-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 33

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Normally, I wouldn’t attempt having sex without giving my partner a prior knownledge before hand, or at least give her a tip.
I’d just have to introduce sex during our casual talks to let her know that she’s rolling with a bad boy. This way, there wouldn’t be any suprises when the time comes. One of my policies.
Today, i’d have to take chances so it would be an unpredictictable outcome but I would give it my best. Whatever happens, I did my best.
While she was in the bathroom, a silly flashback came to my mind, I remembered how as junior students in boarding school, we used to peep
Unclad senior girls who were bathing through tiny round holes we bore on their hostel walls.
We used to to call it ‘channel O’ back then. I smiled, Good ol’ days. But no, I would never watch ‘channel O’ again. Not now, not ever.
I had almost finished eating when she came in.
She had rubbed her body lotion, wore her perfume, and a light casual gown too. She did all that in another room. I could see the curve of her breas’t and she smelt so good. sexy.
She sat on the chair, eating her rice while writing an assignment at the same time.
I had finished eating and continiued doing her online assignment. We were having a little chat now, off and on.
I decided to indirectly ask her about alchohol to confirm if I had any ‘hope’ at all. It had to be indirect cuz a direct question could ruin my mission. No room for mistakes.

“Do you think alchohol is bad?”

“No. As long as you don’t get drunk. At least my religion isn’t completely against it.”

Then she laughed a little and continued:

“I do take alchohol, but not too much. I like stout because it is medicinal. It cures stomach ache and reduces sugar in the system.”

(In my mind I said ”wow!, Cool story, tell me something I don’t know”).

Then she laughed again and I joined her in laughing, not only because it was funny, but also because my little hope was certain now. I was thinking of how to proceed.
I had to begin with pre-intimacy. It would be risky to just kiss or touch her out of the blue cuz that could ruin this whole mission in 5 seconds.
I would have to begin with verbal pre-intimacy to put her in the mood a little or at least to get her intimate senses up and active.
I thought of how to begin, approach matters a lot.
I looked at her wall and saw a customized church calender and there was a christian couple pictured on it, they looked happy, probably the leaders of the ministry. Let the games begin.

“I like that couple, they look happy together. Is that your church or ministry?”

“No. my friend attends it, she gave me the calender.”

Me: “I don’t know why most couples don’t live this nowadays, there’s divorce and cheating everywhere.”

She laughed.

Her: “That’s what happens when people marry the wrong partner.”

Me: “But what’s the cause of cheating amongst married women?”

I was getting close now.

Her: “Well, I wouldn’t know. Its an individual thing I guess.”

Me:”In my opinion, I think its lack of good sex.”

She laughed again and gave me a mischevious look.
I just loved her laugh. Really lovely.

Her: “How do you know, are you a marriage councillor?”

Me: “I’m serious. Most men don’t know how to make love to their women. I don’t mean just sex, I mean good sex. There’s a difference between sex and good sex. Its an art, and very few men are good at it.”

At last, I had dropped it.
Let’s see how it goes. She was laughing. I needed to watch out for signs now to see if my verbal pre-intimacy was effective. I hoped so.

“David, I didn’t know you could talk like this sha. I’m scared of you now.”

It was my turn to laugh. You should be.
We talked about a few other social issues for a moment. Then she came to see how far I had gone with the assignment.
I was sitting on her bed, she was kneeling on the bed, close to me, one hand on my shoulder, leaning on me a little as she was looking at the laptop screen.
She smelt really sexy, and i could see her huge breas’ts through the corner of my eye as I peeped
through the opening at the chest region of her loose gown. Channel O. Smooth, huge and sexy bo’obs.
My heart was beating now and I wondered if she was hearing it. No, of course not.
I couldn’t start anything, it would be too risky, I needed a sign. No mistakes. I hate to fail, especially at times like this. There was no way to tell if my little verbal pre-intimacy had worked.
No matter what I’d have to wait for a good sign, a ‘green light’.
Then she left and went back to the chair. Oh no!.
Back to square one again.
Whitney, Celine and other oldies was still playing but I wasn’t hearing anything. I was listening to the voices in my head now, my thoughts were playing in my head:

– I don’t think she wants to do this-
– she older than you, you fool, you won’t succeed-
-nobody does this better than you, you can do this-

While I listened to my thoughts, I was rubbing my beards with my fingers. I used to grow my beards like a muslim. She even jokingly told me that I looked like some guy from pakistan. Hey, my beards used to looked good on me.
We were a little quiet now, doing the assignments, then I decided to steal a glance at her. I caught her eyes: she was staring at me. Then she looked away in an instant.
Wow!, Good sign!, More hope!. There were two things involved: it was either she was thinking that I looked fine and admiring me or she was getting hot due to my verbal pre-intimacy. Either way, I was winning.
The confidence with which I speak verbal pre-intimacy gets most girls thinking, it sets off an imagination in their head.
There was silence now, we probably were both wondering what we were thinking.
I knew I had to make a move, it was unlikely that she would come and join me in bed.

“Lilian, come and look at this.”

I just wanted her to come close, and in a normal way too. She came, sat beside me, looked at what I showed her on the laptop and after that she still stayed with me on the bed, watching my work.
Good sign.
Then she brought her assignment to the bed and continued writing, beside me.
Gently, I placed my palm on her hand, it was beside me. Then I held her palm. I wasn’t looking at her, I wanted it to look like it didn’t matter, like it wasn’t a big deal. If I looked at her, it would look ‘big’ and my mission might be ruined.
It takes only one move to ruin a mission.
No one is perfect but then again, no room for mistakes. Not now.
I started rubbing her palm with my fingers, slowly, mainly with my thumb. She didn’t respond, but no response was good response for a start.
If she had removed her hand, I would be back to square one.
Next step, I removed my hand from her palm and placed it on her thigh, not looking at her still. I started moving my fingers on it, slowly, like I was playing a piano. Sweet music. Then I started rubbing my full palm on it, very slowly.
I could feel her skin, soft as ever. I needed to look now to see the reaction on her face, her eyes. She seemed focused on what she was writing, but I knew her mind was processing my moves.
Silence, we weren’t speaking, just the oldies music playing from her TV. Most times, a girl doesn’t speak when she’s getting Hot. I hoped she was.
We were both sitting side by side, our backs to the wall. Tough position, trust me but I had tough skills to match too.
I was thinking of my next move when she stood up.

“I want to lay down on the floor and write this assignment. I hate writing on the bed, it hurts my neck.”

Then she left and lay on the nice red rogue on the floor.
Unpredictable, like a dice game.
Oh, the bed makes her uncomfortable?, well me too.
I could see the curve of her as$ as she was lying on the floor. That gown was light and sexy.
Actually, sitting on the bed hurts my waist too, I might need to join her on the floor…


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