-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 5

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“Before I left for the VP’s office, I told Mrs venny that I was going to see the VP. I and Mrs. venny shared everything, we were really good friends but I didn’t hint her that the VP might want to flirt with me (I dey mad!?) cuz she would advice me against it. Mrs venny was like a combination of holy Mary’s heart and Mona Lisa’s body. I had great love for this woman and she cared about me too.

Till this day, I still haven’t seen a woman that matches her uniqueness. even on some of my duty-free days, I would go to school just to see Mrs venny: talk with her, stare at her brown eyes, watch her smile n make her laugh. Damn!!! Mrs venny was probably the best part of my service year.

*Back to the VP*

I knocked at the VP’s door. She asked me to come in. I came in. She shut the door behind me.
“Corper what will you take?”
“Nothing ma”
“No, you must take maltina, or do you take beer?”
“No I don’t take beer”
(Big lie, me wey drink beer like fish)
“Quiet people like you are very bad”
Then we laughed (I laff fake laff jor). My mind they wonder wetin this woman won do. As I dey sip my malt, she gave me her phone to open Facebook for her. As I dey process the registration, she come sit on the table facing me. Omoh, this woman get big nyash and bo’obs, I even dey wonder how her assets still dey intact inspite of her age.
As she sidon, she open her legs they look as i dey type for her phone… and could inside her thighs. Omoh, my mind begin dey beat. Wetin dey happen?. After some time, she stand up come my back come carry her big bre’asts put for my neck, place her hands around my chest. Omoh, my heart dey beat, confusion full my head… u sure say principal no send this woman to set me up? Then She asked:
“How far have you gone”
“Almost through ma, remaining to upload your profile picture”

Omoh, as I come enter her picture gallery to select photo, my head scatter!! This woman get nak’ed pictures wey she dey sample her to’to, big nyash and big brea’sts. Jizos christ of onitsha!! I Don jam today.

She looked as I was going through them, smiled from behind and said:
“Do you like my pictures?”
Omoh, my voice seize I no fit talk.
She con say “youth of nowadays, all you know is sex”
I said “sex is sweet ma” honestly, I couldn’t believe what I just said.
She laughed “see your mouth, bad boy”.
Next thing she said “I Love Intimacy but…”
She stopped there (she sighted my kicking di-ck!). I Don fall hand?. abegi which person prick no go stand when e see kain woman nyash?
“Can u satisfy me?”
I smile like pope john Paul.
“Of course ma”
She stood, removed her shirt, hung it. I could see her breas’ts through her white bra. Then asked me to squeeze her brea’sts. She lay on her office table. I removed one, kissed around it, licked around the nipp’le and started to suck it like a new born baby, meanwhile my other hand was deep down in her skirt, caressing her puss’y with her pants still on. Omoh, her to’to lips fat wella. my prick wan bust!
She relaxed, closed her eyes and said
“where did you learn to do this”.
I removed my mouth from her brea’sts for a minute and said
“it’s my talent ma. It’s the only talent God gave me”.
She laugh sotay she nearly fall from table. Then we heard a knock on the door.

We heard a female voice say “madam, please I want to collect 4 packets of chalk”
I Don die! No where to hide in here!!. And there was another problem, it was past break time and I missed a class I was supposed to teach (omoh, big brea’sts dey make time fly oh). The principal was looking everywhere for me…..
Mrs Ann jumped down from the table, hurriedly wore her shirt and adjusted her skirt. I arranged the sits and acted like I was typing something on her dell laptop.

The teacher came in collected the packets of chalk and walked out. We greeted. I couldn’t tell if there was any form of suspicion from the teacher… I hoped none.
After the teacher left, the VP made a joke about me spoiling her and asked me to go back to my office. I went to the principal’s office first to give a fake excuse about why I missed my class.
Lucky me, she was always easy on me, calls me a quiet and responsible young man (big mistake!).

I had Ella’s class later that day but she acted super normal, not even an eye contact. Omoh, u gaz dey fear naija girls I swear.
When school was over, I took a keke napep going to town and incidentally met the VP.
“Corper, where are going to?”
“Ma, I’m going to buy a few things I need”
“Things like what?”
“Numerous things ma”
I come laff (Fake laff as usual)
“Are you sure you are not going to see one of your girlfriends?”
“No, I don’t have time for girls”
If I hear say I no love girls … girls are the next best thing after money.
She asked about where I live and told me that she’d love to visit me sometime. No wahala!.
She paid our t-fare and got down.

Weeks went by but there was never a right time for the VP to visit me. She was always nice to me (even before that adventure in her office) Meanwhile, I bin dey carry other student girls dey pass time (relax, Tori dey come).

One Friday morning, she walked into my office. I forgot to mention that Mrs venny was her very good friend. Big irony right? Yes. Na that time I kon realize say birds of the same feather no dey always flock together oh.
“David, will you travel this weekend?”
“No ma”
“Then you should come and spend the weekend at my place na”
Chai! Why this woman won cast me in front of Mrs Venny na?
Mrs venny come look me one suspicious look. Oh, I hope I don’t disappoint her.
“Ok ma. I don’t know your address oh”
Shaparly, she write down her address and 2 phone numbers give me.
For some reason, I and Mrs venny didn’t speak about it, things were still normal between us sha.

Saturday morning came. I got a call from one hot ss2 girl saying she wanted to come over. Abegi, I tell her say I no dey town. Make I save my strength for better thing jor.
I called the VP:
“Hello ma. It’s David”
“Hey, Corper. Are you still coming?”
“Yes ma”
“Errmm, around 1pm”
“Ok, I will be expecting you oh”
I cut call. Check time: na 10:30 am. I made indomie, got high on alcohol, started playing deep rap songs (how I love hip-hop!) till I slept off. I woke up around 1:30 pm. I Jumped up, saw two missed calls from Mrs Ann.
I dress, tidy up myself as a homeboy wey surji, begin dey go VP crib….

Jizos! I no even know whether she get husband and pikin…
One mind say make I call Mrs Venny ask am, the other mind say no! Na casting.
When I reach the bridge, I go cross am…..


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