-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 32

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I got a cab heading to the junction. The journey had begun. While in the cab, I got a text from lilian. It read:

“When you get to the junction, take a bike going to xy village and tell the bike man to bring you to xy compound”.

Good sign. she was concerned about my whereabout, she sincerely wanted me to visit.
The cab got to the junction, I got down, paid the driver and looked around for a bike going to her village. I got a bike, told him the name of the compound I was going to. He charged me #100, I agreed and we headed to her compound. When we got there, I called her but it was the wrong compound.
After some 20 minutes or so of confusion, I finally got to the right address.
At first, I thought she was trying to play pranks on me so I wanted to go back and forget the mission.
But all the while she kept calling me, apologizing and trying to make sure I got to her compound. It turned out that she usually mistook the name of her compound with another name.
The bike man stopped me at the beginning of her street. Local street. Then i saw her, she was standing there, awaiting me.
She came to me, greeted me, and began walking me down to her compound.
She was really happy to see me. Good sign. She was putting on a white bum short and a black polo.
Sexy. I was a little surprised though. Damn, she seemed to be getting hotter each time I saw her.
Meanwhile, there were some guys along her street who were staring at me while we walked. I wondered if it was cuz of my snoop dogg walk, my snow-white reebok sneakers or if they were trying to figure how I got lilian.

Omoh make una relax jor, I no dey carry her go na, I just wan come try whether I go fit mark register.
I could sight her panty lines through her bum shorts and her bosoms looked really huge and bouncing freely underneath her polo. My guess,,, no bra. Good.
We got to her compound.
Nice bungalow building. It was a really quiet place, no close houses around and nobody was home too.
She was staying with her grandma who travelled and wouldn’t be back until the next day so it would be just the two of us.
She took me straight to her room. Nice bed, reading table and chair, electronics and all that.
I went straight for her bed and sat. Chances are that she might decide to come sit with me on the bed too. I was so wrong, she sat on the chair. Let the games begin.
First thing I did was ask her about the guys we saw at her street. A dead man doesn’t fvck bro, safety first.

“Who are those guys we saw outside?”

“Oh, don’t mind those village boys. They are always trying to woo me.”

“Wow. I see. You’re preety, no surprises.”

She laughed. Women love compliments. Even when the mirror shows her that she is preety, she would still love to hear it. A million compliments is never enough.
Then she said:

“Even most of the bike men are always transporting me for free here o.”

Some bike men foolish sha. Girl wey no even send them. Omoh, if na me you go pay me oh, I no care if you fine pass Beyonce. I’m so igbo.
Then she asked:

“I’m cooking rice but I want to buy a drink for you first. What would you drink?”

I took a few seconds to think. I needed beer but since she was the very religious type, I didn’t want to turn her off.
I think she read my mind, cuz then she suggested:

“Ok beer. I will buy you beer. Which brand.”

God bless you jor, you sharp die!.

“I need star. Preferably cold.”

She smiled. She knew she had just brought me out of my cage. I wondered if she wore the short to tempt or seduce me. It was unlikely but then again, you can never really understand women, even women don’t always understand themselves.
She took her purse, told me to feel free and left to buy me the beer.
A foreign Christian music concert was playing on her VCD player. Not good for this mission. I removed it and put a Whitney Houston video CD.
She seemed to love music, mostly Christian and blues, no ‘worldly music’. Not a good sign to me.
Then I took that moment to look around and see if I could find anything that showed that she was at least ‘social’ and free. I looked under her mattress for condoms, looked at her kind of books and magazines, nothing at all. Everything seemed moral to the core. Not a good sign to me.
Then she came in with the beer, gave me the beer and a glass cup and went to check her rice in the
Before she left, she gave me her laptop and an anti-virus cd to help her install.
I took the chance to go through some of her pictures, nothing bad at all. Not a good sign. Damn, I felt like I was with the wrong girl, that I was bad influence. My mind said “Go home nigga, you’ve lost it”.
No I wouldn’t back down, not yet.
I was sipping my beer, and wallowing in confusion when my eye caught something near her fridge.
Two empty bottles of big stout! Wow!! Good sign.
I felt like Mandela in ’91. A little hope at last.
After some time, she came in with a nice plate of rice and bottle of water for me.
She then showed me an assignment that she wanted me to do on her laptop. It was online, searching for a few articles on a research topic.
She drop her own plate of rice on the table, then she said was feeling hot due to the stress and hotness from the cooking so she needed to bath.
She took her towel, soaps and all that and left to the bathroom outside, a few doors away.
I was still a little confused. I had found a little ‘hope’, but it still wasn’t enough. I need I all the skills I got on this one, no room for mistakes …


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