-Neighbourhood Sex... “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”

Must Read: Neighbourhood Sex…. “The Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher”… Part 14

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I got to madam’s door entrance and knocked. “Come in” she replied. I entered the room and stood still while holding the polyethene bag containing the soaps. Madam sat on her bed and tied a white towel around her bosom running to her thigh and another white towel on her head. The upper part of her bosom was revealing on the towel. She told me to sit down on the small upholstered chair opposite her bed and we started a conversation.

MADAM: **holding an android phone and scrolling through it** your meal was so delicious. Kudos

ME: thanks ma. I’m only trying ma *smiled*

MADAM: pls bear with us for now. You know janet isn’t around and sikirat will return on tuesday. So u will be assiting in cooking for now.

ME: no problem ma

Madam: janet is writing jamb tomorrow, how well is she prepared?.

ME: very well ma **i kept glancing at her fair complexiond spotless thigh and her protuding bosoms, my dick was gaining velocity gradually***.

MADAM: Are you sure?. Because if she scores less than 200, i will terminate ur job here with immediate effect.

ME:**scared, and my dick went down instantly**. I’m very sure of my services ma.

She took the nylon from me, removed a soap from it. She picked her laptop from her dressing table and gave it to me.

MADAM: Onihaxy, pls help me to arrange all the musics and videos on a separate single file

ME: ok ma.

She opened the door to her bathroom while i was sorting out the system. The sound of the water splash kept giving me hard-on. I began to imagine myself with her in the shower, how it will feel like entering her from the back while in the bathroom.
Alot of nasty thoughts were running through my mind that i couldnt focus on what i was doing on the system. She came out after 5minutes and sat on the bed.
Madam looked sexier after bath. The water drops on her skin was adding to my Attention. She was applying something on her face while i was on the system. The more i glance at her, the more my hard-on was getting intense, the heat coming out beneath the system wasn’t helping matters.
I began to wonder how i will make the move, should i touch her?, or peck her?, or change my sitting position to the bed?, then I thought of her church attendance, i thought of her vigils, i thought of her moral strictness, then i was loosing hope. Each time i raised my eyes to look at her, i would noticed her staring at me also. I became confused and hopeless but still erected on my boxers. She asked if i was through and i said “YES”. The problem now was, how do i drop the system and stand up with an Attention?. I felt so clueless, i became uncomfortable on the seat to the extent that she noticed it and was questioning my mood. I pressed my dick in-between my thighs as i returned her laptop.

“chai, to stand up and walk out now na wahala”. I managed to stand up and cover my dick with my two palms.

“what is there that you are covering” madam asked. I was amazed that she had noticed me all this while.

“notin ma” i replied.

“Don’t tell me i was the one who caused it. Was I?”,

no Ma “i replied”.

All this young boys of this generation sef!, Anyways, you can go.

I walked out of the room feeling ashamed of my self. I went to my room and was wondering the kind of eyes wey madam go dey take look me, i’m not sure if she will trust me with her girls anymore. She might even sack me, i kept picturing her next strike action against me. I couldnt sleep till around past 11pm. My phone rang, i checked the screen, it was madam calling.
I was scared of picking it not until the 4th time it rang, then i took the courage to pick.

ME: hello ma.

MADAM: why are you not picking my calls?.

ME: My phone was on silence. I just noticed it ma.

MADAM: OK, how are u?, thanks for the system arrangement.

ME: you are welcome ma.

MADAM: Pls i need another help right now. My back is acheing seriously. Come and help me with a massage!.

I got to the door, I noticed it wasn’t locked. I only knocked once and she told me to come in. Madam was still wearing her towels around her body with hair net on her head. She was sitting on her bed.

“Welcome onihaxy”

Thanks ma.

“My back is acheing me seriously”

Sorry about that ma.

“Help me to apply this robb”.

She gave me the robb, lied flat on her chest with her a$$ and back facing the ceiling underneath her towel. I opend the robb, knelt down on the bed and applied it gently on the opened area on top of her back. My dick was gaining Attention but she couldn’t noticed it because she was facing the other side.
I continued with the back robbing/massage still maintaining the upper region not until she was giving a silent moan, she adjusted her towel and made it loose a bit and she told me to robb it down a little. On hearing this, my dick made a full “180degrees straightline”. I moved down a bit on a back. This time I wasn’t massaging but tickling her gently with my nails. The moan was increasing and she was telling me to move it downward to the upper part of her a$$, as I was doing so, she opened the music app on her phone and started playing songs at a high volume.
For the next 5minutes, I was massaging and tickling the back while my dick was fully erect. She wasn’t saying anything again but just moaning softly.

“How do I get to Bleep this woman now?” Was the thought on my mind. Then I increased the pace of my hands down to her as$, damn!!!, madam was wearing a light transparent blue pant. “This one na obstacle oooo, how I go scale through?”.
As madam wasn’t speaking again but moaning, I ignored the pant and moved my hand to the exposed end of her Bottom, I concentrated on this area for a long time moving my hand TO and fro from her a$$ to her back. It got to a time madam was jerking slowly and quietly, when I moved my hand backward to the exposed part of her Bottom, I noticed a fluid stain on the lower part of her pant then I knew she must have released. I was stylishly inserting my hands in the sides of the pants at intervals each time I navigate my hands to the area, after a while, I gained full access to her pusssy tongue but pulling her pant to one side with my hands. She jerked and moaned heavily as my hand touches the pusssy tongue. I located her cliit and was handling it from the back with my hands. She was moaning and jerking. I slid in my fingers into the hole and was performing the finger magic. I took much time like 10minutes fingeriing while she was Approaching at intervals. I just don’t have the liver to fucck her, but I just maintained the manipulation. Her moans was now at different tempo. Suddenly she turned over, facing up with her bosoms and looked at me, I felt ashamed at first and felt like stopping and walking out. But I don’t know where the courage came from, I grabbed her left bosom and started sucking while I squeeze the right bosom. The moan was getting louder that it was competing with the volume of the music, I was switching the bosom at intervals, it got to a time that she was pressing my head on her bosom that I hardly breathe.
I left the left bosoms and concentrate my mouth on the right one while I moved my left hand down underneath her panties, I pushed it aside and resumed finger fuccking. She was making sounds that I began to be afraid incase gideon comes in, I looked at the door and noticed it wasn’t locked.

After another 2minutes of finger bleeping, I tried removing her pants and she said “STOP”, I was scared, she said “what are you trying to do?, don’t just go there, I’m a married woman and a good christian, I have vowed never to have intimate intercourse with any other man apart from my husband, and besides, Adultery is a serious sin against God” just continue the hand action, I’m ok with only that one, ok!!.

“Yes ma” I replied. I lost interest immediately and my moral was low, my dick was shrinking instantly. I located her niiple again with my mouth and resumed finger fuccking her, it was as if I was forced to do it because I wasn’t enjoying it. But as I was hitting the walls of the pusssy with my finger and also sucking the niiples at the same time, she was moaning and jerking seriously than before and was releasing juices, this excited me again and revived my Attention, I stylishly moved over trying to lie down straight ontop of her with her legs spread apart but our body aren’t touching each other. I was still sucking and finger fuccking her and I noticed she was so lost in the heavenly feelings, I stylishly brought out my dick from the hole on my boxers, I removed my hands at intervals from her pusssy to lubricate my erected dick with her juice on my finger. Then I stylishly pushed the pants away to one side completely to avoid obstructions, I pressed forward a little bit and positioned my dick at the entrance of her Kitty-Cat without any body contact to avoid her suspecting. Then I focused on her bosom in my mouth and Kitty-Cat on my hand. I made sure I expanded the hole very well with my fingers. I counted from 1 to 3 on my mind. After the count of 3, I pushed the dick INSIDE at once hoping that she will be angry at me and push me away, but instead, she moaned heavily and expanded her legs wider, I began to pump in and out slowly, then I increased the pressure and went faster, the moaning was increasing and she raised up her two legs to hold my back tight. We continued for like 6minutes till she cum again and I cummed there after.

“You this boy!!!, what have you done to me?, didn’t I tell you not to have sex with me?, now you have made me a sinner, an adulterer and a matrimony vow breaker.” Madam yelled at me.

“I’m so sorry ma”. I replied.

“Now get out of here. Idiott!!!!!, and first thing tomorrow morning, you are leaving this house. Idiott!!!!


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