to rape her.

Soon a crowd was formed in their compound.

“Is this how u want to re-pay my kindness to u?” Lateefah’s mother yelled.

“By sleeping with my daughter?” she added.

But nobody would even want to listen to me. They all were on Lateefah’s side.

I got some beatens from the neighbours and then Lateefah’s mum sent me out of her house.


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