-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 34

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I thought it would be awkward to just jump down immediately and join her so I would wait for like 5 minutes. Meanwhile, I collected my nail cutter from my pocket and began to cut my nails just incase I needed to use my fingers here. My fingers used to
grow too fast so I always had a nail cutter on me.
After that, I got down from the bed and joined her on the floor. Then she looked at me, smiled and asked:

“What’s chasing you from the bed na?”

“Oh, me too I don’t like the bed too much, it hurts my waist.”

She laughed. I didn’t laugh, I just smiled. Honestly, her smile and laugh told me that she understood everything I was trying to do but I couldn’t tell if she was okay with it yet. One step at a time.
I was laying beside her now, using her laptop while she was writing her assignment.
After a few minutes, I gently placed my hand across her shoulder, in a casual position. Then gently I ran my hand down her back and stopped at her waist level just before her a$s. Danger, be careful. My heart was beating fast now.
The hardest part was here: to touch a sexu;al zone and watch her reaction.
This would determine if I was going to fail or succeed. I wished myself luck then I rubbed my hand across her waist and proceeded to her as$, rubbed it for like 10 seconds and took my hand back to her waist. Safe zone.
No response! Half victory!. 80% chances where that if she doesn’t react negatively to me touching her as$, she’s not only understood what I was trying to do but was also okay with it. She didn’t have to tell me orally, her reaction already told. Body language.
I then removed my hand. All this while she was still writing and probably weighing my actions. Then she lay on her side and said:

“I’m really feeling tired, I’m supposed to go out with my friend this evening but I’m really feeling tired, I don’t think I’ll still go.”

Wow!. That was it. She had indirectly told me that we had enough time here and that she was cancelling her outing for my sake.
She took a pillow, placed her head, and still lay on her side, backing me. Damn, all that a$$ was facing me. Body language.
I lay on my side too, just behind her. I wasn’t scared cuz I already got the signs I needed.
I placed my hand on her waist, caressed it a little and proceeded to caressing the curve of her hips and then her as$ very gently. Damn her a$$ was soft as hell, I could feel it through her panties.
For a few minutes, I kept smooching her as$ like I was rocking a baby to sleep then I would occasionally grab and squeeze it gently. It felt so good. All my senses went dead, except my sense of touch.
Time to proceed. I ran my hands gently from her hips to her upper arm. I was caressing her upper arm now then moved towards her chest region and rubbed on her chest, moved it down a little and rubbed across her huge bo’obs, very gently for like 10 seconds, then I squeezed one of her nippl’es gently and slowly and brought my hand back to her upper arm.
Almost immediately, she turned, facing the ceiling.
She was trying to make it easier for us.
I understand Body language.
I then placed my hand just under her bo’obs, I caressed that area a little then proceeded to her bo’obs, caressing them gently and occasionally giving her nipp’les very gentle squeezes with the tip of my fingers.
After like 3 minutes, she pulled down the hands of the gown from both of her shoulders. Damn, I could see her huge bo’obs, high as the twin towers. For the first time in almost 20 minutes, she spoke:

“This is what you want right?”

Some sex-time questions don’t need verbal answers, just act on it. I rose from the floor and knelt across her, both of my knees were beside her upper hip.
I leaned towards her face and planted a kiss on the side of her neck. Immediately my lips touched her neck, she placed her hand at the back of my head and jerked. Good. She had good response.
I planted a few more kisses on both sides of her neck and proceeded to her lips.
We kissed for like one minute and then I raised my head. She was looking at me in the eyes. I planted kisses on her upper chest region down to her bo’obs.
I was caressing her bo’obs and planting kisses around the other one, then I used my tongue to tickle her nippl’e: up and down motions, very gently, then circular motions still very gently.
Then I placed my full lips on her nipp’le and began sucking it gently while caressing the other one with my full palm, gently squeezing it and occasionally squeezing her nip’ple gently too.
All this while, her hands were at the back of my head, pressing me hard on her boo’bs, breathing fast and jerking like she was about to catch asthma.
Cloud 9.
I was switching brea’sts still using my technique.
My sucking became a little harder now, and while I was sucking on one bosom, she would bring the other one for me to work on.

After like 15 minutes, I raised my head and we were staring at ourselves.
I could see a little attraction in her eyes. Attraction matters a lot, any kind of attraction… it makes the ‘mission’ ten times easier. Then she spoke:

“Do you have a condom?”

Again, I didn’t speak, I just stood up. Then I removed my trouser, my shirt, my boxers and kept it on her bed. I collected a condom from my wallet and held it in my hand. She pulled her gown and panties and dropped them beside her.
I knelt down between her legs and began to caress her thighs down to her pubic area. I bent down and kissed around her puss’y region. Then I placed the tip of my tongue on her cli’t, I flicked it in an up and
down montion very gently.
She jerked and laughed a little.
Too sensitive, she wouldn’t be able to stand my tongue game. I stopped and looked at her, she was smiling. I then decided to finger her a little, proceeding with one finger. Damn she was so wet, I guessed her panties was really wet even before we began fore-play.
I began to finger her gently, in and out, then I added another finger and began rotating it in a 180% degrees motion, back and forth.
She was moaning in low tones. Her body was really sensitive so I didn’t have to add more techniques.
I stopped cuz she’s too wet. I rolled out some tissue and cleaned her juice up a little. Then I rolled on my condom and asked her to stand. She stood near her window, placed both hands on the lower frame while I entered from behind, she was really tight and sweet.
I began to slide in and out gently, and after a few seconds I began to pound her hard.
She was moaning in low tones while I was pounding, my hands on her hips. Sometimes I would grab her huge bo’obs from behind while I was pounding.

After like 5 minutes, I stopped. I motioned her to the bed.
I made her lay on her side, then I shifted her upper leg forward to form a V shape with her legs. I then entered from behind, one leg in between her legs,
my pubic region was touching her Bottom properly, my dic’k was deep down in her puss’y.
That position gives a lot of pleasure to the G-sp:ot.
I began to pound really fast and hard leaning on both of my hands, later I leaned towards her chest, sucking on one of her huge bosoms and pounding her at the same time. While I was pounding and sucking, she was moaning:

“Mummy, Mummy, muummy o, ohhhh, muummy, oooh, mummy, oohh, oohhhh.”

It was loud and funny but nobody was home and there were no close neighbours so the noise was okay with me.
It was more than 5 minutes now and I was sweating so I paused to removed my singlet. I decided to rub her cli’t a little before I would continue but I found out that she had just cu’m, her juice was all over my fingers.
I slowly put my di-ck in again and began giving her very gentle thrusts and caressing her bo’obs until I came. After that, we cleaned up and she removed the bedsheet cuz her juice had stained it.

Minutes later, we were sitting on the bed and chatting when she said:

“I can’t believe what we just did”

I responded.
“You spoke my mind. Me too I can’t believe we did this.”

She laughed and told me that I shouldn’t say anything to my friend. She made me promise her and I kept it.
One time she had to bend and take something in her rack, my eyes just went inside her gown again and I saw her huge bo’obs.
I guess I would never stop watching ‘channel O’.


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