-Okpoto’s Sad Story

Must Read: Okpoto’s Sad Story… Part 1

I remember vividly, how it all happened.

Then I was only ten years of age.

My mum had been away for over a week and I missed her badly.

My mum was my back bone. I was more closer to her than my dad. We were more closer than the gap between two teeth. My mum was my best best friend.

I had no sibling.

On that fateful day,

I didn’t stay for extra lesson in school b’coz I badly wanted to see my mum.

When I got home, there were quite an unusual number of people.

I was shocked at first but then I thought they came to say hello to my mum.

“Where are u mummmmm?”

I yelled, jokingly.

“Go change ur uniform,” an elderly woman said to me from amongst the visitors.

“Your mum is on her way and will soon arrive,” she added.

I quickly changed to my mofty and relaxed outside.

I wanted to be the first to see my mum on her arrival.

While I sat outside, patiently,

I had a strange feeling about my mum. I felt cold all of a sudden.

JUST then, an elderly man, a very close neighbour and family friend,
walked into our compound.

“So mama Okpoto z Dead!” he said, shivering.

The other visitors at our house tried to tell him to shut up.

But it was too late.

I already heard it.

The visitors already knew; they tried keeping it away from me until the atmosphere becomes cool.

I remember that very day; I couldn’t cry. I was way more too grieved that the tears didn’t drop.

My mum, my backbone, my hope, was gone.

Gone for eternity.

When I heard the dreadful news, my legs became weak abruptly. My head became hot. My stomach ached.

U could describe me as a living corpse.

The sudden departure of my mum, shattered my destiny.



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