-Okpoto’s Sad Story

Must Read: Okpoto’s Sad Story… Part 3

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THE men who captured me, threw me inside a very large clay pot. There was another boy inside. He was kidnapped aswel. His name is Ogar, 8 year old.
According to him, he was kidnapped on his way from school.
“What are they going to do with us?” I asked him.
“Wealthy men troop in here everynight,” he said.
“Yesterday, we were 5 but 4 have been taken; Some of the men do come for human parts,
others just buy and take one away, alive.”
He told me how someone’s head and fingers were cut off and given to a man the previous night.
I was dumbfounded. I became scared of death.
“But I would prefer my life ends here.” Ogar continued.
“Why?” I asked him.
But he wouldn’t tell.
“Reasons best known to me,” was his reply.
In about a few minutes time,
one of the men who kidnapped us pulled us out of the pot.
Just then, a car whined up. A man who seem to be in his early fifties came out.
“I need a young boy!” he said.
“8 year old or 10?” One of the kidnappers responded.
“8 year old.” the man replied.
That was Ogar.
“Dead or alive?” one of them asked.
“Alive!” the man answered.
Ogar was untied coz he has been chosen.
They were going to cut my body into parts and sell to another customer.
I was trembling in fear. I was just face to face with death.
One of the men dragged me to a corner.
He was with a knife. He was going to chop off my head.
Just then we heard a loud scream.
It was Ogar. He stabbed himself.
And as he did, he turned to me,
“I did this for you!” he cried.
The men quickly rushed up to him and chopped off his head.
Then I was handed over to the man that came with car.
Ogar’s body was cut into parts….*sobbing*
That was how it happened. That was how Ogar saved me with his own life. I didn’t know why he did it. He’s the reason I still breathe.
It was a night I’ld never forget.
And I mourned the death of my mum and Ogar as each day passes by.


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Menn thank god it was just a dream

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