-Not Too Young For Love

Must Read: Not Too Young For Love… Part 2

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The Junior Secondary School West Africa Examinations were over. I was excited because now I got to be in a senior class and more excited because I got to be a senior (if you know what I meant). It was good bye to; plates washing that didn’t belong to me, washing clothes, fetching of water… All that was all over. I was a new me. Often I sat and thought of how cruel I was treated in my class 1 and wondered how those seniors slept at night. One time a senior’s food was kept by her school daughter and when she got there three slices of fried plantain was missing. She woke us all up and as juniors we were thought to be the culprit in the matter, (like the seniors couldn’t steal a slice of plaintain) insults were showered on us like rain on a stormy night.
At times I wondered if they thought we were orphans. (Not like the seniors in my new school were saints but look at it this way- a Nigerian jail and an American jail which would be better, that was my ordeal). Anyways, we were severely dealt with and I could hardly forget those experiences and when ever I thought of it, I felt pleased I was out of that school but then I remembered him I felt sad all over again. Now we were preparing for Pre-Senior Secondary School. We were given a month holiday after our examinations and now classes started. We were taught subjects in Arts, Commercial and Science to enable the students know which they are best good at. Our chemistry teacher Mr. Steve was huge and tall with this husky voice that made students tremble whenever he spoke. I, most especially was the most frightened of them all, didn’t know why, all I knew was that he gave me the creep. I guessed his over sized body made me quiver. I soon found out about the social network Facebook. Althought I have heard friends talking about it, I didn’t see it as a big deal not until I had a thought of searching for Nathan on it. I searched his name and surname just as I remembered but no results, searched with his surname then his name still no results. I got disappointed and let it be for a while and I thought he just might be so into his books he wouldn’t have time for that.
Pre- Senior Secondary School was over and we had two weeks till school resumption. Preparation started: new school shoes, sandals, bags, hostel wears, plates and provisions. One nice Sunday afternoon after church service, a family friend who also happend to attend my school called me aside and told me our hostel master has resigned. He did that during the holidays and now we are looking forward to a new one. I was happy not because I didn’t like our hostel master but because till they got a new one we would be free as birds to do whatever we liked. Just then she told me they had found a new hostel master; Mr Steve would be our new hostel master she told me. I actually felt my heart skip a beat (they say that isn’t possible but at that moment it was). Mr Steve? I thought to myself, immediately I felt cold from within like a person who has just been thrown under the rain on a cold cold night, literally. I felt my life was going to come to an end.
Unfortunately I didn’t know this was just the beginning of the end for me.


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