-Not Too Young For Love

Must Read: Not Too Young For Love… Part 1

We were in Junior Secondary School. I was in class A he was in class C. Although i can’t remember how we became friends all i remembered was the feelings that laid deep inside our hearts. We were young, yes, but neither of us could understand love. He wrote down his feelings at the back of my integrated science note book. I read it and was flattered, emotions grew up in me like sparks in the sky on a new year’s eve. My friends saw it and compelled me to report his act. I felt disappointed and wondered what would become of him. I was turn between my friends and the boy whom i liked not willing to loose neither of them. I had him reported to fulfil my friends’ desires but made sure he was scolded by a lenient teacher to avoid any form of punishment on him. I saw the disappointment in his eyes and i knew i had lost his trust. From that day he never spoke a word to me, i felt broken and out of place and wondered what i could do to gain his trust back. The session came to an end neither of us spoke to each other, we both thought we would meet the next school year but we never knew that was our last good bye, that was the last time i would see Nathan.
I started the next school year in another school, had new friends and everything was new to me sometimes my mind would drift and i often wondered how he was fairing if he thought about me the way i did of him. Had i knew i wouldnt return would have made things right between us. Being in this new school was exciting and been in the hostel was more fun also although the hostel food was nothing like mom’s cooking i had managed it anyways. In class 3 i became friends with a boy Josh, someone i really enjoyed playing and spending time with, just like the previous school we were soon known as couples amongst our friends but then something happened. I was caught in a web of lies that included Josh, a classmate and friend Sarah and myself. The issue was so big it got to the ears of the principal, apparently Sarah had a crush on Josh and wrote a letter in that regard and included me as the third party. This unseriousness on our part got us punished and i held discontempt for them both especially Sarah. For goodness sakes i was very quiet with a shy personality people like us don’t get called to the principal’s office, the principal hardly knew us but thanks to her I was well known in school also by other teachers. The friendship with Josh soon died and i kept my distance figured it was for the best. Just as life it it was also uncertain about that.


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