-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 9

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“Inspite of all the girls I had, I was still respected in school by students and fellow staff because I was a very gentle (bad) guy. Extremely quiet. The principal took me like her own son, the girls took me like their husband and most importantly, Mrs venny took me like her best friend.

Later on, I got to meet Mrs venny’s kids and husband… what a family… perfect. One day, the principal called me and told me that she has been hearing some rumors about me chasing her girls but that she didn’t believe it though.
I told her that Girls would always gossip.
My name was cleared. I began to experience what it feels like to be like tuface and d’banj cuz these girls would scream, bang their desk, hug me all over whenever I came to class and virtually everyone of them was willing to Bleep me. Life was feeling surreal to me.

I loved that life, but hey, I still was anxious to round up my service so I could go get a good job. But I had problems too: some of the girls I sexviced would always get mad whenever they saw me with a different girl.
Also, I still had to be dodging the ones who wanted re-sexvicing cuz I had more girls whom I needed to sexvice.
For these reasons, I decided to take a break from the school scene and hit on a few outsiders.

*one weekend morning*

I woke up, did my house chores, cooked, played music, played my ps2 for a while then slept. Woke up in the evening. No girls would be visiting today.
I was on break, or so I thought.
Around 5pm I decided to check on David, my namesake and friend who stayed in the same compound with me. His girlfriend uju always stayed with him on weekends. I knocked at his door, a female responded which I expected to be uju. She said “yes, come in”.
I walked in and saw a cute girl who was preparing spices for soup. Damn! She was fine as hell, and thick too. This had to be uju’s best friend whom she always talked about. We greeted and I sat down.

#Abeg make I switch to pidgin small#

I ask her about my Guy, She kon tell me say my Guy and uju go rent film for video club. I ask am wetin be her name, she say her name na sandra.

Omoh, Sandra wear loose gown but her nyash still shoot out. This girl get sweet voice… na one of the reasons I dey always like to hear her talk.
We chatted for a while, and we got to know a few things about ourselves (she even attended the secondary school I was serving at). Then she excused herself to go and keep the soup spices she was mixing in the kitchen.
God of Moses! Her as$ was fat with nice narrow hips. Damn! She’s the one. Meanwhile she kept making calls to some Guy yelling at him that he wants to dump her and she wouldn’t let that happen.
I was surprised to discover that such a cute and collected girl could nag. Truth be told, it knocked it off balance a little. When I asked what the problem was, she would say it’s personal. I felt demoralized and said to myself “you’ve lost it. She’s hooked and wild”. But then again, I still kept my fingers crossed.
Who knows? You can never say when it comes to girls. They are a complicated and complex kind of beings. Sometimes, i doubt if God himself understands women.

We continued to chat but, it Wasn’t lively as before the phone calls and nagging. She told me that I sounded like a player. My Guy and his girlfriend came back around 30 minutes later, and we all talked about her heartbreak and cheating boyfriend, relationships and all that bullsh’it.
All the while, I didn’t really contribute cuz relationships and love was not my thing. Moreover, I was kind of a heartbreaker myself. Always trying to Bleep… that’s all, no love. That’s how much gangster music had influenced me. But sometimes I do wonder what it’s like to truly love.

Sandra was still depressed and sad and it was killing our spirit. Later, my Guy called me out and suggested that we all go and hang out somewhere. He said I should woo Sandra, that it will be classic. Four best friends.
It was almost 7pm, so we decided to go and hang out at the bar of a popular hotel around…. it was time for Sandra to stand up… you guessed right … I stole a glance at her a$$…. gracious God!!

We all left the house and started walking down to the hotel. We walked in twos: I and my Guy, uju and Sandra. While we walked, I kept telling my Guy my intention of fu’cking Sandra if she would agree to spend the night with us.
We got to the bar, sat at a table for four and called the waiter. We ordered for beer but to my greatest surprise, Sandra ordered for a red label wine!. There and then, I concluded that I would not have anything to do with Sandra after this night. I don’t care if you’re Mona Lisa, but I would never be with a girl that blows my money like breeze.
Luckily the waiter came back and said they’d run out of wines. Only beer. Phew!! Thank you, Sweet jizos!!!.

We sat, drinking, my Guy and uju were really getting along, being romantic and all that but I and Sandra weren’t really doing well. Just chat and stop, every now and then. She was depressed and now getting tipsy, there wasn’t much that I could do to cheer her up.
She kept calling her ex on the phone, cursing and nagging. Hell, I got problems of my own too.
I was drinking in silence, thinking about my life and how much I loved my mum. My family… I’d die for them.
Sometimes, Sandra would stare at me. Her fada nyash!. I wondered what she was thinking.
Really pretty girl. no doubt.
It was almost 8:30 pm and we decided to leave. I and my Guy split the bill. Sandra said she wanted to go home. Jizos!, na so my money take waste?…
Uju called Sandra aside and begged her to spend the night with us. She told her that she was too high and looked too tipsy to go home and that it was already getting too late (around 9pm). After a little contemplation, Sandra decided to spend the night.
We all got to my Guy’s room, ate some spaghetti and began to watch some Fu”cked up home video. Sandra just lay on the bed, not speaking. My Guy and uju went outside to give us some privacy… I needed to talk her into spending the night in my room.
No response
Still no response.
“You should come and join me in my room. I need someone to talk to and keep me company”
Still no response.
“stop acting up. If you don’t like me, say so. I’d just go.”
“Its not that I don’t like you but I’m not in a good mood. I need time to heal.”
My di”ck says no time bit”ch!
“I could heal you”
My peoplez, Una know the kind healing I mean na.
She vex look me.
“If that’s what you want, you’re wasting your time. I’m not coming to your room”
My heart sank. Omoh, my #1,500 wey I spend Don go?. Jizos! I Don fall my hand.
I placed my palm in hers. There’s a magical thing about holding hands with a girl. Told her a few touching stuff about how I didn’t mean se”x and that she was really a nice girl. I then said:
“It’s ok. We shouldn’t quarrel over nothing. I meant everything
I’ve told you. Take care. Good night.”
She no even answer me at all. Her eyes were closed like she was sleeping But I knew she heard all I said and that it got to her.
I stood up and went to my room. Put on my CD and starting playing nas’s 2002 album (God son). With the Highness from the beer and rap music in my ears, I drifted to another realm. Momentarily, I forgot about the evening: Sandra, the #1,500 I just wasted (my biggest regret) . Lol.
I think I was already half asleep in my room, just me and music…. Hip-hop was consoling my soul…. then I heard a knock on my door.
“Corper!, Corper!”
Looked at the time on my phone: 11:15 pm. What da fu”ck?
I stood and went to open the door ….


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