-Neighbourhood Sex... “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”

Must Read: Neighbourhood Sex…. “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”… Part 15

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I went back to my room.
Feeling bad about the whole issue.
I wondered where I was wrong, was it my fault?, how would she expect me to only finger-bleeped her and sucked her bosoms only without sex?,
why didn’t she resist me when I entered?.
Why was her anger and rage coming after she enjoyed the sex and cummed?.
Why didn’t she regard finger fuccking as a sin?. Why would she be Unclad and expected me to give a massage without me having an Attention?, so what would happen next.

The time was few minutes to 1am and I couldn’t sleep. I began to ask myself questions, I began to reason the whole white-house drama, I imagined how I sampled all the 3 females in the house, I imagined what would happen if they all find out that they all chewed same stick. Will madam ever trust me with her girls anymore?, how would I face her in the daybreak?. At a point, I stopped asking myself questions. I decided that I would leave as the day breaks and return to my house to sort out myself. I even made up my mind on loosing the job and be free.

I managed to sleep and woke up around 7am. I took my bath, brushed my teeth and arranged my luggage.

At 9am, I went out of my room with my bag on my back and went to the sitting room. I met gideon and I sent him to call madam for me. Madam arrived with a straight face. I greeted her and she sent gideon to go outside and play.

ME: I’m leaving ma.

MADAM: have you been planning to leave before? Or because I said it yesternight?

ME: the latter ma.

MADAM:: onihaxy sit down

ME: ****dropped my bag on the chair and sat with it**** ok ma.

MADAM: and don’t you think I deserved an apology for disobeying me?.

ME: I did that last night and you shunned me and shouted on me ma.

MADAM: you see onihaxy, after chasing you out yesterday, I sat down and had a re-think that it wasn’t really your fault.

ME: how ma?

MADAM: first, I was the one who called you to bring soap for me when you hard erections, 2ndly, I called you again to rubb my back while I was Unclad. 3rdly, I didn’t stop you while you were using your fingers. But why can’t you listen to simple instruction of “DON’T DIG THE HOLE”.

ME: I’m sorry ma, I was carried away.

MADAM: and that’s bad of you. I’m a good christian for heaven’s sake and a faithful married woman until yesterday when you made me an adulterer and a sinner by having sex with me against my wish.

ME: I’m sorry ma.

MADAM: no problem. Return to your room. The only thing there is that you shouldn’t step into my room any more and try to resist me as best as you can. And what happened between us last night should remain a secret between us.

ME: thank you ma, but I’m leaving.

MADAM: but why?, is there any other thing I don’t know?

ME: yes ma

MADAM: what is it?

ME: 1. Janet is writing her jamb so I should go home. When she is back, I will be coming around for post ume preparations and be returning to my house everyday. 2ndly, you might not trust me with janet and sikirat if I’m still living here, you might think I am doing/will do same thing with them. 3rdly. The more you see me, the more you might remembered the ugly incident and hate me the more.

MADAM: you are just taking this thing too far. Anyway, If you insisted on leaving. Just do me a favour of waiting till janet is back. I don’t want the house to be empty.

ME: ok ma.

I picked my bag and returned upstairs to my room.

I was in my room upstairs when I got a text on my phone. It was form a friend who was into examination “runs”, He sent type F answers of the on going jamb to me and I forward it instantly to janet..


Friday evening while I was chatting with janet, we had already discussed about it. I told her to place her phone on silence and shade the “exam type” that I will send to her. I lied to her that it cost me 10k to get the answers. She was so happy that I could go extra length for her, she promised to compensate me when she returned on sunday morning. Sikirat on the other side told me how she missed me when I called her to teach me porridge cooking, she told me how her accent changed at home in ilorin, how she was speaking english and helping the kids to solve mathematics, she told me how she was envied by her friends and neighbours in ilorin. She promised to return on tuesday.

At 11:20, madam called my name from downstairs to come down and eat my breakfast, I came out and went to the dinning. She had prepared rice and stew with stock fish and beef, I was putting on a “straight face” while I sat down to eat. Madam served the food and came to sit beside me. She patted my laps and ask if anything is wrong, I replied “nothing ma”.

After the meal, I packed the plates, took them to the kitchen and washed. I arranged all the plates into the shelf. I took a mob, mobbed the kitchen and the tiles in the living room while madam was standing upstairs watching. I dusted all the chairs and electronics, arranged all the room and went out of the compound. I trimmed the flowers and swept the back of the house, I did all this with a frown on my face and never smiled. I returned inside, walked across madam as I was sweating and returned to my room. I had a shower and slept off with my phone switched off. I woke up around 5pm. I switched on my phone and I got whatsapp messages from janet telling me about her exams. And a text message from madam telling me “weldone, you are such a hardworking boy.”.

I went down stairs to tutor gideon. I asked of mummy from gideon and I was told she went out. When I was through with him, I went to the kitchen, checked the food time table and it was spiced spagetti on the menu. I arranged the pot, called sikirat for guidelines, and prepared it at the best way I could. I ate mine and served gideon while I went straight to bed at 8pm. I was inside my room chatting with janet when madam entered the house. I could hear her voice and communications with gideon.

At 10:20pm that saturday night, my phone was ringing. I checked and it was madam, I placed it on silent and refused to pick. She called 5 times which I didn’t pick. Then a text message came in and I read. “You amazed me with the level of your hardworking today, you tidy everywhere without any instructions and supervision, you are such a good boy. Meanwhile, my laptop is hanging somehow, can you please come here and help me to look into it?”.

I saw the text and laughed. I dropped the phone, ignored the message and tried to sleep. At few minutes pass 11pm, I heard a knock on my door, **wetin gideon dey find this time of the night?, abi madam sent him to me?**** I thought before asking “who is there?. Its me “mummy janet”, Open the door.


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