-The Office Called Sodom (18+)

Must Read: The Office Called Sodom (18+)… Part 7

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The only person missing out was our boss, Mr. Festus who would have been immensely pleased with what his office had achieved that morning! Tobechi, the busty who Mr. Festus F***ed often, was giving Prince a boob-job and when he came, he splashed his thick white spunk all over Tobechi’s face and Bosom! This got me over the edge and I began pouring my own juices all over Nicholas’ Kittycat-buried Joystick while choking on Kevin’s Joystick which was all the way down my throat! Before Kevin would retract his throbbing stick, he was already shooting his load too – sending the first shot down my throat and the rest splattering all over the inside of my mouth! I had to pull him out to get some air while spilling his Pour from my mouth down my jaw and onto his belly! The sight must have thrown the spanner in Nicholas’ good works because he began shooting his own load too unannounced! By the time he could pull his Joystick out of my tight Kittycat, he had deposited a good load inside of me as I felt his Pour swim into my womb, filling it as it did! He shot the rest on my asshole and buttocks!

He shot the rest on my asshole and buttocks!

We all were practically exhausted by the time we were down with the common climax and Nicholas leaned into me as soon as I lay on the floor! The moaning and groans in the room had significantly subsided now as just two or three couples were still fucking their selves, even though some ladies were swapping male Pour with their mouths after getting heavy facials! The smell was now even stronger as we now had more bodies covered in Pour and sweat! It was the raunchiest sexual activity I had ever been involved in and I couldn’t just believe what had just happened.

It was meant to be just between myself and Nicholas but suddenly involved the entire office! Expectedly, it was close to half-an-hour before anybody would begin making any moves to regain their sanity. But surprisingly, instead of seeing people looking for their cloths which had ended up scattering all over the reception floor, I began seeing dicks and pussies being sucked all over again! As long as they were concerned, the day had only just started and they were going to have more s*x before work was over! I was rightly stunned anyways! But, while I was thinking myself an exception, I suddenly felt Kevin gently begin to slide his burgeoning thick Joystick inside my unimaginably soaked Kittycat again – the orgy of sodomy at ‘Ben and Stephen Holdings LTD’, was only on its day-one!

***THE END***


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