-Neighbourhood Sex... “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”

Must Read: Neighbourhood Sex…. “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”… Part 6

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When it was 1pm, I reached the gate, knocked and entered the house, I didn’t meet janet, sikirat was the only one at home.

Where is janet? “I asked”.

SikIRAT: ”She went out her boyfriend”

Me: Boy what?

SikiRAT: ”Why are u asking?, sebi u said you are not dating her?”

ME: yes, I am not, but she was supposed to attend my lessons,

SiKIRAT: then let her be. By the way, what are you holding in the nylon in your hand

ME: water melon. Janet begged me to buy it for her and she will pay me.

SIKIRAT: you see, I said it that you and aunty janet are up to something. So you have been bringing fruits for her abi?, so me I am a mugu for bring something for you abi?

ME: ****I went closer to her, held her hands and calm her***. “Sikirat teminikan sooso, no one will ever take me away from you, I promise” I said to her

**** Sikirat was wearing a short top and an apron***, what should I offer you?

ME: anything.

SIKIRAT: anything?, like bosom?
I giggled and smiled, sikirat drew closer to me on the chair, she located my lips and kissed me passionately as if she was on heat, I responded, located her bosom, squeezed it hard. She was moaning, I checked the time, its 1:40pm, I know janet will be back any moment from now. I took my hands from her chest and lifted up her gown, pull her pants aside and finger bleeped her, she was moaning and dripping on her dress.

Just abt 3minutes into the finger bleeping, she opened my zip and was rubbing my dick when we heard a knock on the gate.
that is aunty janet coming, let’s stop and wait till friday night.

Within 1 minute, sikirat repackaged her self and acted as if she doesn’t know me. Sikirat is not only skillful but also smart. She walked into her room while janet came in.

Sikira!!!!!!!!!!!, janet screamed. Yes aunty “sikirat replied”. Go to mama tope and tell her to give you my cloth, while coming back, buy a pack of always for me. She gave sikirat a sum of money while sikirat went out, she looked at me with a kind of eyes like “this people will be here alone ooooo”.

JaNET: something is smelling here

ME: ****scared****, something like what?

JANET: something like used under wear

ME: ****i looked at my hands, I remembered manipulation sikirat****. Maybe its yours. Pls excuse me, I want to ease myself

JANET: then go to your room or don’t you have room here?

ME: ***laughed*** I have forgotten ni, I went to wash my hands and returned back to the living room.

ME: where are you coming from and who is the guy you went out with?

JANET: why are u asking?, and how did you know I went out with a guy?

ME: I saw both of you while I was coming

JaNET: so why didn’t you call me?

ME: I decided to wait till you are back.

JANET: well he is a DJ someone recommended for me.

ME: a DJ?, what for?

JANET: oooh, so sorry I didn’t tell you, next week saturday is my birthday. I’m celebrating it here in this compound.

ME: ooh, dats cool, am I invited?

JANET:**hit my chest*** silly you, if you have 2 heads, don’t come. You will see what I will do for you **she smiled**

ME: ok sha, my mind is at peace now, I was thinking the guy is your boyfriend.

JANET: boy what?, don’t tell me you are jealous?m

ME: ** e be like say this girl know wetin dey worry me** offcourse I am.

JaNET: but why?

ME: because I can’t watch one guy taking you away from me.

JANET: take me away from you?, are we dating?, did u ask me out?, aren’t we friends? Bla bla bla.

ME: **confused on what to say. I held her two hands****: janet, see, ever since we became close, I have loved you, I can’t stop thinking about you, all my dreams are full of you, I hardly do anything without the thoughts of you, ***sweet talk continues****

JANET: so what are you driving at?

ME: I want you to be my girlfriend. The person I will always love.

JANET: ***smiled***, well I will think about it. Just give me some time.

ME: ok

I drew close to her and peck her on the chick, then whispered into her ear “I can die if you say NO to me”. Janet smiled and kissed me, pull my ear to her mouth and whispered. “What took you so long”.

Chaiii, I was so excited that we couldn’t do lesson that day. We were just hugging and talking about love. When sikirat arrived from her errands, I pretend as if nothing happened. Then I told janet. “I will come tomorrow, I am not feeling fine”


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