-Neighbourhood Sex... “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”

Must Read: Neighbourhood Sex…. “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”… Part 18

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i tried to get intouch with Sikirat but she didn’t pick up my calls, i was so confused, then i sent Janet some message on whatsapp “baby, am so sorry about what happened yestaday, i swear,nothing happened between me and Sikirat, baby,my sweet potato please, u are the only one for me” (sweet words continue)bla bla bla. She didn’t reply me at first but i keep disturbing her untill she replied me “it’s ok Taiwo, i know u cant do such thing with that dirty girl,but u should have informed me about her lesson at first” i apologised, and she forgive me, we chatted more than 2hours, we even go to the extent of s*x chat before she asked me to come over to white house the second day.. i was so excited, i drop my phone and keep jumping up and down on my bed “ring ring(my phone was ringing)” i looked at the screen, woow it was Sikirat.

Me* hello my babe

sikirat* hello dear

Me* sikirat why did u leave me like that, u didn’t listen to my explanation, i would have explain everything to u(bla bla bla)

Sikirat* am so sorry babe, but u know its hard to believe such a thing.

Me* i know

Sikirat* aunty Janet have begged me also, she said she was just suprise to see me in her teacher’s room ni(then we talk on phone more than 40minutes)

chaii..e don set again, but this time around i will make use of my sense, i will only face Janet, i was in my room allthrough, i slept off.

Second day, around 8am, i’ve put on my cloth and shoe, i checked my wardrop i found 6 alomo bitters, then i drank 4 of alomo bitter, withen 10minutes i put on a very strong face, i was intoxicated, i went straight to white house, on getting there, i met Sikirat washing cloth. i was somehow ashamed of myself but i later jinjer my swagger with the alomo bitter which i took earlier.

Me** sikiratu sindodo.

Sikirat** good morning Taiwo.

Me** u ar looking great today, *as i was about ask about Janet,i saw her coming up, i quickly leave sikirat.

Janet** Tizzy, gud morning *she hugged me and plant a kiss on my lipz*..are u drunk? She asked, not really dear, i took herb which was made wit dry gin, hav u ever seen me drunk before *frown face*?? I asked her…

i know u are not a drunker, i have to ask u if i notice something strange in u or am i not ur girlfriend again?? She asked me..

don’t mind me sweetheart, enh, please dear am so sorry about what happened yestaday(before i say any word again, she moved closer to me and kiss me and said “let forget that one, i know u are trying to help her, enh enh, guess what(she smiled).


Janet* i won’t tell u, just come up and see it by urself…

janet was so excited, i keep wondering what
could have make her happy like this, i followed her, on getting to her room, she said “Tizma, sit down and let me show u something”

i sat down on the edge of her bed, and keep watching as she pull off her yellow top, janet wore black bikini skirt…woow, she play a her LG radio tape, she start dancing and grinding, woow, i never know janet is good is stripping like this, she was wining to SUGARMAN by Chris D signalled instantly, she moved closer to me, she startd using her tongue to tease my ear and lipz…chaii, e don set again.this girl go kill me today.
She pushed me to bed, and start remove my belt, she unzip my shirt and my trouser, chaii…i don die, she wispered to me “just watch me”..

i was left wit only boxers alone, at this point my D have raised up,no doubting Janet was absolutely a bad girl..she collect my boxers and i was unclad, as she was doing the the mouth job, i totally lost control.
Untill i hear “paaaaa” it was a slap on my face, it sound like a thurnder, before i can open my eyes,i hear another one..chaii, i can’t see well again, all i could see was small small stars runing up and down just like unclear black and white brain disconnect instantly, my heart quickly run to my toes, my ear keep sound like suzuki machine, but i can only hear someone said *mr champion, u think u wise abi?..u ar giving 3people one stick to use at the same time, for ur mind u be real man abi?..i wil make u a scape goat*..

chaii, this is madam voice oøo, i tried to open my eyes a little, i saw upto 8ladies inside the room, i tried to move myself, then i noticed that i’ve been tied with a rope.. chaii, see me see disgrace.this people gave me beating of my life, i almost enter coma that day..2hours later they released me, am totally out of energy, i find a way to grap my boxers and run for my life, thats the lastime i set my eyes on white house family.



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what did he do to those galz


Whao!!! Nice Story….Bt Onihaxy Wat About D Remainin Part Of Adebimpe The Facebook Girl??

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