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Must Read: Not Too Young For Love… Part 3

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Mr Steve? I murmured. This wouldn’t be good I thought to myself, why and how would they choose such a man out of all the teachers in the whole school, the man we were all afraid of. (I guess that was their idea). Nevertheless I told myself I would avoid every confrontation with with and nothing would make us meet eye to eye.

We laid down in the hostel and told tales of our holiday while we, new seniors exercised our powers. I also got to know that most of them were as shocked as I was when they heard the news. A friend said she was home with her younger brother and prepared indomie fried plaintain with egg and had a bottle of coke to step it down, her younger brother asked her to prepare his but she refused and told him to prepare it himself and as she was about to take a fork of her delicious delight she got a call and then the cat was out of the bag. Immediately her appetite was lost and she passed her food to her brother who jumped for joy. Other experiences were told and we laughed at them.

My first class in the first session on the second day of resumption was chemistry, I was tensed. During the assembly my heart beat was almost as loud as the drum when we sang the national anthem, at times I wondered if they were actually playing the drum or it was my heart doing that for them. As the assembly grew to an end my hands started to sweat, yes I did that alot when I got nervous.

I packed my notes and textbooks from my locker and headed to the chemical laboratory along with my other classmates. Our chemical laboratory wasn’t that big but was of a miniature size, two tables overlaid with tiles adjacent to each other. The first table was were I sat, way at the back with a friend of mine.

Now the class started and Mr Steve asked us to name laboratory wares aside from the one he wrote on the board. It was my turn and I said “Round bottom flask” . I felt him stare at me for about 10 seconds then he replied “Are you blind or you need glasses haven’t I written that on the board?!”

Actually I was blind and needed glasses because my eye sight was as terrible as a bad flying during the day. My first class and I was humilated that way (how annoying), he made me sit in front, well still I managed to see the board clearly.

After classes Josh smiled at me. I was a little bit confused. Did he smile at me just to make jest because of the incident in chemistry class? Or he smiled because he was glad we were in sciences? Guess I was about to find out.

Josh and I soon became close friends once again even closer than before, and this got most girls talking. Well, for one Josh was one of the most handsome guys in school: Tall, fair skinned, hairy, intelligent and best of all with a nice heart. And, he was the crush of most girls that I made jealous.

I wasn’t actually seen as a pretty girl more with average looks in my own opinion: short, dark skinned with yam legs, so I wasn’t really Josh type to most of them. But for some reason he took interest in me.

We were so happy together, he made me happy and sometimes I often forgot about Nathan. But I just couldn’t, I still searched for him on Facebook still with the same pattern. At times I would search only his name and only his surname and go through all the search results still couldn’t find him.

Josh knew me so well, so much so that even if I changed my cream he could tell or I changed my facial cream he could tell and could even tell the one who worked perfectly for my face. During the holidays I would gist everybody at home about school and hostel life. About my friends and teachers, about any fight that must have taken place between teachers and students.

The holiday made my bond with Josh stronger, we would chat endlessly on Facebook and not get tired and also commented on each other status. This later made our friends more suspicious.

The holiday was over and my mom brought me to the hostel then from a far distance I showed her my hostel master. She told me she was going to have a word with him, so he would’t frighten her baby. I tried stopping her but she was adamant. I watched her walk over to him and they spoke for more than ten minutes, he would smile at times and i felt a knot in my stomach.

She returned and said to me “Vanessa your hostel master would be your new lesson teacher” I was shocked, I felt broken, did she go there to sign my death warrant or hand me right over to the devil. With this I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks, just like the rain, it started with drops and then a heavy down pour. How could she?! She had no right to! She could have choosen any other teacher I was friends with but she had to choose Mr steve. This felt like a nightmare and now I began to doubt her love for me. I sat in the vehicle and cried my eyes out. She held me so tight, like she could feel my pain and she assured me everything would be alright and if I felt unusual I should tell her. And that it was for the best.

And I thought, for the best? for who? me or her?!


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