-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 6

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“As she enter inside to go baff, I just they wonder whether na thesame Mrs Ann wey strict and everybody for school dey fear naim I dey arrange like this? Na wa oh. I dey watch TV dey wait.

Around 10 minutes, she come out with towel. her boo”BS they shoot out.
oh lord, I don’t wanna die early…. life sweet die.
“David, follow me”
As I dey follow am for back, her nyash just dey shake without control for the towel. We go one room. Nice bed, TV, but no clothes.
“Ma, where are all your clothes?”
She come laff.
“This is not my bedroom. Or you want to replace my husband?”
“No ma!” I dey mad?
She put on TV, then I sidon for bed, she sit near me con carry one of her legs put ontop my leg. We dey look TV but I no dey see anything (my sense Don comot kpata-kpata).
I begin they rub her leg down to her thighs. Omoh, I dey see her fat to’to through the towel. My prick Don stand and she know. I con rub her leg pass her thigh con do V shape with my two middle fingers take rub around her cli’t. She look me, shift come closer come give me 30 seconds kiss.
This woman mouth sweet oh!. As I continue to rub around her cli’t I notice say her breathing dey increase and she wet. My fear na say make this woman no go die of high BP oh. I Neva even use tongue and she dey breath like this.

She come say:
“go to the fridge and get me that strawberry cream”
I waka go kitchen go bring am come. Chai! This woman Don Unclad for bed. See Big brea-sts and thick pus’sy.
“You know what to do with it right?”
“Yes ma”
Are you a learner?. No na, I be master.
I come climb dey pour the cream from her chest, down to her belle and to her to her puss’y area. I come start to dey lick am. She close her eyes. I pour am for her puss-y begin they lick am then she use her fat leg take hold my head tight in between her pu-ssy.
She dey breath fast, they raise her body up and down but she never moan. She dey mad? Why she no wan moan. Ok I con put two fingers begin dey finger her, then dey suck, tickle, and lick her cli-t as I dey pour the cream on top. She con moan like person wey won endure pain “uuuummmmm” and she con squeeze my head tighter with her fat laps they moan more. I do this thing reach 7minutes. Omoh, e dey hard to breath due to her tight grip.

If this woman suffocate me to death as I dey do this thing, na wetin I go explain to God? And wetin dem go write for my obituary poster as the cause of death? No no no. I squeeze my head come out.
“Are you tired yet”
“No ma”
I con face her breas’ts. I squeeze am, rub am. She dey look me dey smile, I smile back. Then i con dey squeeze her nipp’le then dey suck the other. Sometimes, I go pour the strawberry on top con lick am. I dey suck her well, slow, dey flick her nippl’e as I dey suck.
As I dey do am, she dey stroke my di-ck with on hand, they rub my head with the other one. I dey switch brea’sts and nipp’le. After like 7minutes I stop. I con roll her to turn face bed. I carry the strawberry cream pour for all over her back begin dey lick am. Na now I come see this girl nyash well. Omoh this woman gather nyash.
I rub am well well, then open the center pour the cream begin they lick am. I reach her anu’s (yes! Am a freak like that). I use the tip of my tongue they do circular movement for her anus then she moan “ohh my God, ohhhh my god”. I still dey lick am come begin finger her puss’y. she Don wet die.

Omoh, the moaning increase. I con they fear say make neighbors no run inside the house thinking say na kidnappers oh. I realize say side position na the best for me cuz her nyash too big. So I carry con’dom begin open am to put for my standing screw driver. She say:
“wait, lie down and give me that strawberry cream”
I lie down, she climb ontop me dey kiss me. Small time she carry the cream pour 4 my di-ck kon dey lick am. I wan mad! I just lie down dey look ceiling like Ibo man wey him container fall inside sea. Oboy, this woman begin dey suck my prick from up to down. Sometimes, she go swallow my entire prick then bring am out again. Today na fire.

Small time I tell her to lie down sideways then I wear cond’om come put my prick for her fat to’to come begin they hammer her. As I dey hammer her, I dey use my finger they rub her anu’s.
She close eye. Small time she use hand cover her face dey moan small small. After some minutes, I change am. I put my prick for her anu’s slowly begin they hammer am then use my finger they rub her cl’it. She moan “oh God” David”
I respond “yes ma” she continue dey moan “oh God, oh god, I can feel u”
after like 15 minutes time, she say “okay, stop stop”.
She Don cum cuz my finger wet with fluid and she com weak. I no stop, I just dey Bleep am slowly. heat don soak bedsheet finish. As she notice say I wan release she rush slide out, comot the cond’om from my prick put the prick inside her mouth kon suck my fluid come say make I kiss am with the fluid. I say “no ma, I’m allergic to that”.
She smile, swallow am. She come tell me say make I help am arrange the room, she begin dey dress bed, omoh as she bend her bare nyash they shake. My pri’ck start to rise again. She look am. She come rub my chest say “corper, next time. My daughter didn’t go too far”.
I hurry wear my cloth. She ask whether I hold transport fare , I say “yes ma” she give me 2k say my buy banana and yoghurt to replace my sper’m.
“I won’t be happy if you say this to anyone”
“no ma, I’m not a kid na”
she look me smile. Peck me for lips.
I thank her begin they go.

As I dey comot I notice her husband e-class Benz wey pack for her compound. My mind tell me say “you see your life? No be person like you get that car?”… abegi, make I go house go sleep jor, na my year of straff be this… money go come at the right time.


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Seriously, what a weblog! I mean, you just have a fantastic deal of guts to go forward and tell it like it is. You happen to be what running a blog should have, an open minded superhero who isn’t frightened to tell it like it is. This is definitely something people need to be up on. Great luck in the foreseeable future, man.

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