-Okpoto’s Sad Story

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The moment I was bitten by a snake, I screamed for a while and then I didn’t know what exactly happened to me next.

The old man who saved my life told me I was unconscious for good 24 hours.

The old man lived all alone in an isolated hut.

He briefed me his story.

According to him, his wife and children died of snake bite.

It has hurt him so much that he sworn to himself, to eliminate every single snake in that area.

He had discovered an antidote for snake bite.

And he soon started earning a living from the snakes he killed.

He showed me a dead snake in his hut.

“This is the snake that bit you!” he said, smiling.

“It laid close to you after bitten you and then saw it and killed it.

It bit you twice,” he continued.

“You are lucky I had the snake antidote with me,” he added.

The old man treated me well. I will never forget him in my entire life. Now there’re three people in my heart that I will never forget: my mum, Ogar and the old man.

Honestly, I enjoyed his company but after staying with him for about a week, I decided to go back home.

I still want to go back to school. The future was bleak and I had to work on it.

The old man didn’t stop me. Infact he liked the idea. Ofcourse I told him my story; all what happened to me ever since my mum passed away.

He gave me some food in a small bag and some money to sustain me while I searched for my way back home.

He couldn’t escort me that far coz he was quite old and not very strong.

I treked very far before I got to a major road.

There was a place I stood to urinate. Just then some boys walked up to me and forcibly took hold of my bag.

They warned me to save my life by running out of their sight.

I did.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. They ran after me.

I was too frightened and wasn’t looking ahead of me.

And then…












And then I was knocked down by an on-coming vehicle.

I was unconscious for three days.

Three good days.


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